When I Received My Crown of Light During My Final Ayahuasca Ceremony


When I Received My Crown of Light During My Final Ayahuasca Ceremony

My 12th and final Ayahuasca ceremony started with waves of warm love, euphoria, and bliss.

The Icaros started and amplified everything I was feeling.

Then visions of peacocks, purples, greens, scorpions, black beetles,and kaleidoscopes folding in on themselves.

A stunning garden surrounded me as all of creation became One entity breathing life in and out.

As I observed the flowers all around me, a green fairy peaked in from the right side.

He was about 2 feet tall with a face that was a mix between Pan and the character in Avatar.

green-fairy-ayahuasca-misha-almira green-fairy-misha-almira

He was slightly stern, wise, and knowingly curious. He was beautiful, powerful and serious.

I’d never known this type of being existed, but he was very real.

I did not feel threatened but was very aware that he contained an intimidating power.

He had the presence of a guardian but was not too concerned and left.

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During my personal healing with the Shaman, I saw a dragon that was sort of insect like.

He was tan or golden and he was working on drawing energy out of my body.

I saw peacocks, feathers, and headdresses, one after another.

They were going back in time through a lineage of medicine men and women.

Some were bright and some were dark, depicting Durga type images.

I could feel the essence of the magic that each held. It was so fast and there were so many.

I saw a crown of crystal light. Then, I perceived the ancestors far above me.

They dropped a bluish white light orb down to me.

I got the message that it was a gift from the Ancient Ones. It floated gracefully down to me.

I knew I was supposed to take it into my heart so I did. Then, I got the message that I was being crowned…this was a crowning ceremony.

I didn’t know what this meant. I just got the message.


The Shaman was still singing the Icaro as I continued seeing bright visions unfolding.

A golden metallic Pheonix or Eagle appeared in the center of my vision. He flew in a spiral. Then, it was gone.

I was shown a crystal light inside of me, similar to a star’s light.


Aya told me this light is brighter than a star and has the potential to burn away any darkness.

She told me that it is the pure essence of Love and if I focus on it, it will grow brighter…more powerful. Invincible.

I was intensely grateful for the clarity and awareness. I could feel all of creation inside me. There was no doubt at all.

There was only Truth.

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been helpful.

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Misha Almira

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  1. Beautiful, this helped me and reminded me of my own light and that I need 8 more ceremonies that I have been avoiding lol

    1. Sophia, I thought it would be a long time before Aya called me again, but she has started beckoning lately. Sigh. It seems I have more to do as well. Much love to you, Sister Sophia!

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