What do you feel when you look at this picture?

What do you feel when you look at this picture?

What do you feel when you look at this picture?


I remember as a little girl, sitting in bible study, I couldn’t wait for them to skip the other stories and get to what Jesus said.

I didn’t understand why we needed to waste time on all the other stories.

They didn’t seem that important.

The red letters just made sense to me. They cut straight through my heart, resonated and fed my soul. That was where the juice was. The rest? I wasn’t too sure about that.

I just figured they needed to try to entertain us more with these other stories.

When they got to the red letter part, I remember thinking, “this is a man I can trust with all my heart and all my secrets.”

I knew he already knew everything about me and it was okay. He made me feel safe. Like I was home.

From an early age, I knew not to trust most of what came out of my dad’s mouth.

I would go to my mom and ask, “is he telling the troof, mama?”

My mom would then proceed to tell me if I could trust it. My dad thought it was hilarious.

I didn’t trust very many men even as a little girl. When I was introduced to Christ, I found a male figure I trusted with every part of me.

I had questions about some of the disciples, but I was really trying to understand their motive.

I wanted to trust them too but noticed there was a big difference between their words and Jesus’s.

As I grew up, I would skip to the red letters or listen to his voice inside my heart.

I considered a lot of the church stuff fluff, but I went to church every Sunday.

When I began meditating the voice of Christ got even stronger. The dogma fell away and it was an intimate connection between my heart and Christ’s.

I would often sit in front of his picture and have long conversations with him. He was so patient with my questions.

Christ is the best example I know of Divine Love.

He is an example of our potential if we are aligned in Love…in our hearts…aligned with God.

He represents the Divine Masculine & Feminine for me…balanced and pure.

He is warm, powerful, strong, embodies pure truth, unwavering, humble, safe, boundless, sacred, beautiful, ruthless, compassionate and words that I don’t know how to express with our words.

He is OM.

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