My 90 Day Preparation Plan for Ayahausca

My 90 Day Preparation for Ayahuasca - Misha Almira

My 90 Day Preparation Plan for Ayahausca

I am going to Peru in May to participate in 4 more Ayahuasca Ceremonies. I have started working on my intentions.

This time, I’d like to connect with power animal archetypes and play with fully embodying them.

This was inspired by a message I got yesterday from my guardian angels.

I have been working with the archetypes more deeply in the medicine wheel and journeys.

They continue to reveal more so I welcome the chance to dive deeper.

I did not experiment with them at all while I was in Peru but one of the other participants really connected with them.

I loved watching his process and how the animals honored him by lending their powers to him night after night.

I would be so happy to have Ayahuasca guide me in this way. I am open to the highest healing though so we will see.

I am also going to have an intention to explore higher levels of consciousness.

I’m curious how advanced meditation mantras can be used in conjunction with ceremony.

I know how essential meditation and breathing was for me in the 8 ceremonies I participated in last year.

I mainly used awareness of breath, the word compassion as a mantra and the intention to send love to all beings.

I know that controlling the direction of the ceremony is not possible but using mantras as intentions during ceremony might be a way to go more into the higher realms.

I have heard of others doing this.

I am not opposed to intense purging at all if that is what is needed. If so I don’t want to hold back.

Diving Deeper With Meditation - Misha Almira

Diving Deeper in Meditation

Yesterday, I committed to meditating 3 times a day. I will do this until June. I practice a type of meditation called Ascension.

It is a more advanced mantra meditation and I look forward to deepening my practice with these amazing techniques once again.

I was able to meditate for 4 hours yesterday with some interruptions.

My mind was busy at first but I opened into some delicious stillness last night.

I experienced quite a few visuals and going out into the Universe, which is happening more in my meditations since experiencing Ayahuasca.

I feel pressure in my 3rd eye and in the my head now when I meditate so I am setting my daily intentions for my pineal gland to become activated.

There are certain techniques specifically for the pineal gland and third eye. When I first learned them, I never liked practicing them.

Now, I find myself wanting to just linger there.

I will talk more in detail about activation for the pineal gland in another post.

I will have a meditation focus for each day.

Day 1:

Contentment With My Life – Appreciation of What Is

Giving Up T.V. & Movies

I gave up watching movies so I could use that time to meditate and I thought it might be hard.

I am finding that meditating is way more exciting than watching T.V. or movies.

The possibilities are limitless and it is fulfilling a soul longing. Yummm!


I will also be doing yoga daily to enrich my meditation practice and balance my body.

Last year when I went to Peru, I was in decent shape but I couldn’t fully enjoy the yoga practice because I had not established a daily practice before hand.

There is a big difference in the experience of yoga when you have practiced it every day for several months.

I had only been doing a yoga session maybe twice a week for less than a month before going.

I was struggling with the heat, walking the stairs, and in yoga. It just didn’t have the depth so I decided to get more prepared.

I will be doing yoga when I go this time so I want to have a solid foundation to build on.

That way, it will be a lot more enjoyable.

I am doing The Ultimate Yogi Program. This was the video I did for day 1

Yoga, meditation, and diet can add to the healing of the medicine of Ayahuasca so I want to get the most out of it.

This was was challenging but I have to admit I loved it.

I am hoping that the more I clean out now, the more I can work on the deeper levels of the psyche and DNA repair.

Only Ayahuasca knows how that will go!

Vegetarian Diet

I have been getting strong messages to stop eating meat.

I have been a vegan, raw foodist, and vegetarian for years at a time throughout my life.

I definitely thrive on a predominately raw diet but for the last few months, I have been experimenting off and on with Paleo.

I have lost fat and sustained strength but I no longer feel good about eating meat or dairy.

I am giving up all meat except for fish for 90 days and next month I am cutting out dairy.

This month, my diet will consist of green smoothies for breakfast and lunch.

For dinner, I will have a meal of salad, lentils, and brown rice. I may substitute quinoa for rice too.

I’m substituting stevia for sugar to make an easier transition.

I will be giving up coffee in May because that is my last vice and I’m trying to do it in stages.

In May, I will also be stopping all sugar, salt, spices, caffeine, supplements, and sex. Yikes!

The purpose is to draw all of my fulfillment from within.

By then, I should be meditating around 6 hours a day and have a strong yoga practice.

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Misha Almira

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