Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2022

Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2022

Where is the best place to go to experience Ayahuasca? That is what I was asking myself a year ago when I decided I wanted to go to Peru. Find out the best Ayahuasca retreat for you in 2020.

After a lot of research, I have come up the a top 5 list. I based it on overall integrity level, safety, quality of medicine, the experience of Shamans, and reviews from participants. I hope you find this helpful in making your decision.

1. Lotus Vine Journeys– Dive Deep in Loving Kindness

Lotus Vine Journeys represents a fusion of two powerful ancient traditions… the Buddhist Lotus and the Ayahuasca Vine. By combining plant spirit medicine with heart-centered meditation practices, their retreats offer the fastest way to accelerated learnings and re-remembering who you truly are.

Through working with powerful maestros, guests are exposed to the wonders of Ayahuasca ceremony in its traditional Amazonian setting. Their loving and dedicated team of qualified meditation teachers and experienced facilitators are there to help you … to provide meaning, and enable you to process and integrate these life transforming experiences.

 The retreats are intensive, usually 14 days long (with 6 powerful ceremonies), and are specifically designed for those seeking a deep trans-formative experience. They consider themselves an advanced retreat for those already on a spiritual path.

They do their best to ensure that all aspects of your personal comfort, your safety, daily itinerary, your diet and as many environmental influences are all balanced in an optimal way for a transformative journey within.

They host the retreats at a luxurious Amazonian Eco-Lodge in Tarapoto, Peru.  Only one hour from Lima by plane, this tried and tested location provides unsurpassed levels of comfort for a jungle Ayahuasca retreat experience, in an area of true ecological and geographical beauty.

Book Your Retreat At Lotus Vine Journeys Here

2. Nihue Rao– Heal Body & Mind with Personalized Attention

Nihue Rao is a healing center, operating as a lodge in the Amazon rainforest, 90 minutes outside of Iquitos, Peru near the small village of Llanchama along the Nanay River.

Traditional medicine services include traditional healing diets, plant medicine, and traditional Shipibo ayahuasca ceremony.

They focus on treatment that is tailored to each individual’s personal needs, often including further treatment with another master plant. In traditional style, they stress a strict healing diet developed to promote the healing work of the curanderos and their medicinal plants.

Once on the diet the individual is invited to participate in ayahuasca ceremony for further ceremonial healing under the guidance of Ricardo and his assistants.

They offer ayahuasca ceremony four nights per week. After ayahuasca ceremony, with the exception of Friday, there is a group discussion led by Ricardo to review experiences in the ceremony and to review the progress of all of patients, students, and visitors.

In some cases, further treatment techniques are also indicated, including healing plant preparations for bathing and vapor treatment.

Traditional treatment requires time, visitors are encouraged to visit for one week or more. Group programs are often designed for 10 days or 2 weeks. More advanced treatment can take one or two months and sometimes longer.

For particular individuals, they also offer traditional diets for learning under the guidance of Ricardo. Book Your Retreat at Nihue Rao Here

3. Sapan Inka– Spiritual Health, Mental Clarity and Emotional Balance

Sapan Inka Retreat Center has more than ten years of experience integrating Ayahuasca traditional use and a psychospiritual methodology. We are developing an Ayahuasca Therapy for people who is looking for spiritual health, mental clarity, emotional balance and inner development.

We organize Ayahuasca Retreats in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. It is our commitment to offer a healing and safe space in our house for everyone who might be interested to participate in this kind of retreat.

In these retreats you will be able to participare in ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies.

To partcipate in an Ayahuasca Retreat is a possibility to explore your spiritual dimension, to reconnect with the healing power of you own body and spirit, and to connect with wisdom from your higher Self.

If you are interested to know more about this Ayahuasca Therapy and, maybe, to participate in this kind of retreat, you can contact to Sapan Inka Retreat Center Here.

4. New Life Costa Rica– Individualized Support 

This is a true retreat away from the grind of life, with a dash of pampering.

