How to Change Your Frequency to Attract the Things You Really Want

Happy Couples Don't Just Happen - Misha Almira

How to Change Your Frequency to Attract the Things You Really Want

Ever wonder why some people have all the luck and some just can’t get a break? Have you asked yourself why you keep attracting jerks and are just about ready to give up on relationships entirely? What is it about some girls that seem to have it all? It doesn’t just happen by accident. Allow me to answer by going on a bit of a tangent.




Everything in creation is vibration. Very dense matter vibrates at a slower rate. Light vibrates at a very high rate. We have all heard the saying, “faster than the speed of light.” Some light we can experience with our physical senses and some we cannot. The reason for this is we are not vibrating at a high enough frequency to perceive all light or sound waves. When people experience out of body or near death experiences, they often speak of seeing a magnificent light or light beings. They often speak of traveling some place in an instant. They are able to perceive this because they are in their light body, which is a vibrational match for other light bodies at a higher vibration.


We cannot normally see ultraviolet light or electricity. However, we know they exist. We have also learned to work with them for our benefit.  So this directly relates to our bodies and what we are experiencing all around us.


We are like tuning forks, constantly matching up with other tuning forks at random. Unless we learn to work with vibration intentionally for our highest benefit, we are at the mercy of our environment and our thoughts.  Where am I going with this?


 If we are all made up of matter but our essence/soul is a light body then how do we raise our vibration in our body? How do we manifest the life we truly want?  Can you feel a difference in your body after meditating, praying, chanting, hypnosis, or even massage? Why is this? In these activities we are lining up with our higher self, our light body. We are raising our vibration by relaxing the body and allowing our bodies to match the vibration of our higher self. We are putting ourselves in a state of gratitude, love, and appreciation.
These are all high frequencies of energy. This is actually our natural state of being. We just get distracted with dense energy outside ourselves, which lowers our vibrational frequency to match what is happening to us. We start to believe that we are just bodies, just our stress, just our relationships, and that our past dictates our future. This is not true. Just because your last boyfriend was a jerk, does not mean you have to keep being a vibrational match to him or others like him.
Our goal is to raise our physical vibration to a higher level of frequency to match our ultimate desires, not our outside circumstances, and not what we have felt worthy of based on our past.
You see, most of us desire love, happiness, joy, purpose, prosperity, abundance, and bliss. However, what we end up experiencing often is lack of satisfaction, poverty, anger, frustration, boredom, fear, guilt, shame, obligation, etc…
We always experience an exact match to what we vibrate with. What this means is, if we are feeling road rage, we are an exact match for anger. That is why when we get to the office and our boss yells at us, it seems right on par with our morning. Then, our coworker makes us mad, we have to wait in lines for our lunch break so don’t have time to eat. Then, on the way home, we get pulled over for a brake light that has mysteriously gone out.
We attract other situations that resonate with anger and perpetuate it. By the end of a day filled with anger, we come home to find our dog has gone to the bathroom on our bed and our kids are fighting. You get the picture right?
We essentially get in our own way by what we decide to pay attention to on a regular basis. We look at it as luck, but it is a choice. This is a very basic form of self-sabotage, we just are not always aware of it. Essentially, self-sabotage is being a vibrational match to old behavior.
Everything is energy - Misha Almira
Another way we can sabotage ourselves is by focusing on what we are doing wrong or what we can’t do. We may even feel like this is a step in the right direction to better ourselves. What we are actually doing is creating a feeling of guilt or shame. Then, we are vibrating at the level of these things.
We will then create more situations in our lives that cause us to feel more guilt, shame, or unworthiness. It can be frustrating when we become aware of what we are doing wrong then everyone around us starts pointing out what we are doing wrong or how incompetent we are!
Can you think of an example of this in your life? I actually lost scholarships to Universities because of this loop. I have also lost a lot of high-income opportunities as well.
The other trap is to get caught in a loop of blaming others. It is easy to waste time and energy on blaming the boss for being a bully. The other one is to blame our wives or husbands for making us feel a certain way. Perhaps we blame the kids for making us late which ruined our whole day.
This is a definite way to lower our vibration and become a vibrational match of being a victim. Then, more and more situations come up for us to be victimized and feel pathetic. This is a form of self-pity sabotage.
The world can always hold you down if this is what you choose to focus on. The past only equals the future if you decide that it does.
I am not saying it is easy to break out of old habits or abusive situations. I am saying there is a way out and it will take awareness and courage. You can have what you want even if you don’t believe it right now.
 Focus on the Beauty of Life - Misha Almira
The good news is we can shift any situation by intentionally putting ourselves in alignment with what we want and ONLY focusing on that.
When we do this, we notice the lights turning green all the way to work, a coworker bringing us our favorite latte, the boss giving us that new account we have longed for, the cute guy down the hall finally asking us out, and the world becomes an exciting playground of possibilities.
It is not hard. It only takes a little awareness and can make all the difference in your life. We want to raise our vibration to the level of all that we want because what we want almost always has a higher vibration than what we don’t want. Just the realization of this raises your vibration.


How do we do raise our vibration/frequency?

Let’s make some lists. First, make a list of all the situations that have caused you to feel guilt, shame, or fear. Take your time and be thorough. When you feel complete. Burn it immediately. Watch the smoke rise and know that you are releasing these old behaviors. Forgive yourself. Say it out loud.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I am not to blame.
  • I have not done anything wrong.
  • I forgive others.
  • Others are not to blame. (use names if it helps)
  • They have not done anything to harm me
  • I cannot be harmed.
  • I am safe.
Now, make a list of what you love about yourself. If it is difficult, you can picture yourself as a child. You can even hold an old baby picture. Then, list as many things that you love about that baby or child. This is a way of filling your love bank account. This is essential.  Read it and add to it daily. We cannot give to others if we are empty on the inside.
Next, send kindness and goodness to others. You can send compassion, peace, well-being, and health. Send goodness to yourself.
What does this have to do with not attracting jerks anymore? When I diligently started doing this work, I literally pushed or vibrated an abusive man right out of my life.
It was not hard and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I have also done this to bring my soul mate into my life. If you keep focusing on all the ways your ex was a jerk, you are an exact match for all of those traits.
You are putting in an order for exactly that. If you continue the exercise above to raise your vibration and then start focusing ONLY on the characteristics you want in a mate, you start resonating with that. You start drawing that to you. This works and works fast if you are diligent.


Thank you for reading.

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