Top 3 Reasons People Quit Getting Energy Healing

Top 3 Reasons People Quit Getting Energy Healing

Energy healing is mind blowing but it is not for the faint of heart. Most individuals will come into a healing session saying they are tired of feeling stuck, tired of suffering, and they are ready for a change.

Normally, after a session, there is a feeling of lightness, and well-being. I have heard people say they felt like they lost 100 lbs. As imprints of trauma are removed, there is more room for light to take their place.

There is also more balance in the energy system which allows previous blocks or stuck energy to flow now. It is an amazing experience. Then, something strange happens…people quit coming. They rave about the session and then go missing. I know, I’ve done the same thing. 

Here are the top 3 reasons people quite getting energy healing.

  1. Seeking That Good Feeling– In the beginning the sessions can elevate our frequency and raise our vibration, leaving us feeling better than we’ve felt in years. We can become accustomed to this ‘good’ feeling and think that is what a good session will always look like. When we get this feeling after a few sessions, we feel like we are done and all healed so we stop going. This stops the real healing that comes from going a little deeper.
  2. Thinking Nothing Is Happening-Often after a few sessions, we have a breakthrough and we are ready to go deeper. We may have removed an imprint associated with the trauma we came in to work on, but then we hit a deeper imprint that may even be ancestral. While our conscious mind may be all for diving deep, we may feel terrified as we start going there. This is when some people choose to just stay on the surface to stay safe. Then, make a decision that they will just stay in their comfort zone but not quite commit. At this stage, the ego becomes very clever. It will convince the individual that the healer just isn’t as good, or that they must have done all the work they needed because, “nothing is happening” The truth is, they are right at the point to breakthrough to the real work but may talk themselves right out of healing. I know this because I did it. I did go back when I saw the difference in my friends that were sticking with the sessions and the ones that were not doing any. HUGE difference and I felt like I could have made it a lot easier on myself by sticking with it.
  3. Getting Too Close For Comfort-When we get closer to the original wound, we can hit pockets of old emotions or even physical pain. If we decide to move through it, we can simply breathe it out during the session. However, the first reaction is to avoid pain so we will tense up and stop breathing. We will decide to not go there and shut down. If we are really get stubborn, we can even project the pain onto our healer, making up all sorts of stories about them. I know this one as well. My ego tried to convince me that Shamans were pure evil and that my teacher here in the states was mean. I knew it was a lie because she was doing nothing at the time except sitting there smiling at me. The ego can be very convincing when we are trying to avoid our own ‘stuff’.

Deep healing can happen very quickly and quite painlessly if we stop resisting it and just breathe it out. Our spirit and body knows what we need to heal, we just need to get and stay out of the way. Energy healing is the best thing I did for myself and I’ve seen so many people change dramatically for the better from regular sessions. We have to remember that for many of us, it has taken years to accumulate trauma and wounds in our energy system. It may take a few sessions to begin unraveling it.

It’s like going to the gym after abusing our body for a long time. One workout will not really make a difference. It may just leave us tired, sore, and frustrated…defeated even. However, if we stay with it, we could end up being stronger and healthier than we’ve ever been before.

Instead of quitting right before you’re ready to see real progress, stay with it. Keep going back until you experience a breakthrough and ultimate results. It can change your life and you are worth it.

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