Powerful Exercises to Remove Negativity

Removing Negative Energy

Powerful Exercises to Remove Negativity


Do you feel emotionally overreactive?

Are you tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get?

It is possible you are carrying around old stuck negative energy.

It is so easy to pick up negativity and store it in our bodies without even realizing it.

We can pick it up from stress at work, watching the news, or just being in public.

Have you ever been in a great mood and after being in someone else’s presence you feel a dark cloud over your head?

You might even feel a stomach ache out of the blue.

This is what can happen when you absorb someone else’s negativity.

If we continue to accumulate negativity without releasing it, it can cause ailments in our emotional, physical or energetic systems.

I had a friend that was in an extremely toxic marriage.

She was a sweet, caring and generally optimistic person.

However, she was tormented by severe migraines.

I noticed they correlated with the days that he would be in a rage or on a drinking binge.

She would absorb his negativity and had no way of releasing it. Therefore, her body developed migraines.

When they separated, her migraines were less frequent and no longer debilitating.

It is essential to clean out any negative energy that we have absorbed.

If we do not have an outlet they will just continue to build up in our system until they find a way out, which often will show up as disease.

Powerful Exercises to Remove Negativity - Misha Almira

Exercises to Remove Negativity

This can be done in the shower and I recommend doing it daily.

First, let the water flow into the top of your head and visualize the water flowing through your whole body starting at the top of your head.

See the water flowing through your spine, neck, arms, torso, hips, legs and out through the feet.

Imagine the negative sludge washing down the drain.

Next take your hand and unwind each chakra by scooping the hand into the chakra in a counter-clockwise direction (up toward the right shoulder and down) 3 times. This opens the chakra.

Then, put your hand under the water and let the energy flow down the drain.

When it feels cleansed, raise your right hand up to the water and imagine liquid light coming into your hand.

Let the water and light feed you as you wind up the chakra by circling in a clockwise direction to close it.

Do this with each chakra starting at the root and finishing with the crown.

I do this every time I take a shower.

If I’ve come in contact with a lot of negativity, I will do it more than once.

It is simple to do but powerful for cleansing.

If you prefer baths, here is a bath exercise.

You will want to have a lb of baking soda, and a lb of Sea Salt. I also like to add essential oil of Frankincense and Myrrh.

I like to open sacred space and light some candles.

You will be cleansing energies so I prefer creating a sacred setting.

You can also smudge your body before stepping into the bath if you prefer.

Start running the bath water as you slowly add the half the sea salt.

Next, slowly add half the baking soda. Let them mix together.

Check the temperature of the water before adding the last of the sea salt and baking soda.

Before you get in, add 5-10 drops of each oil.

As you step into the water imagine the water as a shimmering Divine Liquid Light.

Let it cover your feet, then slowly lower into the bath as it rises to cover each body part.

Finally, submerge your torso, arms, neck, and your head.

Make sure your whole body goes under the water.

Let the water cleanse away all the old, heavy, toxic energy, while it transforms it into light.

Take a deep inhale to the count of 4. Then, hold it in for 4 counts

Release your breath slowly to the count of 4. Then, suspend the exhale for 4 counts.

Do this 10 times. This will naturally slow your breathing, and calm your nervous system.

Allow your breathing to go back to normal as you enjoy the way you feel.

Imagine the liquid light filling your body with Divine Love and vital energy.

When you are ready, drain the water and KNOW that the old negative energy has drained out of your body and been transformed completely.

You will probably notice the shift in energy right away when you put your head under the water.

It is incredibly powerful.

You can reset once a week with a longer bath. If you feel heavy with toxicity, you can do it as often as you wish.

It is a good practice to have to keep your energy clean.

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