Top 10 Indicators of Spirit Attachment

Top 10 Indicators of Spirit AttachmentTop 10 Indicators of Spirit Attachment

Have you ever wondered if you had a spirit attachment? We have all watched the scary movies about entities and possession which can really kick the imagination into high gear wondering if we too have some gnarly demon causing us to do the unthinkable.

While these type of possessions are rare and most end up being a deep seated denial of self, spirit attachments do exist.

In fact, they are more common than we are taught to believe. The good news is the majority of the attachments I’ve seen are not as dramatic or harmful as the movies portray.

How do we know if we have a spirit attachment or are just having a bad day? We can follow the signs. Here are ten most common signs that may indicate spirit attachment.

1. Not feeling like yourself on an ongoing basis

It is quite common to hear about an individual having new addictions or craving for substances they never liked previously. As an example one lady I knew started drinking coffee at the age of 70. She had never once had a desire for coffee!  

Even when her husband had a cup every morning, she never had an interest. After he passed, she started drinking coffee. It can happened that a deceased loved one can attach to their family member. There can be different reasons for this.

They may not be ready to leave, want to protect their spouse, or even just want to comfort their grief. Not all spirit attachments are evil. More often they are ancestors or family members.

2.Drama or constant conflict/drama around you

When we find ourselves in regular conflicts with others or surrounded by dramatic individuals, it is easy to think it is just them.

We will tell ourselves we just need to get away from them only to find ourselves in another situation with just as much drama. This can be very frustrating if we honestly feel like we don’t want drama, but the truth is ultimately we are the ones attracting it.

It is normally not the from the conscious level that we are doing the attracting and this is where the frustration comes in. Of course, no one ever wants to attract an entity! However, many of us are attracting them from what we have repressed, none the less.

Most spirit attachments that have their own agenda entirely. In most cases, the spirit or entity might feed on the stressful chaos and emotions that drama brings.

Conflict stirs negative emotions and this is like a delicious buffet for some entities.

It will not do any good to just keep getting away from toxic people because the entity or spirit will just attract another toxic individual to drive you crazy.

So, while on the conscious level we are completely done with needing drama in our life, underneath that in the depths of our shadow…without our knowledge, there may be a big bright flashing sign inviting the guests in for a big drama party.

Where many individuals get stuck is, we can’t see what we can’t see.

In other words, anything in the shadows is hidden from us. It normally takes another person outside of us to reflect it back to us so we can see it. It is just like looking into a mirror to allow us to see what we actually look like. Without it, we have no way of knowing.

The good news is we don’t have to continue to live with spirit attachments. They can be removed.

3.Thinking obsessively

Obsessive thinking can be caused by an already attached spirit/entity and it can also attract more entities. This is an arena that can cause an energetic feeding frenzy.

If you notice you can’t get a situation, conversation, or a person out of your mind, this might be a clue that something is attached.

Again, it does not always mean it is an evil attachment, it can also be energy from the person you are thinking about. Be aware of what is happening with the thoughts.

Are they looping or consistently negative? Do they drive you crazy? Is it almost impossible to stop the obsessive thoughts? It should not be a struggle to let go of thoughts so a spirit attachment might be involved.

4.Being very stuck even after years of spiritual work

f there is a persistent feeling of being stuck even though, you’ve been doing self development for years?  This could be a clear indication that something may need to be removed.

5.Feeling suffocated or something pressing on you when you sleep

Many individuals report waking up feeling paralyzed, suffocated, or like something is sitting on them. They might even see a dark cloud above them or they might not see anything at all.

There are some entities that come and go. This is normally the case with night visitors. They will drop in for an energy meal and then be on their way. These can be removed as well.  

6.Constant resistance in the world

If an individual notices a pattern of being met by a lot of resistance in their lives, it may have to do with a spirit that has attached to them.

It can be obvious after repeated rejection by family, potential bosses, strangers, or failed opportunities, This is normally when the individual will start thinking they are cursed or seriously flawed.

Spirit attachments love to feed on self doubt so they will try to conjure it in as many ways as possible.

They will try to turn others off through you until you are left desolate drowning in a pool of perpetual self doubt. The good news is, they can’t control you once you are aware of their presence and bring them into the light.

