The Top 3 Plant Medicines That Can Save Your Life


The Top 3 Plant Medicines That Can Save Your Life

People have been plant medicine for centuries. Various cultures around the world have used native plants not only for healing physical ailments, but also for healing the mind.

Many of these plants became sacred, becoming an integral aspect of spiritual traditions and various healing ceremonies.

There are several psychoactive plants considered medicinal. Cannabis is undoubtedly the most widely-used medicinal plant there is. And while psilocybin mushrooms aren’t used like cannabis, they are a popular recreational substance that can provide a profound shift in consciousness that can be extremely beneficial and healing.

While most plant medicines can be considered life-changing, there are a few that can truly be life-saving.

Here are three of the top plant medicines known to help individuals heal at a deeply subconscious level that can provide lasting positive change.


Containing large concentrations of DMT, ayahuasca is known to be one of the most powerful plant medicines that exists. In our modern era, ayahuasca has become increasingly popular in mainstream society.

Perhaps more need the spiritual cleansing ayahuasca is famous for than ever before?

Taking ayahuasca makes users vomit, sometimes violently. This is known as la purga (the purge), helping individuals to release any mental, emotional, or spiritual toxicity they are carrying.

Then come the powerful hallucinations and a trip so powerful many people have their viewpoint on life changed forever.

It can dispel the negative emotions carried from past trauma, offering a way out of that keeping individuals tied to addiction, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and more.

Countless individuals who have felt lost on their path, dripping with despair and no hope for a better future have found their negative emotions eradicated with ayahuasca.

In the place of these toxic feelings is found hope and love. Pure joy and emotional balance that has not been felt in years.

Ayahuasca allows you to enter your pain and face what’s holding you back, bringing you back to the essence of pure, unbounded love.

Huachuma/San Pedro

Huachuma, better known as San Pedro, is a psychoactive cactus known as the “Miracle Healer.” Like ayahuasca, San Pedro has been taken by indigenous tribes for thousands of years and is considered a powerful visionary healer. Can it save your life, though? They don’t call San Pedro a miracle for nothing.

The shamans that use San Pedro indicate that this sacred cactus can help one release the “illusions” of our world and bring them closer to the divine. It allows a person to see reality for what it truly is, rather than the way we believe it to be.

Aside from helping eradicate psychological trauma that has manifested into conditions like depression and anxiety, San Pedro has also shown to cure physical illness.

There are several reports of people overcoming illnesses like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, joint problems, fever, cardiac diseases, and even paralysis.

This sacred cactus has also shown to be amazing for revealing the underlying reasons for addiction and help them confront and release these issues, ultimately ending their addiction for good.

San Pedro can also help people understand the patterns they have unconsciously been stuck in for years. Whether behavioral or situational,

San Pedro can guide a person to change that which they know does not serve their highest good. In this, there is a wave of personal empowerment that allows them to make the changes to benefit their lives for the better.


Some say ibogaine is the strongest known psychedelic that exists. The west African root has been used for thousands of years by the people indigenous to the Gabon region as a powerful spiritual tool, healer, and in rites of passage ceremonies.

Because of the powerful effects it elicits, ibogaine has become one of the most revered plant medicines in the Western world. Why? Because it has the potential to treat even the most serious cases of addiction.

With addiction rates at an all-time high and an opioid crisis with no end in sight, ibogaine has gained rapid attention in recent years.

While it has shown to be beneficial for people suffering from all types of addiction, it shows to be particularly adept for those suffering from heroin addiction.

Not only does it work physically to help a person through the often-excruciating experience of withdrawal, but also works on a deep psychological level that allows a person to better understand the reasons for their addiction.

A “trip” with ibogaine can last 3-4 days and works in three separate “phases.” After administration, it works to reset neurotransmitters in the brain essentially “resetting” the brain back to its pre-addicted state.

This helps vanquish symptoms of physical withdrawal in as little as 6-8 hours. In the second phase of ibogaine, the psychoactive properties of the substance kick in and can last upwards of 16-24 hours.

Past trauma and deeply buried subconscious memories surface in what many describe as a movie-like dream state that allow them to better understand the reasons behind their addiction.

In the last phase, ibogaine urges individuals to process what was uncovered and offer forgiveness to those who might have contributed to their unconscious decision to cover their pain with substance abuse.

Perhaps most importantly, ibogaine urges a person to forgive themselves for any pain they caused themselves or others during their addiction.

While not considered a “miracle” cure, ibogaine has shown an unprecedented ability to help a person overcome their addiction and embrace life with hope for a brighter future.

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