Sorcerers, Spirits, Psychic Attacks, & Curses

Sorcerers, Spirits, Psychic Attacks, & Curses

Sorcerers,  Spirits, Psychic Attacks & Curses

I first heard of Brujos/Sorcerers while reading The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda.

I questioned, as many do, the actual reality of them. I still read about them as if it was just part of a fiction story. At the time, I actually thought it was.

For years, I remained oblivious. Then, I started having experiences that planted seeds, but it would be a while before I actually came face to face with them.

Do spirits exist? How do we know the difference between a loving teaching spirit or a malevolent spirit? Do Brujos/Sorcerers all fall into the malevolent category?

In 1999, I was living at a meditation center in North Carolina. I was meditating about 10 hours a day.

One day, I had a vision (waking dream) of a large serpent.

It had a head larger than mine and it was raised to eye level with me.

I was standing on a pier. It looked me dead in the eyes as if to mesmerize me with its intensity.

Then, it grabbed my shoulder with its mouth and held me. When I realized I could not move, my awareness immediately went into the serpent.

I felt what the serpent was feeling which was no preference at all. It was just consciousness moving. It was not good or evil. It was neutral.

It had nothing relatable to human feelings. It just moved with creation. It was going to consume me but there was no malintent. It was just being.

I was the hunter and the hunted simultaneously. I was being given a gift of understanding and it was so beyond my comprehension. It moved me as I experienced being One with it.

Previously, I’d been frightened of snakes. I thought they were full of anger and violence. I thought they just wanted to hurt us. Now, I could see the truth. The question I had was were they all evil?

It felt like a teacher that was giving me a gift of knowledge. I remember wondering if there were Sorcerers that took animal forms in the service of good?

This definitely felt real to me and like it was a teacher coming through the serpent. I did not feel threatened by the serpent even when it was going to take my life.


In 2000, I lived in a house that was rumored to be haunted by spirits. I’d seen several beings that I would describe as shadow beings.

They were about 3 feet tall and made of a dark mist. It was a dark mist or cloud. They would move across the room. I saw them travel through walls but they seemed indifferent to me.

Once, I was in the bathroom and I saw one cross from the door to the opposite wall.

It just crossed right in front of me without stopping. It passed through the door and the wall.

I was aware of the activity in the house, but up to that point I’d not felt threatened.

Then, one night, I felt the presence of a spirit in my room. It was different than the shadow beings.

It was paying close attention to me and was definitely not indifferent. It wanted something from me.

I don’t know how, but I knew it wanted to get inside my body.

It was trying to enter through my abdomen. It was very persistent and felt unfriendly.

I got the intuition that I’d left myself open and it sensed a chance to come in. It felt like it wanted to possess me.

I was frightened. All I knew to do was be very clear with it and let it know I did not want it inside me.

It kept trying. I burned Sandalwood and let it know it was not welcomed.

Eventually, it went away. This felt more like a psychic attack, but I was still not even aware of these at the time. I got the experience of nonthreatening spirits and a threatening spirit in the same house.

This left me with a certainty that there are spirits and they do not all fall into the same category. They most definitely have their own intentions and agendas.

Were they ghosts of individuals that had passed? If so, why would a ghost want to enter my body?

In describing his teacher, don Juan used the word “diablero“. Later I learned that diablero is a term used only by the Sonoran Indians.
It refers to an evil person who practices black sorcery and is capable of transforming himself into an animal – a bird, a dog, a coyote, or any other creature.” – Carlos Castaneda


Years later in 2001, I had an experience that I described as being hunted. My dreams consisted of being hunted by wolves night after night.

I also had the impression there was a female sorcerer of some kind and she was directing the animals. She was the one hunting me but I never saw her.

I had forgotten all about the Teachings of Don Juan and made no connection with the dreams at the time. This lasted about 3 months.


In 2009, I decided I wanted to find out what my main power animal was. I’d started entertaining the idea of working with a Shaman Healer. I had not found one yet but started reading about it.

I read that you could invite a power animal to come to you in your dreams and ask it to teach you its powers. I decided I wanted to give it a try.

I immediately had a dream where a mountain lion came to me and it was circling me. I felt like I was being hunted and I body slammed it to the ground without thinking.

When I woke up, I felt so sad. Had I betrayed my power animal? Did it really want to eat me? It took many years to understand what had happened.

Then, in 2010, I began mentoring with a Shamanic Healer. I had worked with her as my healer for over a year.

A few weeks after making the full commitment to this path of the mentoring training, I had a dream that seemed unusually real.

There was a man outside my window, but this man had the head of a Crow.

His eyes were black and his nose was the beak of a Crow. He was coming for me and I knew it meant death. His piercing eyes reached inside me and touched a terror I’d not known up to that point.

He was outside the window beside my bed and I knew he was coming in. There was nothing that could stop him. Just as he began tearing the window apart, I woke up whimpering.

My boyfriend heard me screaming and whimpering in absolute fear. He woke me saying, “I didn’t know what was happening to you. I never want to hear anything like that again.”

Even though, I never saw the Crowman again, I knew it wasn’t over.

For months after this, the hunting dreams started again. This time, I was not the only one being hunted. My cats and my boyfriend were in it as well.

Every night, I was fighting to save one of them and myself. It came to a climax, when I had to feel myself being eaten alive by some human-like creatures.

Within this dream, I had managed to save my cats, but they caught me. All I could do was surrender to being eaten alive.

