I Just Want to Quit

I wake up with my cat yelling at me, while his claw is puncturing my left boob. He wants me to clean up his puke, so he doesn’t have to walk through it. He is very neat and tidy. I jump out of bed and by the time I clean it up, I’m wide awake. Its way too early, but I might as well start the day.

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When Adulting Is Hard

Today, I don’t feel like posting content, or editing, or anything that doesn’t involve play and pampering. If I’m being honest, I really just want the whole world to be like my massage therapist. When I walk in anywhere, I want them to greet me open arms, speak softly and tenderly, as I walk out feeling deeply loved and cared for.

I guess I’d be okay if they gave me something yummy to drink and touched me appropriately for an hour…well maybe not everybody.

But, life isn’t like a giant massage parlor and I have to make phone calls to switch my mom’s insurance, so they don’t throw her in a nursing home forever and leave her in a tiny bed to rot. I have to talk to 3 different insurance people first, before they pass me to Steve the Stoner.

The guy is obviously feeling pretty laid back and carefree. He even forgets he is talking at times. I wait to see if he has stopped breathing, or if he is gathering his thoughts…I have to ask multiple times if he is still there and then he comes back to finish his thought, very slowly.

I spend hours with Steve and don’t feel like I’ve gotten much accomplished for my mom, but they keep reassuring me, I’ll get some important forms in my email validating my time was worth it and my mom may be able to keep her freedom. I notice I’m getting agitated, frustrated, and angry at Steve because I’m still on the phone, when I’d rather be somewhere else.

My blissful eternal now is just minutes I’ve wasted. I noticed my shift away from peace and wonder who am I right now? What is going on? What am I really upset about? I notice I am feeling drained and have for a few days.

When We Stop Our Spiritual Practice

I realize I haven’t taken time for my practice, my time to fill me up, to clear my energy, center, and ground. I haven’t taken the time to release energy I may have picked up from around me. I watch myself talking like those around me, thinking like them, and can see I have forgotten who I am.

It is easy to do, especially as an empathic starseed. We psychically pick up on everything, but when we put ourselves aside, we can feel like we are less important than someone else’s needs. When we neglect our needs and get away from our practice, we are left feeling resentful, restless, empty, and like our “old selves,” or like someone else entirely.

Why Starseeds Want to Be Activated

As starseeds or mulitdimensional beings we have great power to recreate our reality, but if we are focused outward, we can stop being a tuning fork for others and become tuned into the frequency around us.

This is why as activated starseeds, it is important to keep recharging ourselves. We need to be feeding ourselves with light/prana/chi on a regular basis and cultivating our light body. Busy work without our fully activated light, will begin to feel draining.

I am initiated to activate and awaken starseeds. In working with me in Elite Starseed Mastery, individuals feel more empowered, less triggered, less afraid, and notice they’re psychic skills leading them in directions they actually want to go in.

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