How to Know If You Are Being Psychically Attacked

How to Know If You Are Being Psychically Attacked & What to Do About It

How to Know If You Are Being Psychically Attacked & What to Do About It

What is a psychic attack

A psychic attack is negative energy that is directed at a person with the conscious or unconscious intention to
inflict harm.

The harm can be sent to an individual’s mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual state …

It is important to know that these thought forms can be sent consciously or unconsciously.

In the previous article, I wrote about how when I was younger, I sent curses to others from a place of ignorance.

I didn’t even realize what I was doing at the time. I was just feeling hurt, angry, and helpless. I just wanted it to stop. Rather than just feeling hurt and angry, I went into blame.

The energy I sent out was exactly the type of energy that can cause certain psychic attacks. Many of us do this without realizing the impact it has on others and ourselves.

Many of us do this without realizing the impact it has on others and ourselves.

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Since becoming more aware of psychic attacks, I am aware of how to manage my emotions without directing energy at anyone. 

I have also learned to redirect attacks coming my way.

The purpose of writing about this is to inform others of how often psychic attacks occur and to provide knowledge of how to handle it if it does happen.

Sometimes, the attack happens quickly without a person meaning to send it at all. 

It can be as simple as feeling jealous of another and having negative thoughts about them.

It can escalate into anger, rage, and revenge thoughts directed at the object of our jealousy. 

There might not be any real intention behind the emotion but too late it has already been set in motion. We don’t even realize how powerful our thoughts can be.

Of course, this is only one form of psychic attack.

Psychic attacks can have a number of sources.

Some may come from people you know and others can come from people you don’t know, or at least don’t remember, from previous lifetimes.

Psychic Attacks - Misha Almira

One source that is more common than you might think is from spirits of people who have died but do not know they are dead.

They may be frightened, agitated, or restless among other negative feelings. These types of psychic attacks can feel more invasive.

If they DO know, they might not be ready to move on.

These spirits can carry a lot of fear or negative energy for a number of reasons, including belief based fears about where they may be going next.

They may have a belief that they were bad and may be going to their idea of Hell. This may cause them to want stay here. They may try to take over someone else’s body.

Have you ever felt invasive energy in hospitals or graveyards?

These are places that can tend to have lost spirits, looking for sensitive individuals with psychic abilities.

It can seem like an open sign for psychic attack business. Energetic boundaries are very important when going into these places.

Entities, Dark Energies, & Spirits - Misha Almira

Lastly, others can be dark spirits.

Unfortunately, there are some spirits who don’t have positive intentions toward other lifeforms.

They may be strongly influenced by jealousy, lust for power, or other types of fear.

We hear stories of jealous Brujos wanting more power so they put curses on other Shamans, causing illness or serious ailments.

In most cases of psychic attacks, the underlying driving force is fear.

It may be fear that has been carried over several lifetimes, deeply buried in the soul’s records.

Regardless of the source of the fear and motivation behind the psychic attacks, we have a choice.

We do not have to go into fear which feeds the power and ignorance of the attacker.

We can have compassion for the pain they have experienced. 

We can raise our frequency level to a higher level of Love and Acceptance…for ourselves and for others.

I realize this is not always an easy choice.

There have been times while feeling attacked when I would just hold an intention of sending compassion to all beings.

Negative thought forms

Our habitual thinking can cause psychic attacks as well. Especially if we have become fixated on thoughts involving animosity, jealousy, spite, or revenge toward someone else.

These types of thoughts can cause harm to someone emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

It is also possible to cause a psychic attack from picking up negative thought forms from others as well.

In Peru, they speak of “catching a bad wind,” which is referring to a negative thought form that has traveled from one person to another via the wind.

Any thoughts focused in anger, rage, or fear are extremely powerful in drawing dark energies. Even if you are unaware of it.

Can you draw dark energies to yourself?

When we spend prolonged periods of time focused in states of anger, resentment, bitterness, or any type of fear, this can attract negative energies to us.

Depression is highly attractive to dark energies.

We all feel anger or fear at times.

It is normal to feel, but when we obsessively perpetuate being in a constant state a fear, this is when entities, spirits, and dark energies will attach themselves to us.

Places with consistent violence or heavy use of alcohol and drugs, are also highly populated with dark energies just looking for a new host.

Bars are like psychic portals. Once you become aware of this, you will notice how overly crowded they are with these types of spirits.

Signs to indicate a psychic attack

If you are being psychically attacked, you can feel it. If you tune in, you will notice the signs. 

Here is a list of symptoms you might feel.

