This Shook Me to the Core

A shrill scream shook the depths of me, threatening to demolish this fucking hospital room.

Seeing my mom high on morphine, in a hospital bed, made something deep inside me writhe. Something lurking in the shadows of my psyche was being shaken and awakened. 

They were trying to prematurely rush my mom into a nursing home, to rot in a bed, instead of giving her time to get strong again. I wanted to rescue her from this. Shit, I’d wanted to rescue her from HERSELF for years.

I had wanted to do Quantum Med Bed Healing with her, but she wasn’t really open.

As I looked down at her, I was not only looking in a mirror, but I was looking at my future. 

It didn’t matter that I saw it coming. I saw the patterns, and could do absolutely nothing about it.   

It was only a few years ago, she was cooking for the whole neighborhood, or picking up food for the group. She was the strong one, and one of the few who could still drive.

As my step-dad’s health declined, my mom took on all the weight she could carry for him. She put herself aside saying, “I will worry about me later.”

Before later came, she ended up having multiple TIA’s (temporary period of symptoms similar to a stroke). Each one taking a little more of her.

With the last one, she lost the ability to communicate signals from her brain to her right leg and right arm.

They improved with consistent therapy, but insurance would usually decide she was done, before she actually was. Then, we would see a decline.

We watched her get weaker, and paler, not knowing it was gallbladder, until we got to the hospital.

Her heart condition would be managed with meds, but the eggs, bacon, and buttered toast became harder and harder to ignore.

What shadows of your psyche are being shaken and awakened? Do you have the tools to courageously look at it head on, and transform it into your power?

When you’re ready to transform, contact me.

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