Top 5 Ways Men Over 40 Can Get Sexy with Kundalini

Kundalini for Men

Top 5 Ways Men Over 40 Can Get Sexy with Kundalini

Kundalini yoga is often called “the yoga of awareness.” Its central imagery involves a snake (representing the life force) coiled at the base of the spine. Through Kundalini practices, this energy can be awakened and travel upward, creating a revitalizing effect on body, mind, and spirit.

Kundalini yoga uses meditation, breath work, mantras and body positions to enhance well-being and raise consciousness. It is less physically strenuous than some other yogic disciplines, making it ideal for people who prefer a low impact way to build strength and tone the body.

A Kundalini awakening is a powerful process, and is best attempted under the guidance of trained teachers. Below are some of the benefits of getting your Kundalini rising, along with links* to some simple practices to get you started on your journey!

One- Free your mind (and the rest will follow)

The language and imagery of Kundalini may seem strange or daunting at first. While Kundalini practices can have a profound spiritual impact, they also build on time-tested methods to produce specific, practical effects. As we learn the effects of arranging the body and controlling the breath in certain ways, we can use these in our daily life to regulate emotions, change habits, and produce desired states of mind and body.

To get a feel for Kundalini, try the Seven Wave Sat Nam meditation for 11 minutes. (Sat Nam is the most common mantra in Kundalini. It is pronounced “sut nom,” and means ‘Truth is my identity.’) This practice can help clear the mind, break bad habits, and open you to new experiences.

Two- Get good vibes

We’ve all had the experience of a ‘gut reaction’ to someone—an instant attraction or uneasiness—that’s hard to pin down to their physical appearance or overt behavior. We’re perceiving the person on an energetic level: something subtle inside of us is either resonating with their vibrations…or trying to get away from them ASAP!

Practicing Kundalini yoga changes your energy patterns in a way that makes you feel more relaxed and open internally, and will increasingly become noticeable in your interactions with others. One way Kundalini can improve your vibes is through chanting or singing of mantras, as in the Sat Nam meditation above.

Mantras are sequences of sound that, like all sound energy, have specific vibratory frequencies. These sound patterns have particular effects on the body and mind—which then, through something like the law of attraction, draws to you the same kind of positive energy you’re putting out. (The Sanskrit word mantra means, roughly, ‘projection of the mind.’)

Three- Get fired up

Also essential to Kundalini practice are pranayama, or breathing exercises. (‘Prana’ means life energy, while ‘yama’ means control.) Breathing is intimately tied to state of mind, and can have various effects depending on the technique used.

The breath of fire, for instance, is extremely energizing. It involves quick breathing (2-3 breaths per second), with no pause between the inhale and exhale. To try it, contract your diaphragm to exhale forcefully through the nose (the inhale happens naturally.) Keep your focus on the abdomen area, relaxing your limbs and face, while rhythmically exhaling.

This practice increases circulation and lung capacity, and has a detoxifying effect. You can use this technique for a few minutes at a time to cultivate a feeling of strength and virility.

(If, on the other hand, you need to cool down a bit, you might try alternate nostril breathing. Switching between nostrils—which in turn activates both sides of your brain—has a stabilizing, yet still revitalizing, effect.)

Four- Become the master of your domain

No, not quite in the Seinfeld-ian sense (though not far off)! Among the qualities cultivated through Kundalini yoga are will power and self-control. Rather than a rapid succession of movements, the asanas (body poses) practiced in Kundalini are often held for minutes at a time—sometimes long past the point where beginners want to throw in the towel.

Kundalini encourages practitioners to push themselves to maintain postures past the point they thought possible (physical limitations notwithstanding, of course.) Defying discomfort develops strength in mind and body, and opens up new possibilities in awareness.

One pose you can practice to begin stretching your limits (and toning your body) is stretch pose. Lie on your back, point your toes, lift your head and feet off the ground, and begin breath of fire. The link has a picture, as well as tips for mastering this pose.

This is quite difficult for beginners, but hold the pose for as long as possible—not when your mind says you want to stop, but when your body simply won’t maintain it. This exercise is great for your nervous system and abdominal muscles, and with regular practice you’ll be amazed to see how the amount of time you can hold it increases.

Five- Build confidence

The basic elements of Kundalini yoga come together in kriyas (‘action’), which are series of body positions, breathing techniques, and mantras that are intended to produce a specific effect. There are thousands of kriyas in the Kundalini tradition, with effects ranging from cultivating compassion to overcoming particular physical ailments.

The ability to choose which qualities you want to cultivate, and having specific instructions on how to do so, is extremely empowering. Once learned, kriyas can be used in the course of everyday life to make challenges more manageable and life more enriching.

The mental and physical benefits of Kundalini yoga have the cumulative effect of making you more capable and content, which in turn does wonders for your self-esteem. The asanas and meditation practices also improve your posture, causing you to stand tall and proud—even when you’re not consciously thinking about it. And there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

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