  • a feeling of unease
  • disturbances in sleep
  • frequent or recurrent nightmares
  • grayish appearance to skin tone
  • a feeling that your energy field has been invaded in some way
  • constant and ongoing fatigue for no obvious reason
  • constantly feeling drained
  • a lack of desire to look anyone in the eye
  • hearing voices
  • feeling energetically dirty
  • lapses in memory
  • acting out of character
  • big changes in behavior for no apparent reason
  • ongoing bad luck
  • experiencing rage seemingly out of nowhere
  • extreme changes in ways of thinking
  • feeling like there are two of you; Jekyll & Hyde, Good & Evil
  • icy cold feeling on any part of your body which cuts right through to your bones and does not go away.
  • feeling that you are being watched constantly
  • a loss of self-confidence
  • sudden illness that eludes diagnosis and can not be explained
  • depression without an apparent cause
  • irrational fears, sorrow or anger
  • attraction to dark rooms and dark colors
  • aversion to sunlight

More obvious attacks may be felt like someone trying to get into your energy field (as a violation of your personal space).

This can be felt most commonly around the back of the neck, shoulders, or back. Although, I have also felt it around the womb area.

This is by no means the complete list but it is enough to become aware.

Trust your intuition if you feel like you are experiencing an attack.

If you do have negative energies that are on you, you can get help from a Healer that knows how to deal with negative energies.

The most important thing to know is that you are not helpless to an attack.

I would even suggest changing the wording from attack to information.

One of my Shaman Teachers refers to dark energy as simply heavy energy that needs to be moved.

You are just being made aware of what is happening, so you can do something about it.

This changes the perspective from powerless to having absolute power to alter it.

Understand that nothing can harm you or invade you without your permission or invitation.

The trick is realizing that you may be giving out an open invitation or permission to victimize you.

For instance, if you have been broadcasting a resonance of self-hatred, a dark entity might accept the opportunity to abuse you.

If you feel like you are a bad person and deserve to be punished, you may have an unconscious contract to let bad spirits in to hurt you and others.

What Can You Do About It?

There are certain things within your power you can do to avoid future attacks.

What you seek, you will find so seek ways to bring in more light.


  • A Healer
  • Allies for Protection
  • Ways to Raise Your Vibration
  • Sunshine
  • Purity
  • Self-Love

Drink pure water and activate it with Love/Light by holding it while thinking or feeling love.

You can also smudge with white sage to purify your space and rid yourself of negative energies.

If you do this on a daily basis it will help to keep you clear of negative energies. Smudge your home, vehicle, work area and body.

You can also call on Archangel Michael to cut cords with negative spirits or entities and protect your space.

It is so important to have self-awareness and not give more power to the information you are receiving.

You can ALWAYS say, “No, I am not interested in this.”

I had an old contract saying, “I would be a conduit for spirits to use.” I felt like I wanted to be of service.

The problem was, the contract didn’t specify that I was only available to work with benevolent spirits, just that I was open!

So of course, all types of dark entities showed up to play.

I worked with a Shaman Healer to renegotiate the old contract and put in a new one that specified exactly what I was willing to allow.

This healing was invaluable in the shift it produced. What a relief!

You are in charge of yourself and your reality, and get to set clear boundaries between yourself and others.

That’s also a good step to take to help clear yourself of those energies.

If you feel energies, you can let them know that you are not available to engage with them and they are NOT allowed to invade your space.

It can be hard to track down the beliefs that allow attack, but the best thing to remember is that you are the authority of your domain/space.

If they persist, find a Healer that can remove it for you.

Do not be afraid or hesitant to work with a healer that knows how to remove entity attachments.

If you already have entities or attachments, and most of us do, then you need to remove them in order to bring in more LIGHT.

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been helpful.


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Misha Almira

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  1. Hi,

    Just came across your very informative article. I have a question though can someone pyschic attack someone without realising they are doing so? I have only realised a few days ago, that it is possible that I am being attacked in such a manner. It has caused me health worries particularly with my heart. I have been very upset about something that has happened, but I keep on sending the love and positive thoughts to that person. I really do hope that they have an amazing life, even though they are no longer in mine! I have taken to meditation and it has helped me in some measure. I just have to keep on with this until the attacks stop and then go back to my usual meditation.

    Thanks again for this brilliant article.
    Lots of love

    1. Yes, I have worked with people that have similar experiences. It sounds like you are cleaning up your end of this, but that does not mean that the other party is doing the same. This is not uncommon. There are some energies that are a bit more stubborn and might take a different approach to fully release from them.
      Often, we do not even realize that we may be causing another harm. It could be entirely unconscious on their part, but still causing you harm. Fortunately, there are Energy Medicine Healers that work with exactly this. I would be happy to help in any way that I can.

