What Does This Picture Mean to You?

What Does This Picture Mean to You? Misha Almira

I did not pay much attention to Ganesha or elephants for many years. I felt more drawn to archetypes of Christ & Kuan Yin. 

Then, it began to change. I met someone that worked with elephants. He invited me to join him at work one day.

We had the zoo all to ourselves for hours.  I was watching the elephants interact with him and each other.

It was fascinating to see one of the females acting jealous. She would push herself between the other female and the bull.

As he talked about them, I could see how deeply emotional they were.

After that experience, I would visit the elephants at the zoos whenever I went.

A few years ago, I was going through a very emotionally challenging time in my life. I’d been working with a 91-year-old man as his caregiver. I considered him a good friend and had grown very attached to him. I’d just found out he passed away and was in a deep state of grief.

I just wanted to sit in my room with the shades drawn and not come out for a long time, but my boyfriend called me and said to get ready.

He picked me up and drove to the Seattle zoo. It was just what I needed.

When I got to the elephants. There was a female that was swaying back and forth.

She was in her own little trance and somehow I felt connected with her music.

I could almost here the tune she was swaying to and got lost in her rhythm.

It soothed me while I stood there watching her and connecting deeply with the hurt in my heart.

There are so many touching stories about elephants and how they grieve their loved ones like we do.

They have grown on me and are now one of my favorite animals.

However, I did not really connect with Ganesha until I had visions of him while meditating and during Ayahuasca.

I could feel his energy in my heart without any logical story. It was just there.

I discovered that he is the Lord of Obstacles or Remover of Obstacles. I liked the titles so I decided to look further. I found a Ganesha mantra on Youtube and loved it!

I’d love to hear what this means to you. Feel free to share honestly.

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Misha Almira

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