The Truth About Stepping Into Your Power – Its Easier Than You Think

The Truth About Stepping Into Your Power - Its Easier Than You Think

The Truth About Stepping Into Your Power

Do you sense a power deep inside you?

Do you feel a strong calling to become more?

Have you ever felt afraid of being seen as powerful?

Do you feel a deep irrational fear of being killed if you do?

Are you more comfortable being invisible?

You are not alone.

Many people feel this and especially women.

As more Feminine energy is stirring within us, we are feeling a call.

It is waking up but it may not be comfortable.

There was a time a few years ago, that I would be paralyzed with fear when I was asked to speak my truth.

I was frightened of showing personal power.

Instead, I became meek and shy just to avoid the risk of being seen.

It was just a coping mechanism to feel safe, but it was slowly killing my spirit.

This only started happening when I felt the power inside stirring awake.

I was terrified that I would die if I was seen holding power.

It felt ridiculous to have this fear, but it seemed to be on autopilot, triggering me into coping mechanisms that kept me small.

I could not figure out where the fear came from until I had a vision in a meditation of being burned.

I could feel the heat and felt my neck crack. Then, it went black.

A few months before this vision, I woke up screaming from excruciating pain in my neck.

I was unable to move.

If I even moved my eyes slightly, it felt like hot knives shooting through my neck and into my spine.

I had to stay in bed for 2 days like this.

Then, it just went away.

Was I witch in a previous life?

I didn’t know, but the fear felt real. persisted until recently.

This fear persisted for years, often choking me with energy wanting to come out.

This is a common fear that many healers experience.

The good news is it doesn’t have to make sense and it can change.

There are techniques you can use to release the fear and fully step into your power.

FearsBecomeOurLimits- Misha Almira

Power vs. Fear

I want to share a couple of stories with you that have helped me to embrace power more fully.

My hope is that this may help your journey as well.

I have always been afraid of thunder.

I never really knew why but recently something changed.

There was a very loud and tumultuous storm going on in the middle of the night.

I woke up jumping into my boyfriend’s arms.

As he held me, I began to experience the immense power of thunder.

It felt like it was running through my body.

As I continued to connect with the thunder, I noticed the fear shifting to appreciation of the power.

After this shift, the thunder changed from a threat to an ally.

The rumbling seemed to be feeding me.

A few nights after this, I was meditating while falling asleep.

A sound coming out of my mouth woke me.

It was like a large cat growl. It was accompanied by a few quick flashes of a woman’s face.

She was a fierce elderly woman…part cat…part woman.

My eyes seemed to do a quick swipe across, like a scene change from me to her.

Then it changed back to me looking out of my eyes.

She or it was inside me.

My initial reaction was fear. I was scared of being possessed by something evil.

Then, it changed. I realized it was just a vision and she represented raw, wild power waking up inside me.

There was even a similarity between her and the thunder.

The fear evaporated. I thanked the spirit guides for allowing me to tap into this perspective absent of fear.

Removing Negative Energy

Lately, I have been doing Shamanic work around fear of more fully stepping into power.

I have done an Illumination and a Sandpainting on it.

I also did a soul retrieval and retrieved a wild warrior piece.

To find out if you are suffering from soul loss go here.

It is no surprise that this vision has come up as the work is being done.

[bctt tweet=”“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” -Franklin D. Roosevelt”]

When we see that we have nothing to fear, we can open up to so much more.

There is great power inside the human heart.

You may have heard it beckoning from deep inside.

It is a fire that can seem uncomfortable, threatening, and intimidating, if we fear it.

If we can center ourselves in love and allow it to blossom, our true potential can awaken.

It comes from within our abdomen or womb center. It is the seat of our passion…the source of our purpose.



May You Be Happy

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