Top 10 Benefits of an Auratransformation

Top 10 Benefits of an Auratransformation

Can the aura be upgraded to a newer more efficient model? Just like computer software that needs upgrading our human energy centers and aura need the same. Is this the same as chakra balancing or aura balancing? No, this is a whole new system.

This is like going from an old 1992 computer to today’s newest Mac. The old and the new cannot even be compared.

I first heard about the Auratransformation when I saw a close friend of mine glowing with a light I’d never seen before. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I wanted to be around him. He was no longer doubting himself, in fact, he spoke to a part of me that had long been dormant without even using words.

Over a year, he continued to thrive and become more impressive. I decided I had to find out what was really going on. I decided to have a session and get aura transformed.

It comprised of one 3-hour session and a balancing session a week later. That was it! After 1 session, I was upgrading my system. It takes a different amount of time for each person to fully integrate the work, but the journey of it is like discovering exciting new territory.

It has been over 3 months now and there are many benefits, but in this article, I am talking about the top 10 benefits of Auratransformation

1.More Grounded– I used to think I was grounded, but I wasn’t even close. The more grounded I get, the more enjoyable being in the body becomes. Other benefits come with this one, like quicker manifestation, better communication, and less clumsiness. Hehe, I had to throw that one in as being accident prone often indicates that you might not be grounded.

2,Body Guidance– This has been a surprising one. My body talks to me all the time now. It will suggest certain foods or supplements that I need to balance my system. It is much more than craving a food because I need nutrients. It is telling me exactly what I need when I need it. If I have an ache or pain, it gives me guidance as to how to eliminate it immediately. For example, I had a Charlie horse in my calf that woke me out of a dead sleep, and my body told me an exact pressure point to use to ease the cramp. It went away in seconds. This is only one example.

3.Not Being Triggered By Everyone All The Time– This one is huge! For a while, I felt like I was a crazy reactive freak! I even got triggered by someone and all they were doing was sitting there. That’s when you know it is ALL you. So, when I stopped getting triggered by seemingly everything, I had so much more energy to live my life in joy. I will notice people doing things that would have driven me crazy and it just doesn’t now. What a relief!

4.Speaking Up/Boundaries-I’ve been told more than once, I could use better boundaries. I never understood what to do with that. I could see the problem, but I never had a real solution to find peace around boundaries. Since the AT, I just naturally speak up when something doesn’t feel true to me. It just comes out of my mouth and not in a confrontational way. This makes it much easier for the other person to hear it and they respect it right away. If I feel like I need a boundary with someone, I just acknowledge it and problem solved. It is so easy now.

5.Able to See Others More Clearly-I can see where a person is coming from and I can see if I am projecting on them. I can also see if they are projecting on me. This has allowed me to see them outside of projections which opens up a much more authentic way of connecting with someone. It’s like taking the filters away and seeing them underneath…their true essence without all the B.S. It removes the protective mask, so I can just appreciate them. It is also invaluable to see where I project on others and allows me to have more compassion for myself.

6.Compassion & Forgiveness– Compassion and forgiveness come in a more natural way, without trying. This creates a softness in being.

7.More Creativity-I grew up dancing and would wake up in the morning to dance. Creativity was not an issue until I hit adolescence. I went through a depression which is a thief of creative juices. I have felt blocked off and on throughout my life, while secretly wishing I could wake up with creative energy like I did as a child…wanting to create something because I just had to! Now, I am feeling that way on a regular basis and it is not limited to just dance. I want to create in every possible way I can. It is wonderful, especially since for so long, I just didn’t have the desire.

8.Superpowers-This is still showing up in new ways. First, I noticed it when I was hiking. I was not in great shape and yet I felt like I could hike with very little effort. I was not only doing it, I was elated! Then, I noticed I was getting guidance in ways I never had before, like clairaudience, and in all the senses. Guidance was not a fuller, richer experience.

9.Amplified Joy & Pleasure-When I feel pleasure now, it is like pleasure on steroids. Enjoyment has been taken from 2D to 5D. It is more in my body, emotions, energy field, and beyond. When I give my body good food, it is euphoric. Using my body, has what I can only liken to an orgasmic tendency. It has given me more joy as well. Even if I’m having a stressful day, there is an underlying joy.

10.Engagement-I went a long time, trying to avoid people because it brought up anxiety. Also, the lack of desire to engage just wasn’t there. Now, I look forward to getting out and trying new things. I look for ways to meet new people. I am still an introvert and love my alone time. BUT, I now have a natural desire to engage in life and with people on a regular basis.

The Auratransformation upgrades the old energy system by taking you through a complete aura change, first to an indigo aura and then to a crystallized aura. I will go more into this in a separate article. It brings the energy centers into the heart center. These benefits are only the beginning.

Thank you for reading.





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