7.Inability to move forward

If you notice that you are unable to move forward in ways that you really want, it could be due to an attached loved one or other attachment.

It may not even be a spirit that wishes you harm, but just having another energy in your field can make it impossible to flow in any direction.

It can cause confusion for everyone. It may just be time to evict the visitors and get back into your  flow.   

8.Anger or rage that persistently lingers despite having let it go repeatedly

This is one of the most common indicators of an attached entity or spirit. It can be a result of a deceased loved one and their trauma.

It can also be an entity that is attracted to repressed anger in an individual. This is most often the case and can be confusing if the individual is not aware they have repressed it in the first place.

Since repressed anything is put into the shadows, it is often denied so strongly that it becomes invisible. This makes it even easier for an entity to move in for a nice long stay.

There is nothing to threaten their feeding supply as long as the individual keeps denying there is anything there! What anger? I don’t have anger.

It is especially tricky when the entity lashes out through a person and the person denies is so adamantly that they take on a form of amnesia.

They can feel so uncomfortable with expressing anger that they leave their body wide open for the entity to step right in and live through them.

9.Not trusting oneself

Not trusting oneself is a powerful form of self doubt that can attract a spirit attachment. It can also be an indicator that a person already has an attachment if they find themselves second guessing constantly.

It can feel like a complete personality change. One day a person is self assured, the next they can’t seem to make any decision without checking in with others.

Normally, if there is a drastic change in personality like this, it can involve spirit attachment.

10.Chronic illness that is unexplained

When people have chronic illness and the Dr.’s are unable to give a diagnosis, it can sometimes end up being the influence of an attachment.

This is rare but there have been stories of the physical symptoms disappearing immediately after an attachment removal.

Spirit attachment can happen for a great number of reasons and can cause unnecessary suffering in an individual’s life.

It can be confusing for the individual and the spirit in many cases, because of this, coaxing the spirit out does not have to be hard.

It can often happen through a simple conversation. The freedom gained after the removal is well worth it.  

We can get our power back by being aware of why it has come into our lives. Then, we can make our environment uncomfortable for it so it does not want to stay. We ultimately want to take intentional action to raise our vibration, stay out of feeling like a victim to it, and release what may be attracting it.

These are often regret, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, fear, or heavy emotions. 

The important part is to release what we want to repress.

I for one was uncomfortable feeling anger so I repressed it which would attract angry hateful people all around me as one example.

I had to learn to make peace with it to move be able to move forward. I had to start by acknowledging that it was there.

Although some attachments may require deeper tracking with an Energy Healer and a little shadow work, in the end ultimate healing is the result we are seeking.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi. My adult sons recently lost their Dad unexpectedly. The symptoms you describe above, of having an attachment, are spot on. I’m wondering why I haven’t been affected.Could the strength of N.Y. aura be protecting me?….also I’m wondering if a visit to my local Spiritualist Church could assist me in finding help as I’m just too poor to be able to hire someone, and this situation is causing my kids a huge amount of pain and suffering..
    Thank you for any info you can give me.

  2. Wow, I have a shitload of attachments like those, but mine are evil. They rsped me twice. I thought I was drugged and woke up with bruises all over both my inner thighs. I remember nothing at all. The y both happened after two very heated verbal arguements that my brother & I had. How do I get rid of them? My cat & dog are freaking out in the house now.

  3. I suffered from a lot of these things, especially the over thinking about everything causing panic attacks, a voice that made me want to look at porn and cause me not to sleep till I did. This had been going on for a long while….I am a Christian. So I researched how, to remove spirits from body. It Went like this: with My right hand in air, and said out loud “ Lord, I will be removing a spirit from my body and need your help. If there is a spirit on my not of Jesus Christ, You are not invited and I command you to leave! With the blood of Jesus Christ I command you to leave! And I made myself cough” It was a very deep hard cough. I have felt different ever since, no longer over think about anything. My head is calm and quiet. No real desire to look at porn, I feel more in control of my thoughts. The voice of self doubt has been removed. I know this sounds really crazy. It did happen to me, I am sure I am not alone.

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