How To Be Prosperous: A Different Approach

Wish you could have so much money, you don’t have to worry about it at all?
Ever met someone that just seemed at ease and carefree all the time? They are the ones that always offer to pick up the tab and don’t even blink an eye about it?

How did they get so lucky? Is it because they got a college degree? Does their husband have a great job? What about those kids in school that had everything and always seemed to have luck? What was their story?

Is the deciding factor how much money they have? What about the Billionaire that loses everything only to gain it back within a few years?


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Founder of Keurig Green Mountain Bob Stiller made a fortune selling coffee and K-cups, making him a billionaire in 2011.
His spending caught up with him: In 2012 he sold 5 million shares to pay off money he borrowed against his stock. Price gains made him a billionaire once more.
Hikari Tsushin made and lost $39 billion in four months during the dot-com craze of 2000. He returned as a billionaire in 2005.

Oprah came from a poor background and suffered repeated sexual abuse starting at the age of nine.

She had incredible obstacles to overcome and yet she always knew who she was. Oprah is a Billionaire today.
What is the difference in someone that is prosperous regardless of life versus the person that can never seem to get ahead no matter how many great opportunities they are given?
It is ultimately our feeling about ourselves that determines our level of prosperity. How deserving do we feel? Do we consider ourselves an average person that gets just gets by? Do our finances and quality of life reflect this?
Do we secretly think of ourselves as not as good as our coworkers? Are we constantly telling ourselves the story that the only reason we didn’t get that promotion is because we are not willing to kiss the bosses ass?
Perhaps, we really feel so afraid to fail that we don’t even try? We have already decided that because of our past experiences, we are deserving enough to get ahead…not really. We may feel like no matter how hard we try someone will always surpass us.
The best way to see how we deserving we really feel is to look at our life and financial situation. Do we feel deeply prosperous and so lucky to have our life? Do we dread another day? Are we desperate to escape?
When we start Being Prosperous inside, we will have a prosperous life. Where do you feel lacking inside? Have you been judging your talents as not enough? Do you feel like you haven’t done enough?
Have you been blaming yourself for the way your life turned out or how you hurt others? Have you been carrying regrets about the choices you did or didn’t make?
These will all be reflected back to you in your life, like it or not. Start to notice what your outside world looks like and what you are focused on.
Are you seeing others as clueless, jerks, inadequate? Take it inside. Where are you not appreciating you? Where do you not feel prosperous?
Sometimes, all it takes is a little conscious self-nurturing. If we are abandoning ourselves on a regular basis, our world will do the same. When we feel connected to ourselves and are fully present with us, our world will suddenly become abundant, loving, and full.
Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Start by letting your awareness go to your feet. Breathe into your feet becoming fully present. Picture roots growing out from the bottom of your feet reaching deep into the earth’s core.
Then, move into your ankles, breathing your full awareness into them, noticing any areas that might feel uncomfortable. Bring more awareness into the areas of discomfort.
Do this with each body part and organ. Notice which areas of your body call to you for more attention. Treat it like a child in need of love or a pet that needs your attention. Give to each part of you.
Continue this until you reach the top of your head, remember to go into all the organs and muscles.
Then, let your awareness go into your aura and energetic field, sensing what needs your loving attention. Follow it out a few inches from the body, then a few feet, then miles if needed.
Wrap yourself in a pink bubble of love and compassion. Rest in it for as long as you need. Let it cradle you. You are deserving. Invite Prosperity into your energy…into your life…just like you would invite a friend into your home for dinner.
When you are ready, gently come back to the room you are in, wiggling your toes and fingers. Invite your energy fully back into your body. Open your eyes. Feel the roots reaching from the soles of your feet, fully grounding you into the Earth’s core.
Continue to develop a relationship with your new friend Prosperity. Let it teach you how to Be Prosperous. Let it bring new opportunities to you throughout your day. Excitedly anticipate all the ways you can experience Being Prosperous.
Then, ask yourself, “How good can it get?” Let this be your mantra this week.

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