Top 5 Ways Unresolved Trauma Can Show Up In Your Life

Top 5 Ways Unresolved Trauma Can Show Up In Your Life-

Top 5 Ways Unresolved Trauma Can Show Up In Your Life

We all have trauma in our lives at some point and it can affect people differently. However, they way we process it can have a direct correlation with how our life unfolds after the traumatic event. If the trauma is not processed right away and fully, we can be left with certain issues that could leave us feeling stuck, ineffective, unsuccessful, or even lost. Let’s take a look at how unresolved trauma can show up.

It can happen that our childhood traumas will get stuck in our energy field and replay scenarios into adulthood.

For example, say you fell down at school and your classmates laughed at you. You felt embarrassed but had to save face and laugh it off.

Just this one incident could trigger years of humiliating scenarios in your adult life.

It could cause us to freeze every time you are trying to give a presentation at work etc…

We could go our whole life not realizing the connection much less knowing what to do to change it.

We can go through years of therapy, thinking we’ve already dealt with all of our issues and cried all the tears, only to find ourselves right back in the same familiar situation again.

This is because it has not been processed at the energetic level, only at the emotional or mental level.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize that our unresolved trauma is the culprit that is wreaking havoc in our everyday lives.

Here are 5 common ways it can show up.

1.Toxic Relationships

Ever wondered how you keep attracting the same type of person in your life? You leave an unhealthy relationship just to get in to another unhealthy relationship.

It’s that shocking moment  you hear your new love saying exactly what your ex would say to you. Only it’s too late because you are already in love with them. Why?!

What about when you realize that your significant other is just like your abusive parent that you’ve tried so hard to escape?

These are obvious examples but the original wound can actually be very small or from something that happened a long time ago.   


Anxiety & PTSD are usually indicators that send a signal saying, “we are not safe, danger is coming.” It triggers our fight or flight mode which can actually be life saving.

The problem is if we have old traumas in our field, it can cause our fight or flight to stay on constantly.

It can be like trying to drive really fast with the emergency brake on and it can eventually wear us down until we don’t feel safe anywhere.

At first, it might feel like we are protecting ourselves from harm. However, what happens to a car when the brakes wear down or give out?  

This could all begin in our childhood, when our mother drops us in the bathtub, which signals to us that it is not safe in this life. As an example.


Addiction can be complex. It can start out by giving us the impression we are happy because of it.

Then, it can slowly become an insidious torture chamber we can’t seem to live without. It begins as a distraction from our pain but inevitably turns into the expression of our suppressed and deeply hidden trauma.

It can start as innocently as wanting to be socially accepted and turn into a constant scenario of humiliating ourselves, driving our friends away and ending up feeling more alone.

The original wound causing all of this could be, from our mom throwing a pan at our head when she came home late…again…drunk, as one example.

Another could be from a genetic trauma that is still in our energetic field from our alcoholic great great great grandfather.

See what I mean by complex? Unresolved trauma can show up as any addiction: binge eating, porn, love/sex, gambling, etc…

The original trauma causing the addiction can look infinitely varied.

4.Mysterious Ailments

Have you ever heard of someone going to the doctor and getting all the tests done only to be told it they cannot find anything wrong?

The person may still have excruciating pain and yet nothing physical is showing up as the cause. Often times, this can indicate unprocessed trauma in the energy field that has become somatized in the body.

There are numerous cases of people that have had physical ailments disappear instantly when the original trauma has finally been cleared on the energetic level.

There was a woman having excruciating pain in her abdomen. The doctors were unable to find a cause. It persisted until she was able to work at the energetic level and clear it. The pain left and has not returned.

5.Feeling Like You’ve Lost Yourself

Have you ever felt like you were permanently altered after a divorce, death of a loved one or intense event?

Veterans come back from war and are never the same again. Many of us have felt like, “we’ve never been the same since…”

Often we can remember the date like it is sketched into our brain with a hot iron. This is often because the event was so traumatic that we lost a big piece of our soul.

It was too unbearable to process at the moment so we disconnected entirely from the event. In severe cases, we can even block the memory of it.

This can cause major destruction in our relationships, careers, and destiny paths. We can use therapy to begin to unravel the memories but until we are able to clear the energetic, it can repeatedly cause chaos in our lives.

This can be internally and externally. Physically, mentally, or on a soul level which can be very confusing for someone that has blocked the memory entirely.

I have even seen entities or spirit attachments happen as a result of repressed trauma and memories. We will discuss that in another post.

These are only 5 common ways unresolved or unprocessed trauma may show up. There are many other ways it can come out in our everyday lives and just as many original wound scenarios causing it.

We must first identify where we are feeling repeatedly stuck or triggered in our lives.

What I mean by triggered is when we notice certain pet peeves or ways that others cause emotional reactions in us.

It can also be patterns of similar situations that bring up strong overreactions within us.

As an example, one lady became intensely angry when people would crowd her while she was working on something.

She would feel like she couldn’t breathe and become panicky. She was able to recognize that it wasn’t really anything the individuals were doing to her but a common scenario she had often.

The people would change but the situation was the same and it triggered her on more than one occasion.

When, we can start to identify these patterns of triggers, we can have a window into a possible old trauma that has become stuck in our field.

With the help of a Energy Medicine Healing, we can trace it back to the original wound and be able to start to clear it. Then, we will notice our life around us changing for the better.

Our relationships can improve, our addictions can fall away, our careers can improve and we can feel more like our true selves again.  

Thank you for reading.

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