Top 7 Surprising Essential Oils & How They Help You

Top 7 Surprising Essential Oils & How They Help You


We all know by now that essential oils are the real deal. From boosting our immune systems to masking odors in our house to helping us catch some much needed rest, essential oils got ya back!

Usually, scents like lavender, lemon, and orange oil are popular go-to’s. However, there are lesser known essential oils that have unique therapeutic properties. And that may just make them the right choice for your individual needs.

Let’s take a look at our list of Top 7 Surprising Essential Oils & How They Help You.

Turmeric Essential Oil

This root is popular in Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking. However, it’s also a staple in Ayurvedic medicine. That’s because the oils extracted from the turmeric root contain a litany of beneficial compounds.

Of these compounds, at least:

  • 20 are antibiotic
  • 14 are cancer-preventative
  • 12 are anti-inflammatory
  • 10 are antioxidants

Studies have confirmed that a specific compound present in turmeric essential oil, curcumin, has anti-cancer properties. Researchers have based this evidence on the statistical facts that those with heavily Indian-based diets report extremely low rates of colon cancer.

Frankincense Oil/ Boswellia

This oil is well known for its use in spiritual rituals. However, there are also therapeutic properties to frankincense oil. Derived from the Boswellia carterri plant, frankincense oil has a very distinct odor. So much so, it earned its moniker “frankincense” from the French term, “franc encens.” This translates to “incense.”

Frankincense oil contains strong anti-inflammatory properties. This oil contains unique terpenes (which are the volatile oils responsible for the frankincense scent), and boswellic acids. Studies have found that boswellic acid, “is the most potent inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme responsible for inflammation.”

Due to these anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense also helps the digestive system. Compounds in the oils speed up the creation of digestive enzymes. Therefore, frankincense oil can help increase urination, regulate bowel movements, and alleviate bloating.

Holy Basil

Holy smokes, holy basil is amazing. Derived from the tulsi plant, holy basil is one of the strongest natural adaptogens. These oils contain unique compounds such as ocimumosides A and B that make holy basil a stress-fighting powerhouse.

On top of that, studies have found that holy basil is effective in:

  • Normalizing Glucose
  • Regulating Blood Pressure
  • Evening Lipid Profiles
  • Coping with Psychological Stress
  • Dealing with Immunological Stress

Due to stress levels being kept under lock and key, this makes holy basil a natural remedy for adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. The biggest reason why we suffer from these conditions are due to the fact that our stress hormone (cortisol) has hijacked our overall hormone production. If we’re pumping out too much stress hormone, there’s not room for much else.

Tulsi can help find hormonal balance is this cortisol-stacked system. Treating stress with holy basil will put the resultative conditions of high cortisol levels in check!

Peppermint Oil

Naturally, peppermint oil can be used for oral care, chest colds, and to give your tea a little kick. However, a not-so-well-known use for peppermint oil is as a natural bug repellent.

Many people correlate bug repellent with citronella (which is also an essential oil, so don’t buy the synthetic candles in bucket). While effective, the smell of citronella may be a bit off-putting. Peppermint oil to the rescue!

Studies have found that plant based oils are just as effective in repelling bugs as the environmentally harmful DEET. Further studies have found that peppermint oil in particular can protect against mosquitos for up to 150 minutes. All you need to do is add 0.1 mL to your arms and you will be bite-free for over two hours!


Clary Sage Oil

A perennial plant of the genus Salvi, clary sage is very effective for hormone regulations, especially in the case of women. Clary sage is the oil for you if you suffer from:

  • Cramps
  • Hot Flashes
  • Heavy Period Cycles
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Bloating
  • Digestive Issues

For over an eight year period, Oxford Brooks University used clary sage oil aromatherapy on 8,058 women in labor. The study confirmed that this essential oil may reduce anxiety, pain, and fears that come with birthing a child.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger is a lot like its family member, turmeric, as it has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, 90% of the compounds found in ginger oil are sesquiterpenes. These are defensive agents against bacteria and free radicals.

There are 115 different chemical compounds that are derived from the gingerols within the oils. Gingerols are effective in fighting diseases in the stomach such as:

  • Erosion of the Gut
  • Hemorrhage of the Stomach Wall
  • Necrosis
  • Lesions in the Lining

Cypress Oil

Derived from Cupressus sempervirens, cypress oil is very effective as a natural cosmetic. Due to compounds such as alpha-pinene, carene, and limonene, cypress oil helps stimulate blood flow throughout the body. This cocktail of compounds makes cypress oil useful in treating varicose veins.

Varicose veins are caused by pressure that builds up on blood vessels and veins. In turn, blood pools in the area, creating the unflattering bulge we know and hate about this condition.

If you apply cypress oil directly to the area, the compounds will help direct blood out of the pool, and allow the vessels to continue their journey to the heart.

Another beauty tip with cypress oil? Tighten your skin with it! Cypress oil serves as a diuretic. Therefore, it guides out salt and water that may lead to fluid retention. In turn, cypress oil can minimize cellulite and help facilitate the growth of collagen.  

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