How to Stop Playing It Safe as a Spiritual Leader

How to Stop Playing It Safe as a Spiritual Leader

Do you ever feel like in order to be a spiritual leader you need to have it all figured out and know exactly how things are going to unfold? 

As a Spiritual Leader, I felt like I had to have all the answers. I certainly couldn’t have a day where I stayed in bed all day and cried. I was supposed to be past all that. I was the one who needed to lead the way for others. 

I thought I needed to have all the answers or I wouldn’t have anything to give. What about when I gained 50lbs and I was supposed to be inspiring others to be their best self? 

I gained weight during caring for my Step Dad, as he transitioned out of this world. Then the lockdown happened and I gained more. In my mind, this was my bottom. I shut down. I stopped sharing my gifts with others. I convinced myself that I had nothing of value to share. I stopped tuning in to anything but the grief. It was painful. It was dark.

What I’ve learned is this; THIS IS ALL CRAP. This was only one aspect of myself. It was just one facet of the many facets of this Beautiful Self. 
I don’t think any of us are actually inspired by perfection or by those people who have had it easy.

We are inspired by someone who has seen the depths of Hell, faced their scariest demons, and returned to tell us the story. 

We are inspired by the girl who has gained weight, but dances anyway. We are inspired by the coach who lost everything, was made fun of for not having a real job, but kept on offering her services anyway. 

This is not to say, I am only impressed by suffering. I respect anyone who follows their own guidance and steps out boldly as Spiritual Warrior.

Being Stuck as a Spiritual Leader

The question that remained for me, was how do we do this? How does one person experience hell and climb out, while another may get stuck there…or give up entirely? I had close friends who chose to end their lives. I saw them as warriors, but they did not. What was the answer?

Then, I got two messages that would alter my work and life in ways I could have not imagined.

First, I got a message that I was playing it safe and holding back an essential part of myself. I was only offering what I thought others would be comfortable with, or what I thought they would be able to approve. 

The fear behind this was, I didn’t want them to see me as too spiritual or judge me as another ungrounded, out there kinda girl.

Funny thing was, the more I held back, the more they judged me. I got called a Witch, Snake Oil Pusher, and Sorcerer. You name it, I’ve been called it.

They didn’t hate me…they were only reflecting my fear back to me. 

I saw how one of my greatest gifts is being “otherworldly”. I saw the invitation to start owning that my domain IS between worlds, outside of time, beyond this realm. In every healing or mentoring session I’ve ever offered, the deepest work has taken place in other realms that most people would consider Sci Fi.

It wasn’t even the “imperfect” me doing the work, anyway. 

I never knew what I would find when I took that step outside of time…journeying into a realm beyond this known reality. There was no way to know. 

I bet most of you do your best work from the same place. 

Becoming Spiritual Warrior

Then, I got a second message about God and our guides. This message was addressing the aspects we judge as imperfect. 

First, I was shown me, in this present time. Then, I was shown me, from the past. I saw the present me, going back to that girl of the past and whispering in her ear. I was lending her the wisdom I have learned and nudging her to make smarter choices.

Then, I saw guides whispering in my ear, as they do every day, presently. After that, I traveled on a future timeline, until I saw that the guide was me, from the future. I continued on, being shown different future aspects of me, who were guides, that I regularly call on in prayer. The vision ended with me seeing my future self dissolve into the One Consciousness.

I saw how we are the same within this ONE Consciousness. I also saw that all the other identities of “me,” are just thoughts coming from this ONE Consciousness. All of the players are just manifested thoughts of this Divine Consciousness.

Every thought we have, creates a new reality, in real time. We already are ALL versions of ourselves.

When we play it safe, we are just aligning with one aspect of ourselves that already exists on a familiar timeline. When we open up and step beyond time, we are aligning with Unlimited Consciousness.

We can align with this Consciousness at any moment and call in all aspects of ourselves, to become whole. We are already perfect, divine, and complete. 

So why would we expect ourselves to have all the answers upfront? Isn’t the “Great Mystery,” within all of creation, the exact thing that our souls are yearning for? 
Why do we try to hide? Why do we hide our gifts? What are you hiding from? Who’s permission are you seeking?

Step out into the unknown and invite the Mystery in. Let go of what you’ve always known and open up to your uniqueness, live there. Allow the dance to happen through you, and see what happens. 

What is the highest version of yourSelf? What is beyond that? What are the messages you get when all is quiet and the wind blows through? Do you feel a presence guiding you?  

Something new is dawning in each of us and we already have everything we need. Even when we feel like we are f*%king it up, we are still perfect consciousness, exploring all realities. 

Invite the mystery. Let it in. Feel your alignment with the highest version of yourSELF. This is all we have to know.

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