It was frightening but somehow felt like I was being taught or was being taken through some rite of passage.

This was confirmed when I shared it with my Shaman teacher. She wasn’t surprised or even remotely bothered by it.

She treated it like it was an excellent stage of progress. I remained baffled by her celebration of my gruesome cannibalistic nightmare, but I pressed on.

The hunting dreams stopped for quite some time.

The Sorcerer Returns

In 2014, I decided I was going to Peru to experience Ayahuasca. About 3 months before my trip, hunting dreams started again. This time, they were ominous, dark, and intensely threatening.

The hunter did not show itself but came in the form of my darkest fears. It lurked through my psyche, tirelessly digging and stirring the darkest corners. It relentlessly

While in Peru, I was haunted by what seemed to be a powerful Sorcerer. Was it the same one I’d experienced years ago? I didn’t make the connection while I was in Peru since I’d forgotten about the female Sorcerer long ago.

By the last night, I was there, I was able to face it and banish it. When I returned to my home, I became aware of an old agreement I’d made to be a channel for energies. I realized I had not been specific about what types of energies so this left me wide open.

Since the medicine work I was doing in Peru opened me to many energetic dimensions, I was more aware of when energies were attempting to come in.

It was eye opening how many and how easily they can come without our permission.

I decided to be specific about working only with beings of Diving Love, and beings that have an intention for our highest good. I canceled the old contract and formed a new one being very specific.

Since then, I have not been hunted in my waking state or dream state.

I’d like to share this with others because this is happening all around us without us being aware of it. In hindsight, I’d been allowing spirits and energy in on a regular basis. I had no filters and it was the cause of much suffering. I just didn’t see it while it was happening.

In hindsight, I could see I’d been allowing spirits and energy into my body on a regular basis. I had no filters and it was the cause of much suffering. I just didn’t see it while it was happening.

I’d like to talk about Psychic attacks curses and negative comments. These happen to most people on a daily basis. It was shocking when I became aware of this.

Many of us experience it as getting a negative gut reaction to someone, a dark cloud coming over us, or a physical symptom that we just can’t get rid of.

This may sound far out there for some, but I have experiences of this personally and also working with clients.

Many of us unknowingly put curses on others regularly.

The more aware we become while this is happening the more apparent it becomes. You can see it clearly in daily interactions.

It is time to stop walking around with our eyes shut to this. We have to wake up and take accountability for our actions.

Psychic Attacks/Curses– Did you know that Psychic Attacks and Curses often come from individuals we know?

Did you know they can be deadly?

Did you know that they come from your best friends, lovers, and co-workers. We are taught to fear witches but don’t even see when it is happening in our own home.

Even worse, we do not even see it when we are the ones doing it.

Extreme jealousy or envy is often the cause of strong psychic attacks or curses. They can form or attract entities that attach themselves to the body of the object of envy.

They are doorways for dark spirits to wreak havoc on another person. They can cause nightmares, mysterious illness, negative personality disorders or even death.

This is not something to take lightly. It is also not something to focus a lot of fear on. There are ways to shield yourself from attacks. One of the simplest and most profound ways to alter energy is to send compassion to all beings, especially darkness.

There are ways to remove energy that has attached itself by working with Healers that are experienced in this type of work.

What we don’t realize is how often we all do this in our normal lives.

The more power a person holds, the more devastating our words can be on ourselves and others.

There are stories of powerful Brujos that become jealous of powerful Shaman healers and put curses on the healers or the students. I heard of a husband and wife team of Shamans that were killed by the jealousy of a rival Brujo.

Negative Comments – Many of us do not realize the power of seemingly harmless negative comments. We gossip without a thought of the consequences. We just think it is entertaining, but in

We just think it is entertaining, but in truth, it can be causing real harm on the energetic, emotional, and physical levels.

I was not aware of this for a lot of my life and was at one point addicted to gossip. I had to have drama and gossip in my life! This was actually how I once thought.

Once I started studying healing, I could see the ramifications of negative thoughts, toxic thinking, and gossip. It was ugly. It was devastating to see that I was causing it in my life.

It was especially hard to see how my thoughts and words were causing disease in the ones I loved. It was causing disease in myself.

It was causing disease in myself.

We must become aware of the power of our spoken words. It will only come back to harm us. We can potentially form a connection with every person we speak negatively about.

If you have ever had strong negative feelings toward an ex-lover that you just could not let go of. It could have been an old connection or cord that was formed between you.

There can be positive and negative cords but when we think negatively about someone it often forms a negative or toxic cord.

Again, these cords can be cut and healed by certain methods.

Misha Almira

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  1. Great information, I have witnessed first hand the occult at work and intuitively felt energies and was guided by God, Jesus Chirst through the whole process, Psychospiritual crisis is the term to put it best. I have watching patterns of such experiences emerge for the past 2 years as I have never in the field of mental health until 2014. It was a wild experience.

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Thank you so much for sharing this. It is lovely to hear about how you were guided by God and Christ through your personal experience. I have also noticed the increase of these experiences in the last few years. It is so interesting to hear it from your perspective in working in the field of mental health. I have often wondered about the connection between some mental disorders and spiritual awakening. As we become more aware of energies, I think it can be intense and confusing. It is very important to have clear guidance during experiences of awakening. Otherwise, we could feel utterly lost and misunderstood. It would be especially hard to be misdiagnosed with a disorder if it is only a temporary expansive spiritual experience.

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