What is the Point of Being a Highly Sensitive Person?!

Highly Sensitive People- Misha Almira

What is the Point of Being a Highly Sensitive Person: How to turn sensitivity into service

Carry in your heart the message of light.

Great Spirit has words through the heart that will rise above learned knowledge of the flesh. it is here…in this place that the only service ever takes place.

Action without heart remains empty of service.

How can we enliven this?

Practice ritual every day and continue to call in the energy of love.

This will enliven the essential energy to fully step into the physical manifestation of Spirit.

Many of us are sensitives and find it hard to live in a transparent/authentic way.

What do we do?

You must release what has hurt you.

You are actually stronger than you know.

You are highly sensitive to vibration and energy flow, which is only painful if you perceive it as a threat.

It is in truth meant to guide you…to inform you of where the energy is flowing, the direction of creation and the significance behind it.

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It is your assistant or an ally.

Your work is to move blocked life force and get it going in the direction of its most natural flow.

You can either direct it while it is flowing or you can unblock stagnant energy to get it moving again.

You are sensitive to vibration for a reason.

Musicians hear music, artists see color, and Sensitives feel energy. Then, we use our gifts within creation.

All of this is on purpose…by design. 

You feel energy because it is your gift.

If we judge the information as wrong, or imperfect, we step out of our destiny and it can become increasingly painful. 

This is when we can  even merge with the energy and stop the flow.

We can unknowingly absorb it, causing a backup of heaviness in our system.

It can at this point, feel like a heavy burden.

This is especially the case if we keep getting information.

This is when we can become overwhelmed.

It is essential to keep the energy flowing and in the right direction.

Keep awareness only in the act of observing energy and feeling where it wants to flow.

As Sensitives, we receive the messages, we just do not always know what to do with it.

Stay curious and explore how it feels.

We are directors not absorbers of energy. This is a very important distinction.

When the energy is allowed to flow, it can turn into a powerful force. It can feed us instead of draining us.

What is the point of being a highly sensitive person?

However, when we classify it as pain or pleasure, it is easy to become attached or to become enmeshed with it.

This can become distracting or confusing.

Energy moves and must continue to move. It is not meant to be held back or stopped.

It is important for sensitives to know their role in relationship to energy.

How do we direct it?

We can put our awareness on it and ask. Listen to your body to tell you. Feel where it wants to move.

Trust yourself.

You are already getting the messages. Now, all you have to do is pay attention to it.

Use grounding techniques to move heavy or stuck energy out of the body. Send it down into the earth for recycling.


Deep breathing can quickly get you in touch with Source energy and get energy moving in the right direction again.

Helpful Grounding Techniques

Awareness and breath can move Source through any stuck places.

Do not be afraid to feel. You are meant to feel and sense energy.

If it feels uncomfortable…recognize this as energy stopping or flowing in the opposite direction.

Use your intention and breath to reroute the direction.

You will know when it has been realigned because you are the indicator. It will feel lighter and right.




This is your gift.

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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  1. Nice article. Well..I am super sensitive. I can get in touch with informational field of others and literally bring the blockage of the past life, ancestor, early childhood to the 3D reality to face for a person. And I have symptoms of people’s diseases without knowing in my body just from chatting online. It is more now “on my will” but to be honest I am much more introvert than extrovert and what breaks my heart at times is how to connect to people in such a way that I am still myself and tell my truth. When I am truly myself …people run away because being myself means seeing things as they are and facing deepest shadows. Not many yet really want this. I can be perfectly with others with some coverage but it is simply not interesting…this is a some kind of challenge.

    1. Hi Tamara,

      This is such a beautiful share. I can relate intimately to everything you’ve said. I have felt challenged in the same way for years. Only lately has it been shifting. The result of deep shadow work has been seeing more beauty in everyone around me. However, some people will continue to run from themselves. I agree it can feel hurtful when they shut us out because of it. It is also important for us to not agree to run everyone’s stuff through our bodies. We have a choice in this matter which I did not realize for a long time. I thought in order to receive the message, I had to run it through my own nervous system. Then, I learned that this is optional. It sounds like you have a good grasp on this. Keep it up! It is so nice to meet you and share experiences. Keep shining light in the dark and radiating love!

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