So You’re an Empath, Now What?

Clearing & Grounding for Empaths

So You’re an Empath, Now What?

Empaths are given reign over the energetic fields. At first, this can feel like a burden.

They know they are different than others and this can lead to alienation.

But, it doesn’t have to.

They have a gift of feeling into what others are feeling.

This can be an avenue to deep connection, if used correctly…harnessed if you will.

It can be a Great service to others, including the Empath herself.

It can result in UNION of spirit.

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Empaths Are Master Seers & Manifesters

Empaths can move matter very easily once they learn to work with their sensitivities.

They can become Seers of past and future by simply tapping into the realms beyond matter.

They can sense what energy will do before it comes into form. Then, they can alter matter by changing it’s energy in the past or future before it happens in this NOW.

Sound fun?

In this way, Empaths can use their gifts to become masters at manifesting, if they choose.

Like any skill, it must be practiced, refined, and mastered.

Even if they are naturals, the skills need to be worked with.

The good news is this does not have to be hard. It can actually be quite fulfilling.

Identifying & Discerning Energy

As Empaths already feel everything energetically (whether they want to or not), they can learn to identify the source of the energy.

They can learn to discern when and where to engage or not.

One of the first lessons is to be able to identify between their energy outflow and energy inflow.

Is this energy “theirs” or “someone else’s”?

This is crucial for Empaths. If they take on all the energy from our environment and own it as their own, it is easy to move into judgment and quickly become drained.

When they can determine that heavy energy is coming from someone else, they can learn to clear it rather quickly and easily.

This will keep their own energy field pure, allowing for more flow.

A clean energy field is a must for an Empath to remain strong and empowered.

So You're an Empath, Now What?

Clearing & Grounding For Empaths


Water for Recharging

Empaths can pick up signals from the environment, other people and the collective consciousness.

It can become overwhelming to receive too much too fast. This is the reason Empaths avoid crowds.

Many Empaths crave water in many forms; rain, rivers, oceans, baths, and drinking water. This is because water is a great ally for clearing, resetting, and recharging.

Even running water in a sink can relieve overwhelm. Take a few seconds to run water over your hands and see how it feels.

It is important for Empaths to be fluid like water, allowing a current to flow through.

Connecting to Source

When Empaths connect to Source, they become the conduit for great change, transforming heavy energy into light.

They can alter negativity into the highest love, when they learn to consistently ground their own energetic field.

This is a constant practice. It does not happen just once.

They are among the highest lightworkers when they realize the burden of sensitivity is actually a purpose, a gift of a Healer.

Empaths Are Gifted in Connecting With The Subtle

Empaths do not need to learn how to sense the subtle levels of spirit realms. They already know what is flowing, what is blocked, light or dark.

They just need to tune into intuition to know what to do with it.

Often this is an easy questioning process.

Fear or heavy emotions can merely be showing us an area that needs light.

When we feel fear, shame, panic, anxiety, doom or heavy emotions, we can bring light into these areas.

We can intend to connect with Source and bring light into the fear etc.

It can be simple for Empaths.

Isn’t it time for more simplicity, gentleness, and softness?

Stay tuned for more advanced information on how to fine tune your Empathic Gifts.

Thank you for reading.

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