Secrets Revealed About Weight Gain & Obesity

Secrets Revealed About Weight Gain & Obesity

Secrets Revealed About Weight Gain & Obesity

Have You Been Overweight For a While?

Is There a Certain Weight You Come Back to No Matter What You Do?

Do You Keep Losing & Gaining The Same Pounds Over & Over?

The only true way to release excess weight for good is to discover the need that is causing the extra weight.

What is the root that is causing all of it?

Otherwise, you will continue to sabotage your efforts.

This is what makes the “calorie game” null and void.

I did all the right actions and yet I’d still come back to the same exact weight on the scale.

The question you want to start with is, “why do I need this weight?”

When we experience suffering, there is usually a need that is not being met. If we can identify the need and fill it, we can eliminate the suffering around it.

There are normally 3 key reasons for holding excess weight.

1. Need for Emotional Protection

We subconsciously put layers of armor around us for protection. We do not want to feel hurt. We do not want to feel at all. We feel safe behind our layers. If we have enough padding, no one will be able to get to us. Unfortunately, we usually end up feeling more isolated and alone. We continually turn to food to add more layers but do not ever truly feel safe. It is just a temporary fix.

2. Chronic Self-DenialĀ 

We are denying the self of who we truly are. There is a disconnection with our desires. We feel like we don’t deserve anything good. Our body becomes an out picturing of this denial. We deny ourselves food we truly crave or we binge to try to fill ourselves. We are trying to fill the need of deeply connecting with our Self. When we deny ourselves of this or food we end up starving on many levels.

3. Not Wanting to Fully Inhabit Our Body

Many of us choose to partially leave our bodies when we experience trauma. Often this happens in childhood. We don’t even realize we are walking around in an ungrounded state. Those of us that are more sensitive are even more prone to leaving our body. We are afraid if we fully ground in our body or fully inhabit it, the pain will be unbearable.

What we don’t realize is that being ungrounded can actually be causing our bodies to put on weight.

I’ve heard numerous stories of Spiritual Healers putting on extra weight when doing healings and not remembering to release and ground the energy.

This was an issue with Theta Healers because they were shifting to Theta vibration and not fully grounded back into the Earth energy.

The body was auto-correcting to help them stay fully grounded. The body will collect weight in the lower body to keep us weighted down.

The healers noticed when they started focusing on remaining grounded, they dropped the weight.

Even though, we fear feeling more pain by being completely in our body, the opposite is true. In my experience, the more grounded I am, the less suffering I go through.

The energy has something to anchor to and can release more easily. I also have less clumsy accidents.

If you notice you are bumping into furniture, dropping dishes, or bumping your head, this might be your indication to get more grounded.

What Are You Asking For?

Finding out the reason you need the weight will help you to release the thoughts that are holding you in the vibrational match to the excess weight.

As long as you are the exact vibrational match to the weight, you will continually draw it to you.

If you are continually fighting against the weight that you currently are, you are more than likely obsessively thinking about it.

Whatever you are thinking about the most is what you are inviting to come to you. Whatever you focus on grows.
If you don’t believe me, try it.

Pick a thought and focus on it. You will start to see that thought coming to life all around you.

This is why it is important to release the resistance to the weight you are. It is important to start looking for every reason you can find to fall in love with yourself.

Falling In Love With You

I’m sure you remember falling in love. All you could see were good attributes about the person.

Even when they did something that would ordinarily let you down, you were blind to it.

In this same way, you must fall in love with you. Focus on only the good. Actively seek the positive about yourself.

Focus on what you believe. This is about truthfully finding the positive qualities about you.
Start small if that helps.

Eventually, this will become a habit. You will notice more self love each time you practice this.

Write down 3 things right now. Each day you can add to the list. Then read it before going to bed.

Trust me, when I say it will get easier and more fulfilling. One day you WILL love yourself.

Then, your body will begin changing naturally. Your desires will begin to change. Your needs will get met.

Do the work because you owe this to yourself. This is what you have been seeking your whole life.

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