How to Turn 60 Friends into 1,000,000 Facebook Followers – The MLM Miracle Power Hour

In the fast-paced world of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), your success often hinges on your network’s size and engagement. Growing your Facebook following is a powerful strategy, and it all starts with a daily routine that we call the “MLM Miracle Power Hour.” In this article, we’ll break down this hour-long strategy to help you turn your existing 600 friends into a massive Facebook following of 2,000,000. Let’s dive in!

The MLM Miracle Power Hour

  1. Gratitude, Goals, and Congratulations: Every productive day begins with gratitude. Take a moment to appreciate what you have and set your daily goals, including your target for increasing your Facebook following.
  2. Follow 10-20 New Friends From Recommended List: Facebook’s recommended friends list is a goldmine for network expansion. Start your Power Hour by adding 10-20 new friends from this list. These are potential future followers and prospects.
  3. Send Happy Birthdays in Messenger (Unfriend those who are inactive): A warm birthday message can go a long way in strengthening relationships. Use your Power Hour to send birthday wishes to friends in Messenger. While you’re at it, consider unfriending those who are inactive to keep your network active and engaged.
  4. Comment on FB Posts – 10 comments with 5 words or more: Engagement is key to attracting and retaining followers. Dedicate time to comment on 10 Facebook posts with meaningful, 5-word or longer comments. Meaningful engagement is more likely to attract others to your profile.
  5. Comment on FB Stories – 10 comments and scroll to the oldest: Facebook Stories are an excellent way to connect. In your Power Hour, leave 10 comments on stories. Don’t forget to scroll through the oldest stories, as these may have been overlooked by others.
  6. Type in Memories and Comment again on old memories: The “Memories” section on Facebook is a nostalgia goldmine. Take a trip down memory lane and comment on old memories. This helps you rekindle connections and strengthens your network.
  7. Reach out to 25 New Prospects – Use a script to see if they are open to looking: Actively seek new prospects during your Power Hour. Reach out to 25 potential leads using a well-crafted script to gauge their openness to your MLM opportunities.
  8. Follow Up With Prospects From Day Before: Consistent follow-up is vital. Dedicate part of your Power Hour to following up with prospects you contacted the previous day.
  9. Reach Out to 3 Existing Distributors – See how you can make their day: Show appreciation and support to your team. Reach out to three existing distributors to see how you can make their day better or assist them with any challenges they’re facing.
  10. Make a Post in Private Team FB Group: Strengthen your team’s cohesion by posting in your private team Facebook group. Use ‘@highlight’ to ensure your post receives the attention it deserves.

Incorporating the “MLM Miracle Power Hour” into your daily routine can significantly impact your MLM journey. By consistently following this strategy, you’ll turn your initial 600 friends into a massive Facebook following of 2,000,000, expanding your reach and influence within the MLM community. Now, take action and watch your MLM business thrive!

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