Sign Up and Start Earning Today!

Sign Up and Start Earning Today!

Are you tired of working your butt off for very little to show for it? I was so burnt out and it was affecting my health, along with every other aspect of my life. So many women are feeling burnt out right now. They are bosses, mothers, wives, and spiritual badasses, and they are exhausted. They work harder and earn less. They need more money and specifically to generate passive income.

This opportunity turned my life around and is generating passive income. I swore I would never do MLM again, because the old way of doing it, made me tired. BUT, this came along when I was praying for a solution…a solution for my health and a solution for my income.

It is different than any other MLM and it is disrupting the entire industry. Its a membership model, like Amazon, Costco, or Sam’s. It is perfect timing and it has completely changed my life personally. I am strong enough to jog again, I am earning passive income with one hour a day of work, and I am helping others break free financially. I mean, who doesn’t need freedom and money?

Would you like to be wildly passionate about your business and madly in love with life? A few months ago, I was exhausted, soul weary, and ready to give up. I fell to my knees, crying, asking for help. I needed a break, a new direction, a solution that would save me. I felt disconnected, and unsupported. I decided to go back to bed and stay there. On my way to the bed, my Fiance told me about this new opportunity he just found.

I interrupted him saying, “no, I’m not joining another opportunity.” “Okay, I just wanted to offer you first,” he said.

It took two more no’s before he got me with the huge discounts on Magnesium and D3, which I needed to buy any way. I am so grateful he kept on, because this is the company I can finally go all the way with. Twelve weeks in and my life is lit up with inspiration. Instead of rushing off to work, I am spending all day doing what I am inspired to do. We are deciding where we want to live and shopping for houses.

I am calling in 10 powerful, independent, spiritual women who are not settling for less than being wildly successful and blissfully free.

What if you lived every day like you were on vacation? I got inspired by a starseed on Youtube who woke up whenever she wanted and would instead of jumping out of bed and rushing off to be productive, she chose to start her day with a good kitty snuggle and a long stretch. Then, she leisurely got out of bed to get dressed and from there she would decide what sounded best. Most days a run on the beach or through the jungle sounded good. Other days, she would make a yummy smoothy.

In that moment, I knew what I wanted my life to look like. The only question was how to do it. Fast forward to now. I am waking up when I want and flowing through my day with ease. When we are on vacation, we give ourselves the permission to live like this, but then feel like we HAVE to go back to real life. My first question was, “do I have to go back to real life, or could this become my life?”

I don’t have the house in the mountains, or overlooking the ocean yet, but it is in the works. I make a living doing short videos and working with a few perfectly selected clients and the rest of my day is for whatever else fills me up the most. There is such freedom in designing your life to fit your needs and deep soul seated purpose, rather than living according to standards set by limited programming or a whole lot of “shoulds.” The sad part is, most of the “shoulds” are not even ours.

What would a life lived in freedom look like for you?

Here is the vehicle I chose for passive income HERE

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