The Shocking Truth I Learned About Dark Spirits


The Shocking Truth I Learned About Dark Spirits

For a long time, I dedicated my life to seeking the light, learning to bring in more light, and to become a light worker. I thought the goal was to focus on the light until happiness was my constant experience. In order to do that I thought I had to protect myself from the dark, to banish it or to not engage with it. I thought I had to fill myself with so much light that it couldn’t touch me.

The idea of embracing the darkness was terrifying to me. I had no interest in working with demons. The darkness inside was what I was getting away from with all the spiritual work.

As a result of my Christian background, I gave darkness more power than it actually had so it makes sense that I struggled with overwhelming darkness haunting me on a regular basis.

Our life has a duty to bring to our attention, everything and I mean everything that we’ve tried to deny. It is not meant to torment us but rather to open our eyes to what actually is.

I want you to think of something or someone you absolutely hate.  What are their characteristics? Write them down.

Now, think of someone you admire most in the world. They can be living or not. Think about their characteristics and write them down.

Now, what if I told you that all of these are you? Each one of these are something you’ve put into shadow because you’ve judged it as too positive or too negative.

Perhaps, these are qualities that your parents judged and would not allow you to be. Are there some aspects that you deny right away? These have nothing to do with you, right?

That’s the thing about shadow, we can’t see it. We can’t see it until something or someone shines light on it. So, all these annoying people around you are actually a gift to heal, become whole, and put an end to suffering.

That is precisely what life does on a regular basis. It is constantly showing us exactly which parts we have denied and what we need to embrace to come back to wholeness. The problem is, we aren’t always listening.

Then, those parts we continue to deny become so monstrous that it is impossible to ignore.

They might start out as, “don’t talk back,” and end up by taking a gun and shooting someone that represents authority. This is worst case but you get the picture.

Think about your favorite show or movie. Picture the antagonist or villain. What are they like?

What are their characteristics? What makes you so mad about them? What do they represent to you? Can you own that?

I know I couldn’t. My villain was a cold blooded killer with no empathy. A sadistic twisted and manipulative man that needed to hurt people to feel pleasure.

I am a ridiculously sensitive empath, so it took about 2 seconds for me to deny this one. That one was staying deep in shadow!

I started noticing the other villains that made me mad on social media, t.v., movies, or life. I started noticing a theme. They were all killers, hunters, demons, or goof balls.

Ironically, I noticed what I loved most about my Shamanic Teacher was her wild side and how she never apologized for it.

Shamans in Peru had a dark quality about them but it wasn’t threatening.

It didn’t drain or take from me in anyway, which was different than the dark spirits/entities I’d come in contact with. They were brilliant and dedicated healers. This caught my attention.

They were fearless in the dark places. They laughed at it even! Because they had faced the darkness inside them, it had no power over them. I admired the hell out of them.

The Shamans were not evil but they were not afraid of the darkness either. They had just embraced the light and the dark.

With this insight, I started seeing a new perspective on the characters I loved and hated.

They were parts that had experienced pain and shut down, or parts that were ruthless, selfish, narcissistic.

Some were just hungry…hungry for power, connection, love, food. Some were childish, petulant, uninhibited.

How could these horrid qualities, these demons become my guide to wholeness?

Could I embrace these and welcome them back into my being without becoming them? Did they have powers that they were bringing back to me? They must because my Shaman Teacher and the Shamans were not evil. They were facilitators of great healing.

I decided to start owning the parts I saw. If I couldn’t completely own them, I could at least find a way to relate to them.

When I started doing this, the people around me started changing or just didn’t bother me like before. The goofy children in the restaurant suddenly seemed cute instead of annoying.

I began to notice all the reflections around me. Other people and situations revealing what I needed to embrace next. It became a game. Then, I found out our reflections are not just limited to the physical. They can also show up from the unseen world or the world of spirits.

I had a particular nasty spirit that started haunting me. It took a long time before I realized that even this was a reflection of what was inside me.

I resisted it and it got nastier. I feared it and it became more powerful. There are a lot of ways we choose to engage and feed darkness. We want to stop feeding it and then learn to own the qualities it represents in us.

