Vibrations of Emotions & How They Affect Us

Vibrations of Emotions & How They Affect Us- Misha Almira

Vibrations of Emotions & How They Affect Us

Did You Know That Emotions Have Different Vibrations?

Let’s talk about emotions and how they affect us.

There are emotions that cause us to feel lighter and emotions that cause us to feel heavier.

Then, there are different degrees of light and heavy.

Vibration of Emotions & How They Affect Us

We can notice the vibrations of emotions by how we feel. How do you feel when you think, “I hate my boss.” ” I don’t have enough money.”

Does it feel lighter or heavier?

These are both statements coming from fear.

Almost all of our fears are wrapped around some form of lack thinking. If there is not enough, we can go into a panic, which can lead to violence.

It can normally be seen more obviously in groups that have more poverty.

There is normally a rise in violence and darkness.

It is a result of fear feeding fear, making it stronger.

Generally, this causes a constant fight or flight mode. Eat or be eaten, or there is an unspoken knowing that it is a fight for survival…survival of the fittest.

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The problem is the darkness becomes like a virus and can consume all it touches, leading to gang mentality etc.

Darkness may always exist in lower realms but feeding it by fearing it is not an absolute inevitability. It does not have to have control over us.

Darkness needs fear for fuel. Without it, it starves. Violence does not happen in the absence of fear.

Love is absent of fear…always. It does not breed violence. It erases and takes the place of fear.

They never exist simultaneously.

It is easy to see if we are just putting it into two categories of fear and love. However, we experience many levels of emotions with very different vibrations.



I think the first step is being able to recognize when we are in a vibration of fear, while we are experiencing it.

We can often be in fear and not even realize it because fear and love have many faces.

So, let’s talk about a few of them.

Many Faces of Fear

Doubt– This is a form of fear that can be very subtle. All it takes is one little whisper and the mind is off trying to prove all the reasons we should doubt ourselves, others, situations, the Universe, God etc.

It quickly weaken us. It only takes a small seed of doubt to grow into an all-consuming fear and leave us paralyzed.

There is nothing in doubt that feeds our heart or soul.

Resentment-Most resentment is born from blame, which is a powerful form of fear. We feel wronged by someone and blame them.

Then, we continue to revisit this blame repeatedly until it has grown into a huge divide between us and others. It can start from feeling hurt and not acknowledging it.

Instead, we turn the attention to the person that triggered it in us, making it about them.

It can grow into a deep fear that remains constantly burning under the surface. It is life depleting. There is nothing for us in resentment except suffering.

Anger– Anger is a reactive state of fear. We feel threatened and our system goes into attack mode. It is essential to not stay in anger.

There are healthy ways to move it out so it doesn’t turn inward and cause extreme darkness and suffering.

Greed– This is a form of not enough. We feel like we are not enough. We are afraid of not being able to survive because we will run out of everything.

It keeps us in a constant high alert of fight or flight.

If greed is fed, we can hurt ourselves and others. We can go into a destructive autopilot state of being.

Hate– Hate is blaming someone passionately. The danger zone is when we feel like we are right and justified.

Feeling righteous can keep us trapped in hate and fuels fear, which ultimately causes us suffering and pain.

Hate never leads to freedom like we think it does. It only leads to more fear and suffering.

Boredom– Boredom can be a subtle fear of engaging with life. It can be a safe place from a deep mistrust in ourselves or others.

Most boredom seems harmless and yet often leads to more emptiness and fear. It is easy to underestimate this form of fear.

Depression– A debilitating form of fear. It can start with a fear projected into the past that forms a consistent habit of revisiting the past.

It is especially powerful if the past event is traumatic and painful.

If something becomes too painful, it can shut our heart down.

Apathy is a coping mechanism of this. In depression we can get into a loop of reminding ourselves of old wounds, reexperiencing them repeatedly.

It can be torturous. It can feel out of our control causing an individual to feel hopeless…defeated…afraid of moving.

Once it has taken over, it can feel difficult to break out of.

Complaining– An active form of judgment that is like candy for fear. It perpetuates the idea that something is wrong, which is the opposite of appreciation. It carries a lower vibrational energy. It is fear and feeds darkness.

Anxiety– Anxiety is a form of fear that can be extremely uncomfortable physically. It can quickly lead to absolute terror if it escalates. It often begins by a fear projected into the future.

Then, the mind kicks in to find all the things that could go wrong.

It can be very complex in that once a person has experience of intense anxiety, the body remembers it and can quickly return to the familiar pathway.

A memory of anxiety in a previous situation can then make a future fear more real.

The mind believes it and the body continues to repeat the painful patterns. It can leave an individual feeling out of control, helpless, and powerless to it.

Did you notice that craving is a lower vibration than anger? It is another tricky face of fear, which explains addiction.

Staying Out of Suffering & In a Higher Vibration- Misha Almira

Staying Out of Suffering & In Higher Vibration

There may still be destruction in the form of endings, but it can become full of Love, Peace, and Oneness.

It matters what we are focusing on.

Even Excitement can lead us into fear

If we are excited about falling in love and feel so much elation, we can actually swing into the opposite direction with fear of being abandoned.

This is when we will notice that love hurts. Does it? Is it the love that hurts or the fear of losing it?

Often, the switch can happen so quickly that we don’t notice it. We just feel that our in love feeling has gone to feeling overwhelmed, then scared. Then, we feel pain.

We just feel that our in love feeling has gone to feeling overwhelmed, then scared. Then, we feel pain.

This can all happen within a moment and your lover may not have changed a thing! I’ve had this process happen while my lover is showering me with love and affection.

I’ve had this process happen while my lover is showering me with love and affection.

They have done nothing to cause me to think I will lose them. It is just from one subtle thought in my head.

If we are fully aware in the moment with the new love, we can just stay present with the experience of loving them.

If our awareness is fully on connecting with them, we have no reason to go into fear.

We can notice where our thoughts are leading our awareness by how we feel.

Do we feel lighter or heavier?

If we feel lighter, our vibration is in the higher emotions.

If we feel heavier, our vibration is on the lower emotions.

The more aware we can become on a regular basis, the more we can tap into more happiness, joy, contentment, love, and peace.

It is not about pushing away the fear, because it is there and must acknowledge it…even accept it. 

I like to look at it like a painful yoga pose. When I feel pain, I don’t get up and walk away. I stay and breathe. 

If the focus goes to the pain, the muscles constrict even more resulting in more pain.

However, if the focus goes to the breath, it eases. It can become increasingly more enjoyable, the more we breathe into it, rather than focusing strictly on the pain.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to raise our emotional vibration in addition to consciously breathing is to find something we like.


  • Think about your pet
  • Picture your child laughing
  • Look around your environment and find something beautiful
  • Imagine your favorite vacation spot
  • Revisit a fond memory of your spouse
  • Remember the last time you laughed a real belly laugh

I’m sure you get the picture. Within seconds, you can feel lighter and happier. You don’t need special tools or a lot of time. This is simple and yet can change your life.

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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  1. Thank you Misha this has been very helpful. I attended a ayahusca retreat in Portugal for 8 days and need support to understand and integrate my experience. Your writings have helped me in this moment and I will now contemplate where to go from here. With many thanks

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