Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Fire Ceremony – Inviting Sachamama

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Fire Ceremony - Inviting Sachamama - Misha Almira

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Fire Ceremony – Inviting Sachamama

Ever notice how crazy it feels around the full moon?

What do you notice inside your own body?

The Full Moon is a time to reflect, reaccess what is working and what is not, we may feel a little restless, discontent, wild, introspective, intuitive, quiet, etc…

Many times I would find myself really irritable when I had to follow a busy schedule while my spirit was calling out to me to listen deeply inside…to tap into the creative energy.

Women’s moon cycles (menstruation), often coincide with the Full Moon, tapping into a profound wisdom.

Some women may menstruate on the new moon, some on the full moon, some in between.

According to Dragontime by Luisa Francia, specific moon phase energies, when magnified by menstruation can be freed up and made available for use if we choose to work with them.

If like me, you menstruate with the full moon, this can represent fierce creativity, abundance, power, fire,  and vitality. It’s a time to claim one’s own power, make decisions, work changes, and bring something into being. – See more

We are being invited to claim our own power, work changes, take action, make important decisions, and bring something new into being.

If we ignore this we may find ourselves agitated, irritable, frustrated or angry.

These can be indicators of being out of alignment with nature and our inner knowing.

However, if we take the time to connect with the full moon and our bodies during this time, we may notice a calming energy within our entire being.

Within a few minutes of looking at the moon, we can feel a shift.

Then, we can play with the connection, tapping into our wild natures, using the powerful energy that is beckoning us for greater change.

It is boundless.

Can we really afford to ignore this anymore?

Connecting in this way is a reminder of WHO WE ARE… in relation to the moon, stars, and all of nature.

The Lunar Eclipse put simply is a time of shadow.

It is a time when repressed parts of us come into the light to be seen.

We may notice feeling sadness, guilt, jealousy, shame, or other heavy emotions coming to the surface.

This particular Lunar Eclipse is in Libra-Aries which is about balancing or finding harmony.

When we have an Eclipse on the Libra-Aries Axis, we are essentially being asked to look at “I” versus “We.” –Emily Price

It is about discovering how are being in relation to others and finding balance with the light and dark within that.

How are we balancing our needs with those of others?

Where are our boundaries when we are around others?

Are we honoring ourselves in each moment?

This may bring up discomfort when the repressed parts are coming out to be acknowledged in relationship to others.

We may not like it but can we breathe into it?

Can we acknowledge and accept it?

If you practice yoga, you know that it is not always comfortable.

Sometimes the same pose can fill you with bliss or be so painful it brings you to tears.

It depends on the day and the state of your mind.

Are you resisting?


Sachamama/Amuru - Misha Almira

Inviting Sachamama/Amuru

The serpent sheds its old skin and moves on. It can be a great teacher in letting go of our old stories, without suffering.

There is so much about Sachamama/Amuru that I have yet to discover.

Last night I did a fire ceremony to invoke the Serpent (Archetype from the South Direction), Sachamama/Amuru in order to receive her teaching and learn to embrace all that she has to offer.

It was evident that the powers were amplified as I began building the fire.

As I opened sacred space, I felt the presence of the allies coming to join me.

The shadows that were cast all around were playing with me.

I lit the fire and started chanting as the tiny flame danced in the wind.

I rattled and chanted for a few minutes.

It was just my singular voice and I noticed how different it was being alone.

I’d only ever chanted around a fire with others and the last time was really charged with energy.


This time…not so much. Then, I heard something at the neighbors. My voice sounded so small…

I came out of myself. I suddenly became aware of what they may think of the rattling and chants.

What if they became threatened by it?

My voice cracked and the rattle lost its rhythm as I tried to become quieter.

I felt my energy shrink just as the fire followed and fizzled out completely.

I tried to blow on it hoping to revive a tiny spark but got only smoke.

I moved around the fire quickly to catch a little ember on the opposite side, tripped and almost fell into the fire pit.

This was not working.

Coming Back to Heart - Misha Almira

Coming Back to the Heart

I calmed my breathing and got present with the fire, taking all of my awareness away from the neighbors. I let go of all the worry and let it go into the earth.

I decided to begin again. I lit the fire, feeding it new kindling. I fed it love and sticks as it started to grow.

I thanked it and connected with the essence of the fire. I could feel the heart connection as it grew, reaching for the sky. I began rattling, chanting, and the fire moved me.

The wind picked up and swirled around us, feeding us. I could feel the fire as we played our song together. I could feel the rhythm of the earth filling my soul.

The chanting changed as the fire shifted. I am not sure which happened first, it was just in sync.

It was as if it was waiting and listening. I began to speak to it about what I wanted to call in.

I expressed my gratitude for the union I felt with the fire spirit. There was a palpable stillness in the air.

Sachamama-Amuru- Misha Almira

I grabbed my stick representing Sachamama/Amuru.

I closed my eyes and connected deeply with Great Serpent and blew it into the stick several times.

I called on Sachamama/Amuru asking her to come join me and work with me for 2 weeks, showing me her essence…her powers…her gifts.

I waited. I put the stick into the fire and watched it light up with a beautiful bright golden flame. I waited…feeling what was happening.

I felt like I was being observed and the tree beside me pulled my awareness.

I didn’t see anything but felt a presence…watching.

I felt a rhythm enter me as my body started spiraling toward the sky.

The moon peaked through the trees lending a luminescent light.

My arms lifted in liquidity, my hips became the rattle as a fire in my belly ignited.

My arms felt like serpent heads swirling through water. The water and fire became one…it moved my body.

After a while, my awareness came back to my body, the fire, and the moon. It was like coming out of a dream.

I put a stick in for Pachamama/Mother Earth with gratitude and prayers.


I invited the Ancestors to come in and use the fire as the wished.

Stillness filled the air and I could feel the fire changed.

It started picking up again.

I witnessed the beauty of the presence all of around. The moon was breathtaking.

I closed sacred space and thanked the directions.

It was simply beautiful. I am learning how subtle the shift can be from the mind to the heart. Working with the fire is such a great reminder of where my focus is.

It is nice to be reminded that there is no need for worry.

So often in life, our awareness will go to what others are thinking.

We come out of our center or feel the need to hide parts of ourselves.

We feel unsafe in revealing ourselves or being completely vulnerable. What if they judge us? We try to avoid conflict by diluting who we are.

The fire reflected where my focus was in every second. It showed me what was needed and what I could let go of.

In hindsight, I discovered that the experience with the fire directly correlated with the Libra-Aries Lunar Eclipse which was knowledge I didn’t know until after the ceremony.

It was alive with knowledge and actively teaching me.It was not going to play with my doubt, worry, or fear. It was only interested in love, gratitude, collaboration, creativity, honor, and mutual respect.

It was not going to play with my doubt, worry, or fear. It was only interested in love, gratitude, collaboration, creativity, honor, and mutual respect.

It was only interested in love, gratitude, collaboration, creativity, honor, and mutual respect.

There is an interconnectedness in all of creation that is willing to teach us in every situation if we open to it…if we trust in the magic again.

The truth is, we are safe to Be, even if others don’t approve.

What is the worst thing that will happen if they don’t approve?

Whatever it is, I don’t think it is worth dimming our own light or losing ourselves.

May you be happy in all that you do.

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Misha Almira

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