Valuable Lesson I Learned From Being Consumed By a Serpent

Valuable Lesson I Learned From Being Consumed By a Serpent - Misha AlmiraValuable Lesson I Learned From Being Consumed By a Serpent

Can Destruction Exist Without Fear or Violence?

Endings happen, loved ones die with and without warnings. It is painful. We experience many levels of grief throughout our lives and this will not change.

But, have you ever found yourself asking, “Do I have a choice in the matter?”

I once had a vision (in a meditation), of a large serpent. I think it was a Python. The head was as big as mine. I was standing on a pier. It came up to eye level with me and started coiling its body around me, while continuing to look me in the eye.

Then, it slowly moved to my shoulder and held me in place with it’s massively strong jaws.

Right when I felt the puncturing of the skin from the fangs, I switched perspectives with the serpent.

Mind you, this was long before I had any knowledge of perceptual states, Shamanism, shapeshifting, archetypes, etc…

I instantly became the serpent, getting ready to consume this human. I was completely neutral, there was not identity, no emotional attachment, no desire, no need at all.

It felt as though I was just being moved and had no say in the matter.

What surprised me the most was the lack of violence in the kill.

The serpent had no agenda at all. It was actually moving from a place of inner stillness, quite free. It was beyond the perspective of duality. It was coming from Oneness.

As the human girl, I was coming from fear, fear of losing my life, fear of survival, fear of the pain, fear of the violence.

As the serpent there was just one creative force.

What about when we are protecting a loved one from harm?

Are we coming from love or fear and what is the difference?

What about in those moments when everything slows down, feeling like the moment is stretched out or even stops? Is this tapping into Oneness?

What I learned from this is that our perspective comes from where we place awareness.

Where are we placing awareness right now?

Are we focused on hate? Are we focused on emotional love? Are we focused on the eternal stillness within?

Is it on the essence of What Is?

We are in a realm of free will which means we have a say in where we put our awareness, no matter what is going on in our life.

Where we put our awareness consistently has a direct impact on how we live our lives.

What is Love?

For years, I thought the end all goal was to be in love. I started by directly linking that with another person.

Once I was madly in love with someone and they were in love with me, I would be ultimately happy.

Then, I got that and still felt empty. I heard from a therapist that you can’t love anyone until you fully love yourself.

Then, I set off focusing on self-love but unknowingly coming from a selfish place, resulting in disappointment and more emptiness.

I thought I loved myself until I started doing shadow work and inner child work. Then, I realized how much self-hate I actually had. So, I set off

Then, I realized how much self-hate I actually had. So, I set off trying to eliminate the self-hate…

It wasn’t until I started loving All of it from a deeper level of neutral love that I got it.

By neutral, I don’t mean apathy. That will get us nowhere fast.

It had become so painful bouncing back and forth.

“I loved this quality, I hated this one…”

“I love that person, now I hate them because…

My awareness would bounce from one extreme to the other while driving me insane!

Until I became so tired of it, I finally surrendered.

I gave up. I was exhausted from bouncing around on the surface from one preference to another.

That is when I sank into the stillness, the Oneness, the union, the unchanging place of Essence.

This is the place of Great Spirit.

It is full.

It is the place the serpent existed.

It is a Love deeper than the love that has agendas and preferences.

It just is… AS LOVE.

It is the place that moves us in moments of inspiration when we lose ourselves and time. It is an eternal fire burning deep inside that never goes out. It is a love that never dies. It has no preference, no agenda.

So, how do we shift into this place? How do we live our lives from this authentic Beingness?

We practice. We let go of what we aren’t. We remember this is our natural state and we can gently begin to forget all that we don’t need.

It is not a place we strive for. It is our essence.

We can begin by practicing daily.

Meditation as a Guide

Meditation  is the practice of letting go and being left with WHO WE ARE.

Do some form of meditation 3 Times a Day for 20 minutes.

Go here for meditation techniques. 

When we live from this place, suffering transforms into a flow of creation. We feel it, we live it, but it does not consume us like fear or elate us like love.

We feel it, we live it, but it does not consume us like fear or elate us like love.

It holds us in the perfection of unfoldment and reminds us that we are still One, never separate.


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  1. You’re pretty awesome at explaining this so that any sentient being that is on a journey like myself can understand. I have dreams A LOT OF THEM!!!! I blv this has to be a collective thing- I’ve had a pretty similar dream though. I always am running in the woods lol I love the trees!! I come up to the most majestic snake beautiful like the anaconda but green like a tree frog lol anyway it killed me evertime I fought it…ome day I was tired of dying so I said…” Just kill me lol” I surrendered and I didn’t know what it did I thought it jumped in me or ate me lol but it showed me how to heal certain things. Thank you for sharing you make a difference!!!

    1. Wow! I so enjoyed hearing about your dreams. It sounds like you now have serpent medicine to work with and that is extremely powerful. Amaru is an ally and teaches us how to tap into our own power, for the service of all. We can call on her when we feel we need more power or protection in a life situation. I just recently learned this.

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