Top 3 Ways to Use Energy Medicine Healing to Recover From a Breakup or Divorce

Top 3 Was to Use Energy Medicine Healing to Recover From a Breakup or Divorce-

Top 3 Ways to Use Energy Medicine Healing to Recover From a Breakup or Divorce

Breakups can be hard and surprisingly traumatic. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I’ve never been the same since my divorce” or “I don’t know if I will ever get over that last relationship?” Another common one is, “I will never date again!”

The pain that is involved in letting go is only part of the problem. There can actually be factors that keep you connected to your ex long after you have physically split.

It can feel like torture for some because they feel like they are ready to move on and yet something is keeping them bound to this other person.

They may even know that this person is not healthy for them but it still does not shift. Below are some examples of how one can finally move on and find peace around a breakup.

I first became aware of these tools when I saw two different people struggling to finally let go of their Ex .

It was excruciating to watch them hold on even though, there was no longer any hope of reconciliation.

Then, from one day to the next, I saw a shift in one of them. Then, the same happened with the next one.

Not only did they let go but they both thrived in their new life! The common denominator was what I’m sharing below.  

1.Cord Cutting

Often times when we connect with someone in an intimate way, we develop energetic cords attaching us to them. The body can even indicate to us where these have been attached.

Have you ever felt physical pain during an argument with someone close to you? It could feel like a tugging in your upper abdomen or rib area.

It can also feel like physical chest pains, or like you are choking. These might be indicators that you have a strong cord attached in these chakras.

In energy healing sessions, the cords can be cut which allows the energy of each person to return back to them.

This can be a beautiful experience that will free up space to love unconditionally without all the expectations that may have had something to do with the break up in the first place.

2.Releasing Old Contracts or Karmic Agreements

Another contributing factor to not being able to move past an unhealthy or toxic relationship is there might be an old contract or agreement.

There may be a contract to keep eachother limited or to hold the other one back. This can be especially confusing because you can feel like you’ve walked away and let go, only to find yourself going right back to them for more abuse.

If there is an old contract, it can be released and a new one can be put in its place. This will allow a clean slate and a new dynamic between two individuals.

It can have a variety of outcomes such as an ability to finally walk away in peace, potential for healing the past hurts, new friendship to flourish or a rekindling of the love that once existed if that is the deepest desire.

The most important thing is getting out of a stagnant cycle of pain.  

3.Transition Rites

Transition rites are like death rites but for a transition in life rather than death. It allows a complete death and rebirth of the spirit.

There may be some part of us that is afraid to move on because we know we will be letting an old self die.

We may desperately cling to our marriage, home, friends, book clubs, social circles because we don’t feel like we can live without them and on some level this may be true.

We cannot become someone new if we are holding onto who we have always been.

It sounds simple enough and yet moving through this journey of rebirth can feel impossible. It is not always just about a conscious decision although this is usually what starts us on the journey.

It may have more to do with what is still stuck in the energy body or luminous field. This is why transition rites are so effective in a complete transformation of self and life.

In the session, the energy centers are completely cleared of any old stuck past traumas, attachments are removed if need be, and the old self is laid to rest.

Fragmented soul pieces, gifts, and power is returned into the luminous field if this is what is needed.

Finally, the energy body is charged and filled with light of potential. A vision of the new you is put in place so it can be fully integrated into your new life on purpose, free from what may have been holding you in a past self, that no longer serves you.   

These are only a few examples of how energy healing can help after a breakup. Each individual is different and might need a slightly different recipe. There is always hope and feeling stuck is only an option.

Thank you for reading.

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