New Life Aya offers 5 and 7 day retreats in beautiful Costa Rica. Their mission is to provide compassionate retreat program options to those who are seeking to restore balance to their lives through spiritual and personal healing.

The retreat includes 2 or 3 traditional plant ceremonies, private rooms, yoga, a kambo session, a massage and waterfall excursion. Our retreats are intimate and individualized, providing extra attention.

All of the retreats include yoga sessions led by a resident yoga instructor Jeanae White. Yoga sessions are held on the morning of each ceremony day to help prepare the participant for the journey in the evening.

One complimentary massage is included in all retreat packages. Massage therapy not only reduces stress but increases positive feelings and helps people tap into the intelligence of their body and become more self-aware. Book Your Retreat at New Life Costa Rica HERE.

5. Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center– Relax, Let Go & Enjoy

Offering 8 day and 9 day ayahuasca retreats are designed to give you a balanced experience. They have ayahuasca ceremonies every other night and in between there are activities to integrate your experiences and insights. There is also ample free time to reflect, to enjoy the beauty of the jungle, to visit the gorgeous beaches, and just to relax, let go, and enjoy the pure bliss of the moment.

The activities include workshops focused on spiritual development. The techniques covered in the workshops can be practiced even after the retreat to continue the journey of personal growth. Some of the topics include inner child integration, life progression, discovering the source of your blockages and the resources to overcome them. Another very important part of the retreat are the Yoga sessions in the morning which greatly enrich the ayahuasca experiences at night.

They have extensive experience integrating ayahuasca, psychology, shamanism, self development, modified states of consciousness, and various other modalities. They are present at all times and are dedicated in supporting you with loving care, attention, safety, and respect.

Book Your Retreat at Spirit Vine Retreats Here

Now that you’ve seen the list, what is your top pick for the Best Ayahuasca Retreat for 2022?

Misha Almira

Thank you for reading. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list. I went to a retreat in a very bad state last year and it was not the best. I was there for a month to deal with lifelong illness and some serious trauma and ended up retraumatised on many occasions at this badly run retreat… luckily in spite of this, the medicine helped me to a degree…life saving. However I’m ready to go again to get specific help for some specific issues…and to thrive… this list really really helps. Thanks

    1. Katy! I am so sorry you had this experience. I believe it is essential to feel safe and well guided at the retreats. I am certainly glad the medicine made up for it. I am truly grateful to be able to work with such powerful medicine teachers. I hope the next retreat is tremendously healing and enjoyable for you.

    2. Can you tell the name of the Retreat you went to? I am about to book one for November 2018 and I am travelling by myself.

      1. Hi Kelli,

        I went to Lotus Vine Journeys. The Shamans and facilitators were very personable and supportive giving each person the attention they need. The lodging and location were just the right mix for me. We were right on the river with the jungle experience but still able to have hot showers. The food was amazingly varied while still being within the standards of the Ayahuasca Diet. I was amazed at the flavors they could accomplish without salt or sugar. They even had a swimming pool to enjoy in our free time. I experienced such profound healing and felt safe to immerse myself completely. It is intense but the 8 ceremonies were not too much for any of us. They focus on grounding in love, compassion and kindness which really sets a beautiful foundation for doing deep work. I hope this has been helpful. I wish you all the luck and happiness you deserve. May you have a wonderfully expansive and healing experience.

        1. Did you do the Ayahuasca Diet prior to going? If you did, how long before your retreat did you do it? I was planning on 2 weeks before.

          1. Hi Kelli,
            I did a month of dieta before my first retreat. The retreat was 8 ceremonies so I wanted to be as pure as possible. I am glad I did because I believe it made the purging easier. I am happy for you and hope you get beautiful healing out of your time with Aya.

      2. Hi Kelli,

        I would like to book for Nov 2018 also and I’m going by myself as well. Where are you going? I try to find good and safe place

        1. I am going to Kapitari Retreat the week of November 18th.

          1. Hi Kelly have you heard reviews about the Kapitari Retreat? or do you know anyone that has gone. I am looking into it for November as well

          2. Hi Kelli,

            Please be aware of Kapitari retreat as per the below news story:


          3. hey,
            im going to Kapitari in December.
            Was looking for reviews, and the are a bit different.

            can you tell shortly how was it?
            how was shaman and ayahuaska itself?

            would really appriciate))))

    3. Hi Katy, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you’re doing better now, and that you’ve now had the chance to experience the medicine at a truly healing retreat.

