Who Do You Think You Are?!

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Who Do You Think You Are?!

We all have stories about how things are. We have a story of the type of person we are. what we do, how we act, what we look like, what type of success we have had. Some of these stories were born from our childhood examples. Some of them came from our results in life as an adult. We have a few successes in a new career and we change our story about who we are as a professional. We see ourselves as competent in business. What happens when we hit a rough patch and lose a few big accounts resulting in getting fired?


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Initiation Rites of the Ancestors- Answering the Call

Ayahuasca - 4th Ayahuasca Ceremony - Misha Almira

Answering the Call

I believe there is reason you are here, reading this right now. There is an increase in the amount of people that are being called to this path. Warriors of Light are feeling an inner yearning to reconnect. It is a deep echo of where we came from and how our new existence will be. There are many of us that have contracted to be a representative of our lineage to assist in activating codes of light for others.

You know if you are one of these because the call is strong and you may have felt guided your whole life by this inner beckoning. The how is not as significant as the knowing of when. As a representative, you will have a tribe of individuals to assist. Your part is to activate the remembering inside them at precisely the right moment.

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