New Moon Ceremony – Calling in Otorongo

New Moon Ceremony - Calling in Otorongo

New Moon Ceremony – Calling in Otorongo

Mother/Sister Jaguar: The Warrior

There are 7 Shamanic Archetypes which are Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Condor/Eagle, Huascar, Quetzalcoatl, and Pachakuti. Each new and full moon we are calling in one archetype to teach us.

When we learn to speak with and them they can become powerful allies. This week I will discuss Mama Jaguar: the Luminous Warrior.

Jaguar represents deep emotional healing and teaches us to step beyond fear. On the Medicine Wheel she comes from the West. Jaguar walks between worlds, fearlessly stalking through shadows. She can bring about sudden transformations, of rebirth and of death.

I created a sacred fire and right after calling in jaguar, I felt a presence. I actually felt like someone came and sat on the bench beside me. It was immediately frightening and then I was reminded that it was just power.

The teaching became ever more subtle as I thoughts became centered around my past.

I reviewed my life each night and saw the different paths I’d taken and all the ones I hadn’t. I felt the regret, guilt, remorse, relief, and deep love of the journey.

I started reliving the times I’d felt let down…all the times I’d given up, on myself, on others, on life itself. A penetrating alertness and strength took over from the inside out.

We turned our gaze to death, darkness, doubt, fear and a quiet knowingness began erasing old neuropathways.Suddenly, I felt like I could face anything…even my worst nightmares. I could feel that there is nothing to fear unless I feed fear itself. She showed me that I have a choice to move beyond fear with a simple change in focus.

Mother Jaguar - Misha AlmiraBefore I studied Shamanism, I felt like I needed to get rid of fear. I was afraid of showing who I truly was which resulted in a constant underlying anxiety in most situations.

I judged this experience as “bad”. I was afraid of the fear.

The more I tried to get away from it, the bigger it got.

Since working intimately with Jaguar, I am no longer afraid of fear itself. Now, it is just something that comes and goes. It is an opportunity to turn and face the situation, no matter what it is. This is incredibly empowering.

Jaguar helps eliminate any negative energies, transform limiting thoughts and connect me to an inner solid strength.

If you would like to connect with your own Jaguar, reach out to her with your thoughts. Put your awareness on your second chakra and speak to her. Start by setting a clear intention of developing a relationship with her. Ask her to lend you her power and to teach you. Look into her eyes and allow her to speak to you. Let her gobble up everything that you fear. Call on her to protect you.

Misha Almira

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