      Could you tell us the name of the badly run retreat so that we can avoid it? I’m planning my first Aya journey, and if this retreat is on my list, I would be so grateful to you to be able to remove it from my list.

  2. Hi,

    Do you know of any other retreats that are cheaper and still have a good quality/rating?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi nish last year I went to a place called Gaia sagrada in Ecuador in the Andes and absolutely loved it. It changed life and would go back tomorrow if I could. Its a lot cheaper than some others other places and OK it’s not the Amazon jungle but its still a beautiful place . Its a great healing place , giving maximum time to each individual. Its maybe more westernized than a lot of these jungle retreats but it still stays true with the ancient tradition of the medicines , and the ceremonies and shamans are amazing. If your looking for a relaxed not a worry in the world place with an amazing medicine experience at an affordable price this is the place

      1. Thank you so much for this information, Adam! I have been curious about Ecuador. I have just not known anyone that had experience with any retreats there. I have been asked quite a bit about more affordable places that are trustworthy. I will look into this. It is wonderful to hear that you had an amazing medicine experience.

        In Oneness,

        1. Gaia tree center around Iquitos has only been running for a few years but the shaman, staff and organisers are very experienced and loving. I had an amazing retreat their a few months ago the spiritual focus and depth of the facilitators is amazing.
          Love for your journey

          1. Thank you Frank! I was not familiar with this retreat. I appreciate your comment and recommendation.

        2. Dear Misha, speaking of Ecuador, please consider retreat in the future, as it is co-owned by a native Kichwa family, has an unique location in the Llanganates national park, traditional indigenous elder leading the ceremonies, English-speaking facilitators and a sacred crystalline river for swimming.

    2. I had an incredible experience with a small place in Ecuador called Alma Healing Center. Groups were very small and took place at an indigenous community near Puyo. Members of the community sometimes joined in the ceremonies and the day hikes were spectacular. Price was also on the lower end, though that might be due to the shorter retreat lengths (3 nights, 4 days) than other places I’ve seen.

  3. Very helpful!! Thank you for researching this for me 🙂

  4. Thanks misha ,, I’ve really enjoyed your site,,,,its helped me a lot, especially the stuff about integrating our experience . Yeah my medicine experience was truly amazing, surrounded by the most loving , warm, kind natured people . Its changed my life,,I don’t think things will ever be the same now, it’s helped me on so many levels. But the amount of change depends on me and no one else,, and I totally understand it involves hard work after the medicine’s .. So thank you to ayahuasca and San Pedro and everyone who gave me this opportunity.
    Thank you misha

    1. Wonderful, Adam! It is true about never being the same after. I believe we get lost soul pieces back that have left through trauma. The medicine works with us to heal all the parts so they can come back into wholeness. At least this has been my experience.

      I did not fully understand the value of integrating once I came home. Even though the facilitators stressed the importance of it, I didn’t fully get it for a few years. On my first retreat, I received a soul piece from my nine year old. It was a soul retrieval that happened naturally during a very powerful ceremony. Unfortunately, I did not know how to work with this piece when I got home. The word integration did not have a true meaning for me. I had to learn through experience and it wasn’t easy treading the waters on my own. I did finally reach out to a Shaman Healer that was able to help guide me through it.

      Since, I have learned to really connect with these parts that have come back. I’ve learned to simply check in with them daily and ask what they need. It is a different kind of self inquiry, but it has truly made a difference. It has been a new journey of honoring mySelf exactly as it is. Also, it is essential not to judge the process, as you know. When we judge what we are experiencing, it can halt the process of change and growth. I am reminded of the caterpillar. It is only after the disembodiment that it can truly transform into the beautiful butterfly.