  2. Great article. Can you give ne any healers information on helping those who maybe psychically attacked in the Essex area please. Thanks. I need some help in this area being a sensitive I have felt very drained recently and feel I’ve picked up negative energies.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I have a few healers I’ve worked with personally that I trust. I am including their websites below. Please feel free to contact me for a healing session as well. I know it can be incredibly draining to be around such attacks. This type of healing has helped me tremendously. I wish you healing and ease in going forward. There are 3 other healers I trust completely. These are their websites:,,

  3. Please vet out any energy healers you choose to work with. The advice given here to not “hesitate” to run to the nearest energy healer is, in my opinion, dangerous. It is hard for good people to comprehend the very real threat of energetic predators out there and the confusion or ongoing energetic theft they can perpetuate.

    Same goes nowadays with Ayahuasca, which is being pushed as a panacea for the world’s problems, but in reality can lead to an infiltration of dark energy when executed by people who don’t operate in the traditional shamanic lineages practicing proper systems of ethics and protection and so have themselves succumbed to dark entities now working through them to gather more recruits! It’s called the vine of the soul – do you really want to gamble with your soul?


    1. I only personally recommend a few energy healers. I will include these at the end of this reply. I believe it is essential to find a reputable healer and Shaman. Do I believe it is right choice for everyone? No. It has been the most powerful choice for my personal healing, but it is not for everyone. Some might not be ready for it now and will come back to it later and others will find a different path to healing.

