Top 3 Ways to Activate the Golden Energy For Personal Awakening

Top 3 Ways to Activate the Golden Energy For Personal AwakeningTop 3 Ways to Activate the Golden Energy For Personal Awakening

Golden Energy is our tether to the Divine. The complement to grounding Earth energy, it is the golden light that flows down to us and energizes our highest spiritual selves.

Connecting with this divine flow facilitates awakening to your full power and purpose on this planet. You can get in touch with this powerful force through a few simple practices.


You are what you eat.  When you are trying to cultivate Golden Energy within your being, the first place to start is diet. The heavy energies of meat, processed foods, and produce grown with chemicals weigh you down and make it harder for Golden Energy’s high vibration to pass through your tissues.

The simple fix of changing your diet can have an astounding impact on your ability to draw and carry Golden Energy.  A diet focused on clean fruits and vegetables and high quality water helps your systems to clear out what may be a lifetime of accumulated energetic density.

Fruits and vegetables feed directly from the sun, and they are efficient deliverers of that beautiful light into the body. As your body clears away the old residues of a dense diet, your energetic field becomes lighter and healthier. You become more efficient at taking in transformative Golden Energy.

Fasting takes this cleansing and lightening further by offering the body the opportunity to reset itself. Energetic channels open up, and more energy is able to flow through.

As you are fasting and receiving natural sunlight, your cleaner and more open body is able to take in divine light more directly.

You will often feel this increase of energy as a buzzing movement within yourself. You may need less sleep since you are drawing pure energy into your being instead of needing to process it out of food.

Breatharianism has been practiced by healers and mystics for thousands of years as one of the strongest practices for cultivating Golden Energy for awakening.

While a plant-based diet and periods of fasting can boost your intake of this potent awakening force, Breatharianism takes the practice to a completely different level. 

From ancient Indian texts to contemporary sages, people working towards personal awakening throughout history have learned to draw all their nourishment directly from pure energetic sources. Golden Energy is pure nourishment.

Blockages and sluggish energies are burned away and your body becomes a pristine vessel capable of taking in pure energy and using it for strengthening, inside and out.


The practice of sungazing—looking directly at the sun just after sunrise or just before sunset when it is safest for the eyes—allows you to build the Golden Energy within your body. Our closest star is incredibly potent and fuels all life on this planet.

We can open ourselves to the flow of the Golden Energy by directly connecting with the sun. Starting with 10 minutes a day and building up from there, you can gaze at the sun’s golden light to take in its energy, open your energetic pathways, and help burn away the veils that hang between you and a clear consciousness.


Auratransformation is a permanent energetic transformation of your aura resulting in a radical realignment of your energetic composition.

This transformation allows your basic energetic field to hold and draw in substantial Golden Energy from the Earth as well, resulting in the ability to live in deep authenticity with sharp focus on your spiritual destiny.

Through an aura mediator, crystal and Golden Energy replaces your old auric energies for an overall upgrade. Auratransformation brings Golden Energy into you and makes it a basic part of your being. If you’re ready to make a big shift towards your spiritual destiny, Auratransformation is a powerful way to bring about this change.

Committing yourself to drawing down the Golden Energy is a powerful step on your path to personal awakening. Finding the practice, or practices, that work for you will help bring forward the clearing, lightening, and elevating of your energetic body better priming you for the awakening your spirit is destined for.

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