The Top 7 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Are Dominating the Corporate Landscape in 2024

Top 7 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Are Dominating the Corporate LandscapeThe Top 7 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Are Dominating the Corporate Landscape

Does it ever strike you as odd that for as seemingly long as woman have been streaming into the workplace, it doesn’t seem any easier for them to assimilate or even excel into the culture structure? Historically industry, and by proxy, the workplace was built by and tailored for men. Yes, there are outliers in certain trades during specific periods in history, but business, as a whole, was developed for men, by men.

In recent years a truly remarkable change is taking place. Entrepreneurship, like other avenues of the corporate world, has traditionally been male dominated.

Because women see the futility in trying to play by the rules, (they weren’t written with women in mind anyway) they are taking the reins and making their own better adjusted structure.

Here are the top 7 ways that female entrepreneurs are dominating the corporate landscape.

1. They Have A Mission

Unlike their male counterparts, women entrepreneurs, on average, have a focus that is more driven by an ideal or purpose. In the building of a brand new business, keeping the “why” in sight is essential.

Mission statements are something that are held very strongly in every decision that gets made. For instance, a woman could own a body conscious clothing brand, and her mission in this endeavor is, “Letting women know the clothing is made for them, and NOT the other way around!”

2. They Leave The Egos at the Door

In corporate structure, men will often make the decision that makes them look the best as opposed to the best decision possible, through many accounts referenced in the book Quiet Women Can Rule the World by Rebecca Holman.

Women, on the other hand, look for what affects the most number of employees in the business, or makes the most sense, regardless if they don’t get the credit for the idea. It is a far more integral method of problem solving that ultimately ends with the most balanced decision.

3. They Create Community

It’s no wonder that the atmosphere of a workspace and workforce is so incredibly important to female entrepreneurs. For centuries, women have been ostracized based on antiquated and unfounded stereotypes in the male developed and dominated workplace.

For instance, it was often believed that women could not hold positions of power because they were too emotional. The truth is, as you’ll discover further along, that traits like this make women more ideal for positions of power because of their ability to see all sides of the situation, and not just what’s written on paper.

Women, in fact, have a high level of emotional intelligence, and high levels of empathy and integrity, which helps them to build and foster a community in their own businesses.

4. They are Adaptable

Also touched upon in Quiet Women Can Rule the World, is the idea that women have a greater capacity to read between the lines. You may have an individual woman who tends to be quiet most of the time, but is more than happy to assert herself when she does not agree with someone.

The advantage of this is that it makes for a very adaptive leader, someone who can be the decisive leader, but who can also switch gears when empathy is needed.

5. They See Past Either/ Or

It is often thought that people in general fall into two personality types, and are either the Alpha or the Beta. Alpha, as it applies to women, is characterized by the stereotypical strong will that many might use to characterize a woman as being cold (and even called a b****).

The Beta is seen as the nose to the grindstone worker that that doesn’t interact much with their co-workers and never speaks up in meetings.

The truth of these qualities is that it’s not a matter of being either/or that is better, but on a spectrum that is required to be successful,depending on the task at hand.

6. They Respect the Team

Women are often attributed with being team players, and when they form their own businesses, you better believe that they take full advantage of building a strong team.

Women will happily recognize areas in which they do and do not excel, and in doing this, they can identify the roles that they need to fill in order to produce the most complementary arrangement.

A common structure that women use in their teams is the experienced entrepreneur, the passionate protege, the local liaison, the industry ally, and the super connector.

7. They Quash the Cycle of Greed

You can search for and find so many articles speaking about the struggles that women can face in pursuing entrepreneurship. One that is constantly brought up is the fact that they aren’t as driven by profits as their male counterparts. The truth is that many of these articles are skewed because they assume that success is related to capital gains.

What women are seeing so clearly is that success is a multi faceted description, and they are choosing to focus more on some of the other attributes of success. This could be an improved work environment for employees, extraordinary customer service, or even community initiatives.

This new wave of women may have the last laugh as to what model is most successful and sustainable. You’ve discovered that it isn’t only profits that will solidify a business in a community, but also the way that the community embraces and supports its new corporate member.

Women understand this quality better which is why these female entrepreneurs are dominating the corporate world.

Thank you for reading.

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