You know that moment when you finally exhale and you realize you haven’t done that all day, or maybe for several days?

Every muscle in your body is tight from holding on for dear life…all day long!

You hurt all over.

You desperately want to run away…to the beach, the mountains, anywhere to just be able to stop and breathe. 

You wish you had a remote on life, so you could hit pause, just long enough to feel like… Well, YOU again.

Enter The Healing Room, where energy healer, Misha Almira, calls in the powerful Cosmic Teams to initiate transformative energy healing.

This is energy healing for the modern spiritual woman who wears so many hats and could desperately use some time for herSelf.

A place where she can let everything go and have someone else give to her.

A place where nobody needs anything from her and she doesn’t have to worry about anything or anyone.

Everyone can benefit from energy healing, but most people are too busy these days or they might not have a ton of money to invest in weekly sessions.

Face it, it is not always realistic to make healing a priority in today’s age. Women are busier than ever being community leaders, business owners and all while raising family’s. 

The problem is, the modern woman needs energy healing more than ever. 

Anxiety and overwhelm are so common, she doesn’t even remember what it feels like to live without it. 

True healing is not always a one and done situation. It normally takes time, money, and personal dedication to stick with it.

Here is your chance to have that sanctuary…that sacred YOU TIME, while transforming into more wholeness, without having to show up for a zoom meeting or phone call each week.


Each week, Misha will do a remote group healing in a protected container for all of the participants. 

All you have to do is sign up for the healing room and notice the positive affects each week. 

It will be at different times, and Misha will send out a group message to let everyone know when it is about to begin. 

Then, you can carry on with your busy day, or take time to relax, while the session is happening. Either way, you will feel the results. It will be your choice.

Experience the transformative benefits of Advanced Quantum Med Bed Technology, Galactic Light Healing Technology, Removal of Reptilians, Demons, Entities, and Discarnates, as well as  the activation and protection of the Profound experience of being part of the Crystal Healing Room, in a remote session.

It taps into the Higher Self of each participant with the potential to activate dormant powers and deep healing.  

Each week will be a different healing, depending on the need for the group that week. Spirit normally guides these. It will either be  for clearing what isn’t needed, bringing back missing power, activating what has been dormant, or awakening more light within. 

Each session will be focused on healing, empowering, activating, and awakening.

What Others Have Noticed After Being in Healing Room

  • Feeling Lighter 
  • Less Anxiety
  • Decreased Worry
  • Laughing More
  • More Mental Clarity
  • Better Memory
  • Lessoning of Aches and Pains
  • More Insights
  • Spontaneous Creative Genius Ideas
  • More Psychic Powers 
  • Increased Vital Energy
  • Deeper Connection With Guides
  • Increased Synchronicities
  • Faster Manifesting
  • Sense of Personal Freedom
  • Healing of  Chronic Ailments
  • Brighter Eyes and Youthful Appearance

Value of $888

Energy Exchange $100


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