Top 3 Benefits of a Limpia Energy Healing for Horses

Top 3 Benefits of a Limpia Energy Healing for Horses

Energy medicine is of course useful not just for people, but for animals as well. Limpias are a powerful way to support a horse’s energetic body and overall health. One of the greatest reasons horses and humans have enjoyed such a strong history together is that horses are exceptionally sensitive animals. An intuitive link quickly forms between horse and rider, and their energetic bodies enter into a kind of dialogue. This means that horses easily carry not just their own energetic blocks and struggles, but also some of the unwell energies of the humans the horse interacts with.  There are a few ways limpias are particularly helpful to horses.

1.Anxiety and skittishness – Horses have different temperaments, and some tend towards more skittishness and anxiety. Anxious horses are easily triggered, creating more energetic disruption in their bodies. Skittish horses need extra energetic support to maintain clear energetic pathways and a smoothly running energetic body.

Limpias help move stagnant energy out of the luminous body, and they bring fresh light into the horse’s system. You may notice an immediate relaxing of the horse’s neck and withers, which shows the energy is flowing more freely now. Limpias often include some sound element, and many horses respond well to sacred sound and song, having extra auditory sensitivity. Just be sure you don’t use startling sounds, which could make the horse more anxious. Over time, a horse’s overall anxiety can be reduced—and even eliminated—through regular limpias.

2.Travel – Some horses do not enjoy travel. The experience of loading into a trailer and involuntarily zooming down the road in a tight space with little sensory control can be distressing, and some horses will passionately resist loading into the trailer after a few travel experiences. Offering the horse a limpia before, and even after, trailer travel can dramatically reduce the struggle and trauma for everyone involved.

Limpias are soothing, helping to bring down the urgency of their discomfort. The experience of being calmly focused on by a human’s healing energy helps to calm the horse’s energetic body. Horses with travel resistance tend to respond particularly well to being wiped down, head-to-hoof, with cleansing herbs such as rosemary, white sage, lavender, and rue.

The contact with the herbs feels like a light brushing, and the direct contact with the horse’s body is extra efficient in drawing out stagnant, anxious energies. After a few limpias, the horse will likely start to associate these herbs with a calming state, and you can tuck a bundle of the herbs in the trailer to help keep the horse grounded during travel.

A limpia when the horse arrives at their destination should include careful attention to the horse’s sky chakras, deeply cleaning them out to ensure focus and vigor while they are at their destination.

A note on herbs: Choose your cleansing plants carefully, as horses have some plant sensitivities that humans do not such as to mustards and potent applications of tobacco.

3.Clear trauma – Like with all highly sensitive creatures, trauma can root particularly deeply in horses. Difficult owners, significant illness and injury, or losing a foal can lead to dis-ease in a horse’s energetic body. Limpias have the power to access and remove the energies of the horse’s old traumas, leaving open space for healthy light to fill the body and strengthen the horse’s health on all levels.

When clearing trauma it is helpful to speak lovingly to the horse about what you’re finding and what you are doing to help. Reassure the horse that they don’t need these energies anymore. A limpia offers the horse an opportunity to regain a sense of control over their experience, which is often a struggle for traumatized horses.

Limpias help horses in many of the same ways they help humans. These highly sensitive beings absorb energy and hold trauma much as we do, and the limpia’s ability to reduce anxiety, clear trauma, and transform fear support the horse’s focus, energy levels, and vitality.

If you feel it might be beneficial for your horse to get a limpia, visit: Work With Misha

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