How to Turbo Charge Fat Loss With HCG and Intermittent Fasting

Hi guys, so I’m down another pound weight loss. I have lost 13 pounds in 10 days, and I’m feeling great about it. Not just losing the weight but feeling great. Energy wise, health wise, I can’t tell you what a difference I feel in my body. When I was eating crap food, I had all these aches and pains, pain on my right side above my liver, acid reflux and horrible sleep because it would keep me upt. 

Now I just don’t notice any of that. I feel like my body is rejuvenating itself. And so I want to talk about exactly what I’m doing. When I did HCG rounds before, I lost over 60 pounds, and kept it off for years, until I started abusing food again and just going nuts, which I don’t recommend. 

This time, I’m on HCG 2.0 which is the modern updated version of Dr. Simeons original version. One of the differences in this is that you can eat larger portions of lean protein as opposed to, just two and a half ounces, or 100 grams of all protein across the board. Basically, if you eat 100 grams of beef, it’s going to be a lot more calories than if you eat 100 grams of white fish or tuna. So that’s one of the differences. You can also have a little bit of olive oil which is restricted on the original version.

When I did the HCG before, I drank only black coffee and I ate lunch and dinner, I’d have 100 grams of protein and about the same of very specific vegetables. I’d have lettuce, celery or cucumbers and it was very restricted. Honestly, the hardest part for me was not being able to put creamer in my coffee. That was just so difficult for me and I was so sick of black coffee, I almost quit several times. 

The difference I’m doing this time is that I am doing Hempworx hemp infused coffee with Chaga, mushroom, and CBD, mixed with the Hempworx keto creamer. They have vanilla, hazelnut or mocha. And they have MCT and coconut in them as well as other ingredients that boost energy and suppress appetite. 

Basically, I’m doing bulletproof coffee with the creamer and the hempworx coffee. Then, I’m doing lunch and dinner as the he HCG protocol, like I said, if it’s a very lean protein, I’ll have more than two and a half ounces or 100 grams. 

I did find a very simple way to do it because, you know, I like breaking things down to the bottom line? What do I need? What can I eat? What can I not eat? And what I found was they have these starkist tuna creations They are 2.6 ounces of tuna. They also have chicken and salmon. You just want to make sure that the salmon doesn’t cause a stall for you. But basically, they come in a little pouch and are around $1 a pouch. 

That would be your portion for your lunch, and then your dinner. I’ve done 2 for dinner and still lost. But, this makes it so easy to take them on the go. You just open the packet, put it over salad, or you can eat it with celery. I like to dip it with the celery stick or you can have it with cucumbers. I’ve even taken out to restaurants to make sure I don’t cheat. 

And that’s your meal. You just open it. Pour it out. It’s already flavored for you. They have even a buffalo flavored chicken. They’ve got a dill salmon. I think they have lemon dill tuna, ranch flavored tuna and you don’t have to think about the calories. So this actually helps to if you’re on the going traveling, if you’re on the run, you don’t have time to pack your lunch, you forgot your lunch, all these different scenarios come up. These scenarios would normally cause you to cheat, but if you have one of these little packets, then you’re good to go. 

It’s quick, it’s fast, it’s cheap. It’s easy to not have to think about it. And actually it’s such good flavor that I didn’t even need dressing. You don’t have to get bogged down with wondering how much you can have and what you can’t. Just get the packet, put it with vegetables and you’ll lose quickly. 

So back to what I’m doing. I’m doing the bulletproof coffee in the morning with the keto creamers and it hasn’t stalled my weight loss, which is fabulous because they’re delicious. Then, I have lunch just like I said, you know one of the packets over lettuce and that’s my lunch. Then for dinner. I could do the same exact thing I could have the chicken instead of the tuna over you know with cucumbers or you can have asparagus if you want to change it up. You can also have grilled turkey ground turkey, just as long as it is lean protein.

Then what I’m also doing is intermittent fasting with that. I’ve talked about this before, and I’ll go into just a bit. What is intermittent fasting and why do I think it’s 10 times better than doing just HCG alone? What I do for intermittent fasting is I skip lunch, and I wait until about four or five o’clock, sometimes maybe six o’clock, and then I have dinner. 

I’ll have twice the protein and twice the vegetables so you just take what you would have had for lunch and you have it for dinner, all in one portion. If you can’t eat all of that, within one sitting you can have a two hour window. So say you eat one portion at 4pm, then another at 5pm, if you just can’t eat it all, you can do that.

That’s intermittent fasting. You don’t have anything else for the rest of the day and the next day you don’t have anything until lunch. So you do every other day. IF. One day you’ll have lunch and dinner, the next day you skip lunch and you just have your portions for dinner.

