Self Sabotage and Subconscious Mind


Self-Sabotage and Subconscious Mind


The main cause of self-sabotage is the loss of self-esteem, directly related to trust in our abilities.

In other words, when we distrust what we can accomplish, our mind does its best to bring in a different direction.

People often live a life resigned to the vagaries of fate and feel they have little control.

Everybody has experienced ups and downs in life and developed individual strengths and weaknesses as a result of the same.

The mental conditioning makes someone going through a stage of self-sabotage, unconsciously repelling success.

Changing behavior patterns and paradigms in order to overcome this conditioning, is not easy.

Self-Sabotage is a Complex Human Mental Process.

Human beings can live in a permanent state of self-denial instead of self-acceptance and thus generate problems in all the areas of living.

Self-sabotage is rooted in ignorance and serves to disconnect you from the true needs and desires.

Somehow there is a need surreptitious or hidden and serves a greater benefit in forming a conscious which motivates the mind positively.

As in Maslow’s Law it is necessary for the immediate survival needs to be satisfied for needs to move on to higher levels.

Self-sabotage is powered by an automatic program stored in the subconscious mind in which there can be no conscious control…for most.

The self-sabotaging program is based on a firm foundation of seemingly negative memories of early life perceptions of the mind which tend to distort the perception of the self as a negative personality which is full of inadequacies.

The person feels unlovable, undesirable, a loser or a failure instead of being attractive, dignified, and intelligent.

The only way to get rid of these subconscious manipulations of the mind is by erasing negative memories once and for all at the level of the subconscious mind.

Lucky for us, there is hope.

Negative Memories

Negative past memories serve to act as negative triggers and emotion generators.

This negativity rising up into the conscious mind distorts the free will and launches into a self-destructive journey that makes the individual feel unable to do anything about these feelings.

It is only after an act is committed the realization dawns that he has been involved in something undesirable and destructive.

Many tend to punish themselves for what has happened, but it really does not make much sense because they had no real control over what happened.

Another way of saying this is that the subconscious programming acts just as a master puppeteer acts constantly behind the scenes pulling the strings and influences the mind into a false perception that everything is under control when in reality it is not.

Self Delusion

Self-delusion is a mind game. It is in full force when you are looking for an immediate solution to a conflict or a way to resolve a painful situation.

For example, if during childhood the idea that being rich means to be envied, every time the individual faces a possibility to extend his heritage, he feels threatened.

He goes into a self-destructive spiral, creating debts, buying beyond their means to feel rich, as he feels frightened to face poverty.

It is not easy to notice that treason begins in the self and realize acts which are self-sabotaging.

In self-delusion everything seems perfect. We feel that time will heal and there will be magical solutions to our problems over time, the pain of loss will pass; we will feel as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, only when we become aware of our mistakes can we stop being victims of or acts.

It is our self-image that generates feelings and thoughts within. We try to identify and refuse to look at our gloomy side of a situation realistically.

However, one thing is certain: we tend to ignore our dark side which is nurtured silently and deteriorates the will power.

If left ignored, it has the power to destroy a person from the inside out. Therefore, it is our self-image that dictates our destiny.

Beliefs Affect the Outcome of a Medical Treatment

The conscious mind is creative, which can avert the “positive thoughts” and the subconscious mind is strictly mechanical, repetitive and the vital signs are a stimulus-response reaction.

You can repeat again and again the positive affirmation that you’re lovely or that your cancer will go, but if a child is told again and again that you’re useless and you’re going to die of cancer, these messages subconsciously undermine their best efforts.

The subconscious programming auto sabotages you.

Cellular functions are derived directly from the change in their protein gears.

The movement generated by the groups of proteins is responsible for the physiological functions of a person’s life.

Although the structural proteins are hardware, additional signals from the environment are needed to trigger movement.

The interface between environmental signals and cytoplasmic proteins trigger the responses in the cell membrane.

The membrane receives stimuli and triggers the appropriate vital answers. Thus, the cell membrane acts as the brain of the cell.

Consequently, in a cellular community, each individual cell must obey authority informed decisions perceived through the brain of the cell.

The evolution of the limbic system resulted in the emergence of a single mechanism that made communication through chemical signals in sensations that each and every cell of the community could experience.

Our conscious mind experiences these signs as emotions.

In refined experiments it has been shown that the mind is not located in the head, but distributed throughout the body in formula signal molecules, and emotions are not only derived from a bodily response to environmental information, but through a process of self-consciousness, the mind can use the brain to generate molecules of emotion and release into the system.

The subconscious mind can observe and program behavior, evaluate and decide. If we are aware of our limiting beliefs, we can work with the subconscious mind to reprogram the self-defeating beliefs.

In as little as 21 days, these beliefs can be rewritten.

With the proper tools, the conscious mind can overrule the subconscious mind and there is nothing to fear.

The subconscious believes what it hears as factual. It sends signals to the body according to what it has heard the most and at the deepest level.

With this knowledge, we know that we can erase old beliefs and turn our life around to get results we desire.

We can start to notice changes very subtly and quickly.

We have two choices, let the subconscious rule us while remaining unaware, or harness the power of the mind to directly focus our lives in a positive way.

It is not important to believe in the process, only to stay open to the possibilities.


My Experience With Self Sabotage

Self Acceptance Hypnosis

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  1. Thank you that was a really interesting and thought provoking piece. I would be interested to see how that would work without therapy. All the best with your work.

  2. Misha,
    Good article, I believe we could have a riveting conversation regarding the sub and unconscious mind, entwined with quantum mechanics on how to change behavior consciously. The offset would be changing the thought patterns and creating neuronet pathways in the brain, thereby altering the projected view into a positive action, verse unconscious reaction.
    Thanks for a good read!

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