Shamanic Healing With Misha

Do you feel like life is meant to be magical and fun?
Do you long for when you looked at the world with a sense of fascination and awe?
You may feel like you’ve tried everything and yet can’t seem to make a change. Life isn’t enjoyable like it once was, but you have given up hope. Let’s talk about maps. We all have a destiny and a map to get there.

Problem is, we can get knocked off track by traumatic events that put us on a whole different map. This can leave us feeling lost to self. We can remember who we once were, but that can feel miles away. This can feel terrifying. I know. We feel like we are following the map, but not getting where we want to be. Sound familiar?

You are not alone. It isn’t your fault. There are no challenges that happen to us without a chance to rise beyond. 

Our stories, whether true or false, shape our lives. Often we are not even aware of the stories that are unconsciously running our lives

Meanwhile, you’re stuck and not sure how to get back.

This is where we can work together to uncover the old blueprint or map. We cannot get where we ultimately want to end up, if we have a map leading us to another destination.

This work gives us a chance to change to a new one that is leading us back to your original Destiny. How good can your relationships, career, and life get? Let’s find out. 

Shamanic Healing

The healing arts of Andean shamanism create a space beyond the mind, outside of time and space. It is a space of infinite possibilities and of divine love, where miracles come from.

The Shaman, as a mediator of energy, can see into the spirit realm and walk between the two worlds of physical and nonphysical. Since most of our traumas are stored in the unseen underworld, the shamanic healer is able to work with hidden trauma/energy blocks, so the complete release of limitations can happen naturally.

About Misha  

Misha Almira, Mentor, Modern Shaman, and Sacred Dancer.

These are the Archetype Levels I help you with:
Serpent– This is the Physical Realm-Serpent needs basic needs like food, shelter/security, safety.
Serpent is also about taking physical action in the world. I will help you with not only improving your physical health but also financial wealth which takes care of security and safety at the Serpent Level.
When your needs are not met at this level, it can show up as physical issues, money issues, Anxiety, P.T.S.D, Hypervigilence
Jaguar-This is the Emotional Realm-Jaguar feels everything energetically. Jaguar is also a great tracker and mulcher of heavy dark energies. This is especially helpful for Empaths/Sensitives.
I will help you be able to manage your own energy and energy of others so you do not absorb everything around you.
We will work with energy protection, upgrades and essential practices to be able to show up in your full authentic power without needing to hide from the world.
This also helps get balance around self care. When your needs are not met at this level, it can show up as burnout, lethargy, depression, feeling drained, inability to give or receive. 
Hummingbird-This is the Soul Realm- Hummingbird travels on an epic journey of Destiny. This is where we will work with finding your genius, and get fully aligned with your heart’s true passion.
We all have a unique message we are meant to share and a tribe waiting for us to share it. This is where you will be able to bring everything you do to life. 
We will work with any trauma or blocks that are keeping you from your Destiny. Once these are removed, and you are able to start truly being authentically you, everything you need starts to show up.
When your needs are not met at this level it can show up as self sabotage, unfulfilled work, stress, dread, lack of life energy, feeling stuck and unable to move on.
Eagle-This is the Spiritual Realm- Eagle rises above right and wrong and soars at the level of Co-Creator.  This is where we will work with upgrades that take you to a whole other level of living.
We will go beyond just you and tap into Absolute potential of the human life. This is where the mind cannot travel and your expectations of ‘What Is are blown out of the water. This is where you get to see what you are ACTUALLY capable of.
We will work on erasing the limiting programming and rewiring the mind, body, emotions, and soul to function from a place of Infinite Power that is self sourced.
When your needs are not met at Eagle, it can show up as a deep yearning for more, loneliness, fear of abandonment, inability to find satisfaction anywhere, feeling deeply called to higher purpose but not being able to access it.
When we have moved through all 4 levels we tap into our innate potential,  to reach financial stability, health, transformation, and ultimately a sustainable level of personal freedom.

Shamanic & Other Tools:

  • Limpias
  • Entity removal
  • Spirit Attachment removal
  • Cord cutting
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Contract/Curse removal
  • Light Codes activation
  • Death Rites
  • Pranic breathwork
  • Womb clearing and activation
  • Sacred sexual energy activation
  • Illumination
  • Underworld/Upperworld Journeying 

**Sessions may contain some but not necessarily all of these tools

Here’s how it works… 

I work with you one-on-one via phone or Zoom to:

  • Identify areas of your life that may be keeping you stuck…clear blocks around money, love, happiness 
  • Work with multiple levels, physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and mental for a complete transformation approach.
  • Help you with clear techniques to attain instant manifestation.
  • Help you reignite your passion for life.
  • Show you how to tap into deeper wisdom.
  • Help you come into an authentic alignment with your destiny.
The session is gentle, nonintrusive and can be very relaxing. You are asked to breath, relax and be open. That’s it.
These are a few of the comments I hear most often. Clients tell me they feeling lighter, blissful, tingling, happy, raw, open, clear, and freer. They will often say they cannot believe how different they feel, in a good way. 
Every session and client varies and it is most effective to come to the session with low or no expectations. It allows the medicine to go deep, when we can really relax and let go. 

Shamanic Healing

Are You Ready for the

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