Why do you want to do this? There are several reasons. Firstly, because there are so many studies on how reducing caloric intake can extend your life. It can help rejuvenate the organs, so the whole body gets a break, your organs get a break, your liver gets to detox, and the digestive system can reset itself.

My symptoms of IBS and acid reflux have disappeared entirely. Anyone that’s experienced these, will know how miserable it can be. Most people feel like the only option is to take medication for these. I discovered that just isn’t true. 

But, also the main thing you’re doing is forcing your body to find other sources of fuel other than the food that you just ate. So you’re giving your body a break from digestion and it’s not using as much energy energy to digest your food. It still needs energy for fuel and it starts looking for other sources. So what you’re doing with the HCG is you’re unlocking the door for those systemic fat stores to be burned as fuel. So the HCG is unlocking that. 

When you’re intermittent fasting, it’s very easy for the body to go into those fat stores to burn it as fuel. The body begins looking, and when the body realizes it isn’t getting food, it says, “we got all this stored fat, and we can use that for fuel!” Boom! Training is complete!

BUT, when you’re eating carbs and sugar, it’s so easy for the body to just go to that to burn it up. It burns it up and then you crash, feeling tired/lifeless.Then, you don’t have the energy to exercise. And repeat. 

Instead, you want to get to where you’re shredding fat all the time, and specifically the areas that you couldn’t get to with other diets.

If you’re eating protein for your meals, you can get into a state of ketosis where your body is burning fat for fuel, so you’re hitting it from all angles, and teaching your body to burn fat for fuel instead of calories from food. When you’re not putting in carbs, sugar and fast burning fuel sources, then your body retrains itself to burn long burning fuels with the fat.

The fat will keep you sustained for longer. When you’re doing bulletproof coffee, you’re getting the body into a state of ketosis, you’re intermittent fasting. So you’re going long periods of time without putting food in it. Then when you do eat, your body’s already gone into burning fat mode in the fasting portion. And so you’re training your body to burn longer, and to not go to the food that you’re eating for fuel. 

I just repeated that several times. Mostly, I wanted to talk about how the combo of these three techniques work. With intermittent fasting, it’s 10 times better than just HCG or bulletproof coffee alone. Because about halfway into your round of HCG, your weight loss will often start slowing down or even plateau. 

You might even go days without any weight loss, generally on HCG. So you’ll start out burning quickly and then you get to about two weeks in and your body starts losing less. So intermittent fasting is a way to hack into that and keep it from stalling and to keep it steadily burning. Then by going into that stored fat for fuel, you’re forcing it to burn it up.

If you’re doing it every other day, you’re forcing it to kick up that fat loss every other day instead of going down. A lot of people say, “I just can’t fast. I just can’t do that.” In my experience, fasting is very difficult if you have sugar and carbs which break down into sugar in your system and you’re spiking your blood sugar.

When you do this, you don’t give your body time to eliminate that before you start fasting and that is very difficult because that’s where you start to get nauseous, lightheaded, faint, and you don’t know what’s going on. Your blood pressure can also spike or go too low. I’ve experienced this and it can feel very scary. 

Generally in my experience, the harder fasts that I’ve done are when I’ve had sugar in my system and haven’t allowed it to clean out before. When I don’t have sugar in my system, my body is able to quickly go into the fat stores and burn that up. When this happens, it feels really good. It feels like I have a sustained energy for hours. It feels like my body is running more efficiently. 

When I do work out or I am active, it feels like I’m able to put more muscle into it and to get more out of the workout. The reason it feels good is because I’m not crashing. When people say they can’t fast, I believe it is for this reason. It is so important to get the sugar and ideally carbs out of the system entirely. Also, to be well hydrated, drinking ½ a gallon a day for 5-7 days.  

Bottom line is, I am still losing, I’m still feeling great and I am doing these three key things. Intermittent fasting has been a good addition too. I’ve done it without, and I lose more with it. Plus, I can feel a big difference. 

Do I get hungry? I normally don’t get hungry until just right before that dinner hour, maybe about 30 minutes before it’s time to eat the dinner. It’s not unbearable at all. I’m also drinking a lot of hot tea, which helps. So I’ll have hot tea about 30 minutes before that dinner time, and that has made a difference. 

I hope this has been helpful for all of you following me and that maybe it’s inspired you to try it for yourself. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. I’m here for you and I’m going to keep sharing my journey and my weight loss. As it comes off, hopefully it’ll keep coming off the entire time and be record breaking. 

Thanks for reading!



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