      It is so exciting to hear about your journey. It sounds exquisite.

  5. Do all of the retreats include the plant that has DMT? I’m looking to choose among the ones with the full experience.

  6. Thanks Micha, wonderful article and very helpful !
    I found myself very lucky to have found exceptional people and Shaman at AYA Healing Retreats :
    I can’t express my gratitude has I found a place that felt very cared for and surrounded by like-minded people, they support me overcome my severals years of depression and PTST.

    They offer Master Plant dieta during their Ayahuasca retreat, I dieted Bobinsana witch gave me so much insight on my self-love and self-esteem.

    Thank you mother Ayahuasca and Thank you to AYA Healing Retreats!

    1. Thank you!!
      I was looking for a good retreat center to undergo the traditional master plant dieta with real shipibo shamans. I’m having a look at aya healing retreat website and it really looks like a professional and trustworthy center. I want to book for next year! I’ll let you know guys!

      1. I love Lotus Vine Journeys. It has the right combination to have real growth without the traumatic events to distract you. They have a solid foundation of meditation to clear the mind so the mind works for you instead of against you in ceremony. Plus, the whole group does it together which makes a huge difference.

  7. Hi everyone, thankyou so much for all your advice. I have recently begun my own spiritual journey and have been guided towards ayahuasca to assist me with this, however the variety of retreats can seem quite daunting. I am a 43 yr old English male and will be travelling to Peru alone, is there a particular retreat you would suggest for me? Love and light to all.

  8. Hi
    I have just been to quiet a few retreats in the last 3 months in Mallorca and another place !
    The first 2 retreats were the most incredible journeys of my life , life changing enough To change my whole path of life !! Ime thinking of traveling around a few retreats to learn more about the medicines and also experience different sharmans as I have learnt this is a vital element of a magical journey! I am only at the start of my long journey of learning but am looking for some recommendations of good sharmans with strong ayahuasca!! Not more so spiritual yet !!! Not into dancing and singing yet just want some good ayahuasca with some good medicine songs !! Sacred valley music (WOW ) anyone got any ideas ? Hoping to come in October 2018
    Destination anywhere !!!

    1. My favorite shaman is at Lotus Vine Journeys. The brew is very strong and they will allow you to take more than one dose if you think you need it. The Icaros are extremely powerful and the facilitators have an incredible way of guiding the group into deep healing. In my opinion, they have it dialed in as far as getting the most from each ceremony. They are very serious and focused on the right things…no tricks. I paid a little more but it was deep and lasting. It is not for the dabblers.

  9. I’ve been researching aya retreats for a few months and have really struggled with where to go. Initially, I was VERY excited about Kapitari – then I realized how far into the jungle it is and that they don’t have medical staff or resources to get someone out if something bad happens (they had a death there a few years ago, not due to the aya but due to a reaction to a tobacco treatment the person was given). So, then I started looking at centers that were closer to the city, larger, had nurses/medical staff on site (Selva Madre seems to be the most popular of these types) and I felt as though these places were losing the authenticity of the process. I’m really at a loss. This will, likely, be a once in a lifetime trip for me and I’m hoping to have a profound experience that will help me heal and put me on a clearer path. This list certainly helps me narrow things down quite a bit and I really appreciate it. If anyone had any thoughts or insights that they’d like to provide, I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

  10. I live in Ft Worth, Texas and was trying to find a legit place in USA but alas no luck as yet. (usa groups sound like way overcrowded, disorganized, inexperienced leaders etc)
    I have just retired so cost is one large factor and agree # of participants(smaller =better), cleanliness, calm natural environment is what i seek . I also have 3 rescue cats that will need to be taken care of while im gone trying to figure that out.Great information here so thanks to all for sharing. I guess ill have to fly out of USA for the experience i seek. I had never thought of ecuador but may be most appropriate for me we will see im still researching. If anyone can give me first hand additional experience that would be great as well ! 🙂

  11. UPDATE – I have learned that retreats farther south from USA = much higher round trip airfares. One can easily pay combined $4-5k for all expenses for a week and thats too much for me right now.
    Places farther south of equator can be great but total out of pocket is higher.
    Like others this is a once in a lifetime inner journey so I have researched many places thus far as best as possible value for money (safe centers w/ highest # of ceremonies).
    Mexico retreats are closest but retreat costs are higher appears –as they know usa travelers pay lower air fares. Safety there (for non spanish speaking people) is a definite concern as its consuming itself with much violence sad to say.

