Opening Sacred Space for Ceremony and Working With Archetypes

Sacred Space - Misha Almira

Opening Sacred Space for Ceremony and Working With Archetypes

My practice of opening sacred space began as a recitation of a prayer that was passed down but has become so much more than I could have imagined.

Through the experience of opening sacred space and working with the allies, you will receive your own unique gifts.

It is impossible to convey the depth of what I have received from trusting this process.

It has changed me in such profound and subtle ways. It has opened my eyes to a long-forgotten mystery that I yearned for.

The more you open to the power of the directions and allies, the more they will open to you.

You will tap into the ancient wisdom of the elders and the lineage behind it.

Open your heart, trust the hidden mystery in all creation and open to your version of the dream.

SmudgingSacredSpace- Misha Almira

Sacred Space Invocation as I Say It:

To the winds of the South
Great Serpent
Please come wrap your coils of light around us
And teach us how to shed our past as gently and as easily as you shed your skin
show us to move in grace on this earth
Lady of the waters, come to us from the sacred lakes, rivers and oceans
purify us, surround us, and teach us the beauty way

To the winds of the West
Mother Sister Jaguar
Please come and protect our medicine space
gobble up any negative or dark energy
And teach us how to trust our instincts, our inner knowing
teach us to walk between the worlds with a warrior’s heart
show us how to walk across the rainbow bridge and back in courage
and to live an impeccable life

To the winds of the North
Sweet sweet hummingbird, grandmothers and grandfathers
Ancient Ones, We honor you
Come down from the mountain, warm your hands by our fire, whisper to us in the wind of your mysteries.
Hummingbird, continue to guide us on our epic journey, reminding us to taste of the sweet nectar of life
to the akashic records open your knowledge to us
Help us to see our true path
Let us find strength for our own journey
Ancestors, those of you that have been here before
And those who will be here after us
Help us to align with our souls path
and let us know the joy and bliss in every moment

To the winds of the East
Great eagle, great condor
Please come down off your high mountain tops to be with us
And help us to fly wing tip to wing tip with Great Spirit
To soar, to fly, above duality, beyond right and wrong
Give us a broader perspective with a piercing focus
to go beyond limiting thoughts
take us to mountains we only dare dream of
To source to dream a new reality
Please help us expand and align with our highest destiny

Pachamama, Sweet Mother
we gather here for the healing of all of your children
we are full of gratitude for this beautiful creation and unconditionally loving womb
May we become better caretakers of your creations and causes
Thank you to all of your creation
The landscapes, the mountains, the oceans, the rivers
Thank you to the two-legged, the four-legged,
The finned, the furred, the creepy crawlers.
Thank you to the Plant People and the Stone People
Thank you to the inner connected web of life that supports and nurtures us
May all of our relations come together in the highest healing.

Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Star Nations, all of our Allies
Shine your radiant and luminescent light down on us
To remind us of our own light
to remind us of who we are
To the enlightened ones
To our guides and angels
To the One, that goes by a thousand names
But remains the unnamable one.
Remind us that we are all and we are nothing…we are every blade of grass and every butterfly
Remind us that we are ones we have been waiting for

The Archetypes


Serpent assists with:

~giving a greater awareness of our physical body

~connecting with the world, to ensure our body has basic needs

~being able to identify what is limiting us from stepping into our true potential

Jaguar assists with:

~releasing emotional trauma that we are holding inside

~healing of the physical body and being able to age more elegantly

~transformation and being reborn

~facing our own death, letting go of fear and releasing anxiety

Hummingbird assists with:

~the courage to embark on an epic journey.

~the sensing of the divine, the sacred

~learning the lessons whatever is was came to teach us.

~rather than just the symptom, healing the underlying cause,

~seeing paths that lead us back to health, and we move forwards on our healing journey.

Eagle/Condor assists with:

~in finding our guiding vision.

~understanding and seeing the interconnectedness all creation

~ realising that we are god experiencing life as ourselves

~realising of us being both individuals on our individual journeys, and at the same time all one…

~noticing the synchronicities in our realities.

~to soar above trivial ‘problems’, ‘battles’, ‘drama triangles’, to see them from new perspectives, to release our holds on them

~and to see our life story from the bigger picture


Working With the Archetypes

You will always want to open sacred space before doing any type of soul journey. It provides a safe and protected space so you can feel free to do deep healing work.

You can call on any of the directions or archetypes to assist you on your journey. Often you will feel intuitively guided to work with one in particular.

It may visit you in your dreams or show up in your life in different ways. If so, you can ask to work with it.

When you close sacred space, you can leave one direction open so you can work more with serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, or eagle/condor. When the work is done, that direction will close.

Mother Jaguar - Misha Almira

Just always be sure to connect with the animal and thank it for working with you. You can also gather objects that represent this animal and put it on an alter to help you connect more deeply with it.

You will want to close sacred space to complete each ceremony. You will close it in the same way you opened it by facing each direction with a prayer, this time thanking them and releasing them.

I hope this has been helpful.

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Misha Almira

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