      It can be dangerous to play with plant medicines when we are not aware of agreements we may have previously made, have not done our own shadow work, aren’t clear about our intentions, or go into ceremony with very little respect for the plant spirits. When I see individuals get into trouble it is usually one of these reasons. I also do not recommend doing plant medicine without a trusted Shamanic guide. There is one retreat I highly recommend and that is There are 3 other healers I trust completely. These are their websites:,, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I just found this website after having a really weird experience involving a friend of mine I haven’t seen for 10 years. She now lives in a different country with her husband, I know live in a different city to where we both lived before with my partner of 2 years. We didn’t really talk for 10 years just ocassional chats on FB then recently she started to call me frequently on whatsup.
    For some reason this then meant she started to talk about someone who had abused me in the past in a very dark twisted way who I had reported to the police, after various incidents, including me getting beaten up and needing to go to hospital in an ambulance while the same woman was trying to get into the ambulance while I was bleeding profusely from a head injury and the police needed to tell her to get out and leave me alone.
    I told my friend I hadn’t seen for 10 years I didn’t want to know about the woman who had been involved in me getting beaten up who had then tried to force intimicacy when I was in an injured state against my consent.
    The memory was traumatic to remember her name and I didn’t want to talk about her or know about her. I had moved, I had blocked her, I had reported her to the police, I had even blocked her on linkedin.
    As a heterosexual, I didn’t want to be stalked by a lesbian predator who I had already reported to the police in the past.
    That meant also that when a friend who still knew her and talked to her on the phone then started to call me and talk to me on the phone about her, likewise I didn’t want to know, and didn’t want to hear her name because of the trauma surrounding the injury.
    (It’s a very long story).
    What is really strange now, is that this friend of mine who started to call me up regularly talking about her sister and complaining about her sister instead then started to behave in persistent, harassing, stalkerish kind of ways towards me as well, that showed some kind of issues with attachment towards other females and behaviour issues with boundaries.
    The other day, she texted me on whatsup wanting a chat, to which I then replied that I was preparing to go to the hospital (just for a check up) and that I would chat to her later.
    She didn’t get the message though, and instead started to behave in a persistent, obsessive way to try and “attach / connect” in a disfuctional way, rather than saying “OK good luck, chat later” like any normal person.
    Instead she started to escalate emotional behaviour, writing things like “oh my god, what’s wrong, tell me, if you don’t tell me I will get angry”.
    From my point of view, just seemed completely disfunctional and inappropriate, like she was trying to black-mail me to retain connection with her, when I’d already told her by that time 3 times, “I’m busy, I need to prepare for my hospital appointment, chat later”, literally sending the same message 3 times.
    She wasn’t listening and instead escalating by threatening me with her anger.
    I’d never experienced her behaving towards me like that before, we knew each other as friends 10 years ago, but weren’t really that close so I hadn’t experienced her treating me like that before.
    She’d opened up to me a few weeks ago telling me about how she was disappointed in her relationships with her mother and sister but that was it. I was supportive and gave her some adivce to resolve her issues with her sister, and that was it. I then realised that she was then using this “anger” with her own issues with her own female family members to project onto me,.. so therefore when I could sense her behaviour patterns coming up, I just told her politely that I was busy and that she should make the effort to talk to her sister to work things out with her and that it wasn’t my problem.
    Because of the hospital issue and the fact that I saw she wasn’t letting go, I then blocked her on whatsup simply because I needed to use my phone to look up details to fill in forms before my appointment. I then contacted her on FB to explain and just told her she needed to work on her issues with her family and her own behaviour issues and maybe see a counsellor. I was perfectly objective and neutral and communicated without any emotional entanglement. Just explaining my point of view that I needed her to respect my boundaries and leave me alone every now and again and to resolve her own issues herself.
    Then she just replied today in a way that really surprised me and left me feeling really strange, as if I had been psychically attacked and violated indirectly by her, even though it was as if she wasn’t even aware of what she was doing.
    She replied to me on FB again, this time talking about how her sister and the person who I mentioned above who had attacked me previously were both the same, as her sisters.
    She then started to talk about the person who had attacked me going to visit her and a whole story I just did not need to know and did not understand and did not know why she was telling me.
    Just the fact that she mentioned this woman who was a lesbian who had tried to violate me physically but who had also caused me to be beaten up with my blood smeared all over walls and then tried to get into a ambulance with me when I was telling her to leave me alone and the police had to block her and tell her to leave me alone when I needed to go to hospital, just really blew my mind that she was somehow bringing up old memories that I needed to put in the past and forget about.
    I’d already told her that I didn’t want to know about the particular person.
    So why she started to talk about her at the same time that she had tried to use anger against me when I told her I needed to go to the hospital, just brought up really weird feelings bringing up the memories of the psychic violation I had experienced over 5 years ago all over again.
    It was almost as if she was being indirectly used as a channel by the dark energy from the person who I had already told her I didn’t want to know about and didn’t want to know her name.
    I just blocked her my actual friend on FB now and told her I can’t talk to her.
    I don’t want to hear anything about the person she was talking about.
    I heard another of one of our friends from the city where we had all lived before (where we were friends 10 years) had also gone back after being away (also in a different country for several years) and then somehow being involved in some kind of traumatic issue with the same person. I don’t know the full story but I think she got her head beaten against a car.
    She almost had a head injury as well.
    The person I am not mentioning who caused me to feel like my other friend was being indirectly used by her as a channel to psychically attack me, even though she didn’t know it, has some serious issues.
    Seriously it is like some dark energies are surrounding her.
    In the past, maybe 10 years ago or less, I had been compassionate and kind towards her, as a friend of her friends, I wasn’t really her friend, just knew her through other people, however I learnt that was a mistake. I learnt that even though she had gone through some difficult times and maybe she was a sad person inside, the reality was that she used any sympathy that anyone gave her, against them and manipulated them, twisted them, and used sadism against others to hurt them. She was essentially an evil person and therefore sympathy did not work.
    Reporting her to the police, and leaving to live in a different city and forgetting about her worked instead.
    The fact that she still talks to my other friends and now they are trying to talk to me but that somehow unconsciously means they are transmitting her negative energy has just really freaked me out slightly.
    I feel like the memory of psychic and spiritual violation over again.
    I don’t want to have anything to do with that person.
    I told my friend who was talking to me about her now, I just had to block her and I needed space. I told her also that she needs to see a counsillor and resolve her own boundaries in relation to other females, because I felt like her boundaries were really blurred and that’s why she’d taken on stuff unconsciously that she should have known how to distance herself from and to separate herself from instead.
    I’ve only seen one guy who was a shamanistic past-life healer once in my life who dealt with energy and psychic work.
    I know I’m an empath and I’ve read a few books about different energy systems, but I don’t know that much about it.
    If you have any advice or comments please feel free to let me know.
    I feel kind of frightened now just to feel like I am still sensitive indirectly to feeling psychically wounded just from any mention of this person’s name.
    I don’t want to live in fear.
    I moved away, I changed my life.
    I want to reach out to my other friend who has been recently hurt, but I don’t know what it will open up. I haven’t spoken to her for years either after she moved away and went to live in a different country also.
    I have her email I guess I will try and reach out to her maybe.
    I’ve deactivated FB now I don’t really safe around FB too much these days, just the way it operates, with people writing to you and expecting immediate responses to gratify themselves when you’re trying to read stuff and process stuff and deal with everything methodically.

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