The Mother


The Mother

What is that whisper I hear over there? Wait, it is coming from everywhere. My feet walk across the dirt and a song moves my arms to sweep through falling pollen. I’m not alone. It’s you. You are here to forever remind me.


You caress my cheeks with the wind and alert me with the creak of the overlooking branches. I hear your moans in the river flowing gently through you.

Your passion rumbles as the ice falls in your canyon. You wink at me from the sunset and I know I’ve never been abandoned.

A tear gently rides down my nose and my heart breaks. I don’t know why exactly.
I feel you. I know you as I hear the song again…beating my heart for me…moving my head with the sway of the trees.
The cry from coyotes brings me to my knees. A menacing hand pushes my face to your womb.
Listen! Do not turn away from the pain.
I want to as I hear their sinister cries of celebration. The innocent one is being surrounded. I must do something.
I can’t watch.
You bleed through me. My blood is yours. I weep tears of the innocent one…your tears. I feel the hunt coursing through me…a rush.
You are stalked for your beauty, consumed for your sustenance, and mangled for your power.
The Mother - Misha Almira
I know you…
the hunter…the hunted
You torment the sleep of the wicked, your fangs pierce through the flesh of the weak and your swirl of a cloud leaves absolute devastation in its path.
You command death if you choose.
The Divine in All- Misha Almira
I taste the blood of the kill.
You look at me through the innocent eyes of a kitten and the lizard sunning in the drive.
I tremble as I grasp your love…for me…in us all.
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