Are You a Starseed?

Where Are You From?

How Do You Harness Your Unique Powers?

What is Your Starseed Mission?


Many Starseeds come into this life with more karmic energy to clear. They agree to take it on to be able to exist in this 3rd Density energy, as many of them come from much higher frequency. This is why many Starseeds have harder lives, than other people. They must go through an awakening and often a dark night of the soul, in order for their full powers to come onboard. The good news is, we all have guidance from our Starseed Family. In these readings, you can gain important insight into your next steps for your true mission.


COMPLETE Starseed Origin, Powers & Mission Session $249 USD

Approx. (45 min 5 card reading, including channeling of downloads/messages that are then emailed to you in one email. (Please note this does not include a live session or video recording), discover what type of starseed you are, ways to activate your powers, how to connect with your star family/spirit guides and receive guidance for the next stages of your mission on Earth.

COMPLETE Starseed Origin, Powers & Mission Session

COMPLETE Starseed Origin, Powers & Mission Session


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