What Do You See When You Look at This Image?

The Feminine - Misha Almira

What Do You See When You Look at This Image?

I see simple beauty, elegance, class, grace, soft feminine energy, boldness, fierce sexuality, promiscuity, masks, uninhibited,

This image brought up a mix of emotions for me. I was able to clearly see judgments I have around my own sexuality and what elegance looks like.

I was able to clearly see judgments I have around my own sexuality and what elegance looks like.

My “good girl” programming was fully activated and raging against the threat of what we as women are turning into.

When I first looked at this it brought up feelings of loss, like somehow time has altered an innocent refined beauty and turned it into a distorted form of the feminine that is trying too hard.

At the same time, I was envious of the raw sexy I-don’t-give-a-f*ck energy of the modern image.

I have to admit the Lioness stirred a sexual fire deep inside my body.

I also feel threatened about how our society has demanded a certain way of being sexual that is pleasing to the masculine rather than honoring our authentic expression of sexuality.

I feel like the pendulum of the feminine energy has swung too far in the other direction taking us out of our center again.

After my initial reaction of fear of us all turning into lost raging sluts, I see how the repressed sexual energy is actually breaking out and balancing itself.

I had to let go of my judgment around what I think the empowered feminine should look like.

Actually, I have to keep letting go…

Otherwise, all I can see is my fear and judgment rather than what I intuitively feel underneath.

When I can sink into my intuition, I can see a lot more of what I believe is actually happening.

It is almost a feeling of the feminine energy going through adolescence and acting out before it truly KNOWS who it is.

I can see an evolution happening as this plays out.

In the world, I can see the feminine really sinking into itself and embodying soft receptivity without the need to defend.

It is waking up and learning how its own flavor of sexual without the need to mimic the masculine.

Innocence is coming back in a wild uninhibited way.

I see this in males, females, and gender-neutrals.

It is not about body anatomy but more about the polarity of masculine/feminine that exists within each of us.

Despite outside appearances, the feminine is fully stepping into its own which allows the masculine to come into full divine power.

Don’t listen to my opinions about this, though.

I want to hear your thoughts about this.

What does this image mean to you?



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  1. You couldn’t expressed better. I completely agree with your vision!

  2. Great post. In the image – which is wonderful by the way – I see on the left, feminine (not innocence) as wiley, hidden, offering sexual gifts, a bud before flowing, a place for exploration, discovery. On the right, I see female raunchiness, a flower open, offering promises easily granted in the innocence of desiring desire , quickly discovered, easily uncovered.

    To me, this follows the modern trend of convenience. The fist image is of an inconvenient woman, emotionally inconvenient to woo. And the second, a convenient, clearly stated woman, easy to woo.

    But I’m just thinking on the keyboard!

    I had a strange idea recently, wondering who woman’s liberation is REALLY for! Bit of a scary idea. Needs thinking about.

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