    Costa Rica has about 6 places there – from very high end to very minimal hut type sites. While cost of retreats appears reasonable – round trip non stop cost is about 1k ! (thats only 300 cheaper than if I travel to peru) . If wish a cheaper flight – then it can take a total of 15+ hrs! from departure to arrival. Why ? the cheaper flights 1 stop over – fly to first city, then no flights all night long, then resume flight in am to arrive in CR in am so one can be picked up in AM (on time) to catch pu to retreat center…stop over appears mexico city in most cases for me.

    So if want NONSTOP Cost Rica flight -less complex – retreat for week averages 1300+ dollars (8 day 7 nights – usually 3 ceremonies) – and then about 1k non stop round trip ticket with misc expenses can be minimum 2,500 or more .

    Other legal USA ceremonies but – using Peyote –options – Native American Church – one is in Kentucky and appear booked for good while (3 days 2 ceremonies ). Or also legal NACs in various states thu out USA/ fee to join church to be a legal member to protect you in USA – says 200.oo / then often long travel/ flight to church site – sounds like 3 days long w 2 ceremonies total and peyote (sounds like) can create similar hallucinogenic states similar to ayahuasca for healing inner issues sounds like . Cheaper then out of US retreat by about 1k or more .
    I agree costs for many is not an issue and if it were not for me I would go to Peru….but I must work on practical budget so I keep looking at other options . Ecuadors airfares as about as high as Peru – agree both places would be ok if cost not factor.

    Lastly I have learned in some parts of (blue states mostly) US, under MEETUP.COM one can find ayahuasca underground groups offering 2-3 day retreats for MUCH less / of course risks are involved as its not legal in US and best to live of course close to those cities.
    So my research continues – I guess Ill end up either peyote NAC type scenario or Cost Rica after i save for couple more months.

    Hopefully more ideas from others will be placed on site as well

  12. Hello..v nice post and a lot of info’s.
    But for me it’s hard to choose a program.
    I’ve done Iboga this year and I’m planing a initiation in bwiti in Gabon but first I want to go in Amazon for Ayahuasca.
    Aside of money what are the differences between different numbers of ceremonies?
    I’m looking for something longer than 10-12 days…. so a 23 days with 7 ceremonies or 30 days with 4 ceremonies/week ?
    4 ceremonies/week it will be too much? And in the second or third week I will feel that is have enough, or that I can’t ingest more , and the rest it will be just a lost of money (the difference between those two is still over 1200 $).
    Or the 30 days program is designed differently and the cantities of Ayahuasca which is offered is different in the 23 days?
    I’m from Europe and is not that I can afford to go twice/year or two years in a row so I want to profit at maximum.
    Thank you very much

  13. […] Aya is a powerful teacher and leaves you feeling broken down but with a greater capacity to love and be loved. This is how I felt during the initiation. There were also cosmic downloads beyond explanation which was also common during Ayahuasca ceremonies.  […]

  14. I have sat with multiple facilitators from around the world from different tribes/altars and I have drank Aya over 100 times. I hesitate to call any of them real shamans except for one. A real Shaman can truly heal you. I have found only one. She has the only female owned and operated Aya retreat in Peru. Also, she has worked at most of the retreats in Peru. She is also the only Shaman I know that has actually dieted the “Light”. She is the Shaman other so called shamans seek for healing when all else fails. Check out Maestra Estella Pangoza at Aya Madre. She saved my life!!

  15. is a great ayahuasca retreat for yoga practitioners and people willing to improve with their spiritual practice.

  16. Tremendous issues here. I am very glad to look your article.
    Thanks so much and I’m taking a look forward to contact you.
    Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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