What I Saw About the Upperworld & Underworld During Ayahuasca

What I Saw About Upperworld & Underworld in Ayahuasca - Misha Almira

What I Saw About the Upperworld & Underworld During Ayahuasca

These are not just terms from Science Fiction Movies or Books. These are actual dimensions of existence.

They are distinct in frequency. The Underworld is dense, and dark while the Upperworld is full of light.

In traveling to these realms, I realized an important point.

I recently read Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander III M.D. and was surprised at what I read. It is a truly fascinating story.

His NDE was so similar to my experiences on Ayahuasca but the interesting part is that his brain was completely dead…no brain function whatsoever.

It has been argued that NDE’s are caused from the brain projecting hallucinations during the death process.

The idea of the spirit traveling to other dimensions is debunked entirely. If anything proves this theory wrong it is this book.

Underworld & Upperworld

In Dr. Alexander’s experience while being in a coma for 7 days, he describes being in a dark place with a dark drumming sound or metal on metal.

Then, he goes on to describe more details of grotesque images.

It resonated with the Hell realm I was taken into during the Ayahuasca ceremony.

The sound he describes gave me chills as this was one of the aspects that really stood out for me. I could often hear the sound before I was taken down.

I got the distinct impression I was being shown the dark and the light parts to get the full taste of what actually exists in the spirit world. I was being taught through immersion.

He speaks of this also.

He is then taken to an upperworld or Heaven realm.

Through the whole of his experience he is taken from one to the other multiple times as was I.

Then, he comes to the same realization I got which was that my thoughts were causing the direction I went.

There is a difference between revealing truth by shedding light into the darkness versus focusing on negative thoughts which take us down into the darkness of lower realms.

We can experience darkness without lowering our vibration which brings the shadow parts into the light for transformation.

I have had two distinct experiences around this.

Every Thought Matters

While in the experience of Ayahuasca, I quickly became aware that my thoughts meant life or death.

Negative or lower vibratory thoughts took me into darkness and death.

Higher thoughts of love and compassion would start taking me up into lighter realms and feelings.

I clung to my thoughts of love with desperation at times, clawing my way out of hell.

He was slightly more detached because he had forgotten his identity, but he could still recognize the discomfort of the underworld.

He also noticed the correlation between his thoughts and what dimension it took him to.

How our thoughts affect our lives

When I got back from Peru, I was still very much in the spirit world.

I was back in my normal like but with a heightened awareness of other dimensions.

I could see clearly that my thoughts took me in a direction in every single moment.

Even if we are not aware of this happening, our thoughts dictate our world.

If we are focused on negative/lower vibration thoughts of judgment, criticism, doubt, anger, or fear, we are in a lower dimension.

If we sustain higher vibration thoughts of love, compassion, and gratitude we can reveal darkness without being consumed by it.

If we continue to focus on lower vibration thoughts of fear, anger, doubt, worry, etc…, we will become a part of the darkness.

We are matching a frequency of hell/underworld. It sounds severe and if I’d not experienced it for myself, I’d think it sounds a bit dramatic.

However, I saw it happening repeatedly. Then, I could see it happening with other people around me.

It is so subtle that we don’t even realize it but we are creating heaven or hell in every single moment of our lives.

How many times have you heard or read about bringing heaven to earth?

Before this experience, I thought I knew what that meant.

I thought it was a spiritual movement of individuals working together until a higher level of peace was created on our planet.

I thought we would all reach a higher vibration together and the Earth would shift.

Now, I see that the power is instant. It is Here. It is Now. It is up to each one of us which one we want to experience right now.

Free Will

We all have free will.

No matter what race, gender, age, or class we are, we all have the power to create heaven on earth for ourselves right now.

We also have the power to create hell on earth for ourselves right now.

No matter what our coworker, neighbor, enemy, or friends are doing, it is up to us to create it right now. No one else can do it for us.

It is insignificant if someone agrees with your sexual, political, or religious preference.

We all still have to make a choice of heaven or hell for ourselves in every single moment.

What do YOU want to focus on right now? Is that road rage really worth it?

How about focusing on your beautiful children, pets, loving parents, etc…

How about being grateful that you are breathing in fresh air right now?

When we all choose to focus on what matters, we will know we are loved.

We will know Heaven. Here. Now.

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Misha Almira

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  1. I’m interested in the hell heaven moral binary. Wonder if this is a universal psychedelic experience or if culture effects this way of thinking. I agree with your conclusions from palpable experience of both extremes myself, but realize saying and experiencing are two different things and navigating an authentic path that also feels sustainable sometimes feel more like a walk through hell than anything

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this, Will! You definitely raised some good points on the subject. I also have wondered about cultural influences.

      1. What makes the entering into the spirit world via Ayahuasca, is that particular point. There seems to be very LITTLE cultural aspect. Many adventurers meet THE SAME beings, whatever their culture. That, to me, proves that the beings exist before the experience is taken. The description my son gave to me of The Mother he met and her teachings to him, are very similar to other people’s experiences. He is a new atheist, so HE puts it down to chemicals doing it to him/his brain, rather than anything spiritual. Aaaargh! The barrenness of THAT way of thinking. The consciousness of this planet works with opposites. Heaven/hell, good/evil, light/dark. love/hate and all the rest. That is just the way things work here. WE didn’t make it that way. It IS.

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