I help women break free from toxic relationships, and finally move on.

You’ve done the shadow work, chakra work, kundalini activations, light code activations, endless meditations, clearings, and have already experienced expansive awakenings.

Yet, here you are.

You are stuck in the muck of old addictive patterns…feeling like you’re going backwards.

You can’t stop eating junk, conversations with family leave you feeling guilty, you can’t seem to move on from past lovers, you find yourself reaching for the credit card to go shopping, you’re reaching for alcohol more than you should.

The game has changed recently.

We are being called to get deep into the bowels of the shadows, but not like you think.

Forget what you’ve known.

Forget the light and feel goods.

We are here to shift in a big way, but it starts in our body.

The Dark Goddess is in charge now.

You’re waking up…like it or not.

As we navigate the world being turned upside down around us…

You’re looking for answers…

For amnesia to be lifted…

For certainty…

For guidance…

And, to get out of anxiety & overwhelm.

Hi, my name is Misha Almira. I am known as The Royal Starseed. I am an Activator.

I am a spiritual mentor and healer to advanced souls, truth-seekers, empaths, starseeds.

There is a reason you are sensitive, but it doesn’t have to be a limitation any longer.

I help women finally break free from toxic BS, with people, food, body image, to fully activate the power they have come here to embody.

I have seen many women shift and it is indescribable to witness them finally accessing their innate superpowers and turbocharge manifestation like never before.

It has always been my dream to serve others in awakening, and now I’m living it.

But, I’ll tell you this…my life has not always looked this way.

I lived in constant fear, for many years.

You see, I was in a toxic relationship…with myself.

I lived with a bully, 24/7.

It sabotaged my life, and tore me down.

I was drained, overwhelmed, and exhausted. 

I chose to put everyone above me and still, I was never good enough… for my own inner critic.

My whole world reflected this bully back to me to the point of being unbearable.

I blamed it on other people and situations, constantly running away.

I was so tired, but kept pushing, until my body just shut down.

I got very sick and couldn’t get out of bed, burdened with heavy energy, and wondering if I would ever be able to leave the house again…and no longer even wanting to.

An avalanche of grief came crashing down around me. 

My lungs filled to the point that I physically couldn’t breathe. 

There was no way to ignore it any longer.

I couldn’t even stand long enough to make food for myself, much less work or hustle.

Here I was…

I had made it known that I was a healer and transformation coach.

But, I was the one who was sick, unable to earn money, behind on bills and had no will left. 

How could I possibly help anyone else?

My belief was being shaken. 

I felt like I had gone back to sleep.

After several huge awakenings, this was terrifying.

I even found myself asking what was good and what was evil?

The very basis of what I did was being torn down.

I no longer knew what to trust.

I knew Shamans were tested with initiations, but I didn’t know if I was going to survive this one with my soul intact.

I questioned if I was cursed. Had I already sold my soul unconsciously, somehow? 

This felt like hell.

I tried all I knew to do, but it wasn’t working this time. 

I needed help. I couldn’t do it on my own.

I reached out to angel healers, mentors, and Shamans.

I signed up to alchemy, kundalini yoga, temple dance, chi gung, and coaching courses. 

I layered multiple courses, trying to pull myself out. 

I was willing to try anything. I was meditating 3 hours a day and doing hypnosis. 

I was logging into meetings, and doing nightly ceremonies. 

I chanted, I prayed, I did cleansing baths, I danced, I tuned into quantum energy.

I put every penny back into investing in my healing and practices.

I fasted, cleansed, and purged like I’ve never done in my life. 

I exorcized demons, released attachments, purged out parasites, and banished all that was lurking.

Spirit said, “dig deeper.”

“I can’t,” I cried.

BUT, I did. I dove deep into the dark crevices of my psyche, addictions and underworld.

Then, I started bringing that light down into my body, over and over again.

I spent time inside the most uncomfortable places of pain, not moving until it shifted.

I wasn’t stopping. I was determined to heal…and that is exactly what I did. 

If someone had told me all that I was going to go through just so I could live to tell the tale, I would have said, “nope, no thank you.”

I never would have believed that I would hear people saying, “you have saved my life.”

Today, I am working with the most beautiful people and seeing them perform miracles on a daily basis. 

I went through a lot of heartache, pain, and falling down, just to get back up and start over again.

Along the way something started happening…self forgiveness and self love began taking the place of guilt and shame. 

We often don’t realize that the inner critic is the worst bully of them all.

I wasn’t able to just get there by telling myself over and over that I loved myself. 

I also learned exactly what didn’t work.

My wish is that I did all of this, so you don’t have to waste time on what doesn’t work. 

So after many sacred ceremonies, hours of zoom meetings, and endless meditations, I am here to share my wisdom with you today.

It’s time for you to learn the tools needed to put an end to all that has kept you bound and limited, so you can finally step into ultimate power.

It is time for you to experience more success, joy, and happiness.

I want this for you, and so much more – AND it all starts with a Primordial Shift.

  • Learn exact steps to banish the hidden blocks that are keeping you bound and imprisoned.
  • Develop your psychic skills, and go through the same Primordial Shift I did, to fully awaken your Sovereignty.
  • Radiate love, success, happiness, and abundance.
  • Imagine how your life would change if you finally had the right tools to master your energy in any situation and the capacity to heal yourself permanently

Primordial Shift Method

Step 1: A new neurohack that will automatically get the brain out of shutdown creating an estimated increase in productivity by 50%, getting you back into your juicy Creativity, Flow, and Leisure. 

Step 2: A key to igniting transmitters for getting out of creative block and into prolific bliss. Depressed to Euphoria

Step 3: Ancient technology transmission to initiate a deep cellular reset so even when everyone and everything around me is in utter chaos, you remain calm, peaceful, and powerful.

There is something inside, screaming to come out. It is so intense it reverberates through your bones with it’s energy. You have tried to tame it, but it won’t be held back any longer.

You are being called to pioneer a shift and to do this, you must release your dark side.

You get strong glimpses of this power, but still feel like something elusive is holding you back, from the dark crevices where unconscious fear is holding you hostage.

This is EXACTLY what we are going to eradicate in this 8 week intensive.

Each week we will meet for 60-90 minutes via phone.


Primordial Shift Method

Primordial Shift Method


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