This is not saying they are not real. They are as real as the people and situations around you.

If there is a toxic person bullying you at work, the best approach is to find a way to neutralize their power over you. This is exactly what we want to do with dark spirits that are tormenting us. I’ve found a few tricks that have worked for me.

Here are 4 tricks to stop feeding the dark entities

1.Break the Fear State

When you feel scared because you feel like something is haunting you. Think of a funny scene from life, a gif, or a movie. Picture it and laugh. Keep doing this until your state has shifted from fear to lightheartedness. Find comedy in the situation. It takes the power away immediately.

2.Raise Your Vibration

Listen to high frequency Rife or Music. You can find these on Youtube. Turn your attention away from what is haunting you for a period of time to raise your vibration to a level of love. This will enable you to see a new perspective on this reflection of you. It will also stop feeding the fear so you can get your power back.

3.Energy Work

In some rare cases, there may be an agreement that was made to work with spirit beings. They may be coming to you because of this agreement. In essence, you have invited them so they are answering the call. Often these agreements can be from ancestors (which is in our DNA), or from previous lives.

It is normally not an agreement that we remember making…consciously that is. It can also happen that we have an attachment that has made a previous agreement.

These are just a few but in these examples, an energy healing session can uncover the underlying cause and remove it. The point of the session is the break the agreement and attachment for good.  

As with any healing, It may take more than one session depending on the cause and the depth of the original wound. It could also be completely released in one. Either way, there is a way to clear it for good and rewrite the agreement.

4.Explore the Shadows

My particular dark entity showed up as a Crowman, Zombies , a Sorcerer, A Dragon, they were all hunters and they were hunting me.

They were not movie characters, they were terrifying. With each version, I played into the game and ran like hell! So, it continued to show up, in even more powerful and cunning ways.

It even showed up as a large Puma but I was so scared I ran again. This reflection showed up in different forms until I was able to see what it was trying to show me. My own power.

I asked myself, “what if we were able to see that these so called demons are just scared reflections of us? Like little children that don’t know any better? Could we have compassion for them?”

When I didn’t see the dark entity as a powerful demon but rather a lost little child, it shifted the dynamic from fear to compassion.

Then, I was able to act in a way that was up to me and not in reaction to the scare tactics. Its like neutralizing a bully by agreeing with them.

They are thrown off and lose interest if they aren’t scaring you and you aren’t fighting back. It’s only when we run or try to fight that we quickly can feel powerless. It is also by seeing the qualities that are the same between you or the recognition of Creator inside them that true compassion begins to arise.

I began to allow myself to see through the eyes of the hunter, to feel the drive, the strength, the power…to naturally rise above just the judgment.

I began asking myself different questions. What was I afraid of exactly? What threatened me about these hunters? What were they hunting? What was their need? The more questions I asked, the more connection there was to explore rather then just one more demon to run from.

“Which aspects are you quick to kill?”

The soft mournful coo of the dove, the grace and innocence of the deer?” I looked into the eyes of the deer I was about to kill. I connected deeply with the predator and prey. I saw them as two sides of the Same.

For the first time, I saw the hunter as an Allie. This scary looking ally was driving me deeper into union with the Great Spirit…the Divine.

“Where do you deny your power, your carnal desire or your innocence…your grace?” “Where do you underestimate your heart?”

When you are cutting short the rich quality of deep grief to rush out the door to your real life?

Take notice of what you hate in another or what you wish to dominate or control.

This is where your freedom exists.

What are you quick to dismiss as nonsense or qualify as less important? This is a doorway for you to open. Where do you feel stifled or trapped?

You may find a commonality between the deer looking at the pointed gun or the child taking on the burden of your rage. What about the child inside of you, taking on the rage of the demon inside, or the world outside?

Listen more to the inner whisper. Forgive the ones you judge. Forgive yourself for being the same.

Everything is here to show us who we are. The parts you like and the parts you don’t like.

EVERYTHING without exception.  

Thank you for reading.

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