Stages of Spiritual Growth

 Spiritual Growth - Misha Almira

Stages of Spiritual Growth

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These stages are singular and you may cycle through them in different orders throughout your evolution.

These are just examples of what you may go through.


You develop a practice that takes your focus away from outside stimulus.

This can be meditation, prayer, chanting, or yoga.

At first, it takes work like starting to work out again.

It takes more effort to get started and establishing a consistent practice.

Initial Bliss

There is usually a honeymoon phase of spiritual growth.

You may notice more peace, joy, and ease.

I even had more success in my career.

My mind was clearer. It all coalesced and seemed to just make sense.
This drove me even deeper into my practice.


When the initial bliss starts to wear off a bit, there may be a period of contraction.

There may be a release of heavier emotions like sadness, anger, remorse, or guilt.

At this stage many thoughts of doubt might come in, causing you to want to take a break from your practice.

You may even experience boredom.


There may be a time of temptation. This will play on all of your secret thoughts for a time as a test to see if you will stay the course.

For me, it was after the contraction.

I was deep in my spiritual practice of meditation 10 hours a day only stopping to eat and do yoga.

I began thinking about how I was dancing anymore which turned into I a strong desire to try to get into a company or teach ballroom professionally again.

Then, I became tempted by other men. Really, it was anything that could draw me out. I lost my first temptation test.


There will be a time in your growth that you experience a greater sense of power coming through you.

The power will seduce you if you let it and no one thinks they are going to fall prey to the seduction.

I heard someone say that the devil doesn’t show up in a red cape with horns.


There may be a time when the experience turns exalted.

It may take you into higher realms of beauty and bliss.

It is difficult to ever want to leave these experiences so often the growth will stop here for a while.

Actual spiritual awakening does not depend on experiences but on what is beyond.


We are usually tested at some point in our spiritual growth.

We may be asked to let go of something we are attached to.

For me, I was asked to let go of the path that brought me the spiritual growth to begin with.

This was nearly impossible but in the end I let go and passed.

Perpetual Connection

You realize divine guidance as an undercurrent.

Selfless Service

Your desires turn into wanting to give to others and be of service in your thoughts, words, and actions.

You realize your purpose and give of yourself.


God is no longer outside but a living internal experience.

You actually start to experience God in everything and everyone around you.

There is an interconnectedness in all that exists.

Your capacity to be a victim falls away with the illusion of separate.

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