How to Stop Being An Open Invitation to Dark Entities

How to Stop Being An Open Invitation to Dark Entities-Misha Almira

How to Stop Being An Open Invitation to Dark Entities

We do not thrive in the dark, but we all have darkness within us. We are good by nature and this is true. However, if we are only willing to accept what we consider to be the “good qualities” within us then we are at risk of putting all the others in shadow. The more qualities we deny and put into shadow, the more we may be broadcasting an open invitation to dark entities without even realizing it. 

When we speak of darkness it can mean something different to each individual depending on their past or culture. It can most simply be translated as anger, heavy energy, depression, shame, guilt or sadness.

It can also come in the form of people around us, energies, situations, and world events that don’t seem kind or light.

How do we protect ourselves so these negative energies don’t latch onto us?

First, I will say,, this is not about ignoring our emotions of grief, sadness, anger, rage or any feeling that may feel heavy.

It is still very important to honor the feminine energy within our hearts and to gently allow these emotions to flow.

The heart is so grande and holds so much feeling. This is part of embracing our ability to love by acknowledging all of it as Divine.

If we ignore our emotions we are just putting these aspects of ourselves back in shadow which becomes repressed, stuck energy.

The more we accumulate, the heavier the stagnant energy becomes, often taking on a tangible dense feeling in the physical, emotional, or energetic body.

When we talk about heavy or negative darkness around us, we are discussing dark energy that is trying to influence us in a negative way.

Any darkness in this form may want to attach to us, feed on us or live through us. It is usually an obvious “taking” energy that is felt. It is not there normally to give you anything.

Any and all of these types of energies can ONLY stay with you, if they have something to hold onto.

It turns out that this precise hook is our own self judgment…shame and guilt.

Those places that we are punishing ourselves is the only way the dark energies can get in and punish us.

Once we are able to clear all of the past judgments, guilt, and shame…from ancestors, and past lives even.

When we are able to clear all that has been stored in our cellular memory and our soul, then we have a much better chance of not being affected by the darkness.

The Shipibo Shamans of Peru speak of having a pure soul and this being the best protection from darkness or black magic.

When I was first introduced to this, I had a definite reaction. I immediately resisted the idea that I actually invited these energies to me or was somehow at fault for it. It was hard to stomach it.

However, experience has shown me that all of this is true and it has nothing to do with fault or blame. It is just like attracts like.

It can happen that we spend a lot of our energy on trying to manage these dark forces by pushing them away, trying not to look at them, doing spells or prayers of protection, or just fearing them in general.

In my experience this takes a lot of energy and can be absolutely draining.

This energy that gets drained is our vital power…our ability to dream a new creation into the being to move toward what we truly want.

This is the energy that drives our true purpose in life. When we allow this to drain away by obsessively thinking or fearing these dark energies, do you know what we are actually feeding?

Yes, we are feeding the dream of the darkness. We are making it a nice comfy and inviting environment inside us and we are offering it a fabulous feast of our power.

What we want to do is to remove the hook. That way there is nothing to grab and hold onto.

Otherwise, we are left constantly trying to change the physical world around us in order to prevent what might be coming at us.

This is nearly impossible to do since our only true power is in the ability to change us and as a result, our outer world will be changed.

If we still have that doubt, self-judgment, guilt or shame it creates a division and in essence an open door invitation to these dark entities. So how could they resist?

There are so many energies that we can come in contact with just in our day to day lives that may affect us negatively.

It is not about avoiding these or putting walls up but being impervious to them.

When we have removed what they are attracted to, we become unattractive to and unaffected by these forces.

They just don’t find us interesting anymore.

Tomorrow I will be posting a video so we can journey together to clear some of the past and to remove the hooks.

For tonight, I’d like to invite you to do the exercise below before you drift off to sleep. You can also do this first thing in the morning so do not let the time of day stop you. 

1.Put your hands over your heart center in the middle of your chest. Breathe in deeply while saying out loud,  “It’s okay, and I’m okay.” Repeat this several times 3-5

2.Focus on an image of you in a picture. See your eyes in the picture. You can even look at a physical picture. Then say, “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Say this 3 times looking at the picture. Then focus on your heart and repeat it 3 more times.

3.Breathe in love and breathe out all guilt. Breathe in forgiveness and breathe out shame. Find 3 things to appreciate about you right now. Breathe each of them in and breathe out any remaining judgment. Do this 3 times. 

This is an excellent way to prepare for our journey. It is starting the process of releasing the feelings of shame, guilt, or judgment you’ve been carrying. It is also bringing in powerful awareness which is key. 

This is working on the mind and emotional level.

Our journey will be working on the mythic/energetic level to clear the hooks we may have from earlier in this life or further back to past lives. 

Thank you for reading and journeying with me today! 

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