I Need a Break From All This Spiritual Work!!!

This work is not easy. Shadow work brings up all of the shit you’ve been running from for years. I know, I said it. Everyone is talking about shadow work and we are all sick of hearing it, and maybe you feel like you’ve done it all.

But, listen up! If you are still getting triggered, you still have shadow and it is running you. Shadow has ruined relationships, careers, health, and even caused death. Not just in other peoples’ lives, but your life. What is in your shadow? What have you demonized?

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Shadow is the Silent Killer

Because the whole death part is caused from shadow, not shadow work. I just watched a video about infectious disease studies from Dixie State University. They studied blood and discovered that people going through a major emotional life event had more damage done to their cells, than any other disease or accident. 

So, if we have a healthy way to release emotions on a regular basis, instead of repressing them, we can lessen the damage done during major life events, minus the major emotional trauma, by learning to traverse major events with ease and grace? 

From what I’ve seen in working with energy medicine and trauma healing, some people ONLY know how to release their repressed emotions and trauma through major emotional life events. Read that again. 

Does it have to be this way?

Why Is Life So Hard?

Have you ever known someone who has to make things really hard in their life? They just have one accident after another? Does this person deal with their stuff or are they pretty controlling? While others can have a pretty smooth life. How do they handle their stuff? 

This is just a theory, but I think there is a correlation between running from shadow and needing to create major emotional events to finally heal. If we don’t release our emotional stuff, it will turn into physical stuff, at some point. By not facing our shadow bits, we end up doing more damage to our cells and actually causing physical disease.

Monsters in the Dark

Every addiction has a root cause of repressing parts of us and locking it away in shadow. All the monsters in the dark, fuel our addictions. They tell us we need them. They convince us that escape is fun, necessary even. We are convinced that we need a break. 

A break from what though? When we take a break, we are most often slipping into our comfort zone, which feels good for a time, but steals our soul just a little bit and a little bit, until we don’t recognize ourselves anymore.

We have pushed everyone one away and if we are honest, we feel dead and EMPTY inside. Our soul is screaming out, but nobody hears us. Not even us. It is the biggest abandonment and the hardest to break out of, because we have abandoned our self. 

The Way Out

So, when we decide that we have had enough pain, we have to face our shadow self. It is scary. We feel broken. We don’t like seeing the parts of us that are wimpy, weak, evil, vile, repulsive, unacceptable by everyone. BUT, when we acknowledge these parts and give them space, the acceptance feels bitter but sweet. We begin feeling more like ourSelves, more peace, more power. Little by little, our soul returns. We get a glimpse of joy. We begin aligning with a life we have wanted and begin feeling worthy of the beauty in life. 

Then, we begin tapping into our innate power to create a waking lucid dream. We can see through the Matrix, and realize we have the ability to change what we don’t like, by continuing to face our selves…what we like, what we don’t like, what we have liked in others, but never thought we possessed. Everything outside of you is inside you. When we accept this, the whole world begins to reveal its wonder, magic, and miracles. THAT is why we do the work. THAT is why “taking a break,” is an illusion and an unending cycle of suffering.

I have been initiated to activate multidimensional beings and liberate souls. You will never get well doing it on your own. Work With Me.

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