Why LiveGood is The Ultimate Work-From-Home Solution for Realtors in 2024 – Embrace the Future of Flexible Earning

Navigating the Real Estate Shake-Up: Thousands of Realtors Adapt Amid Market Shifts

In a landscape where the housing market is returning to normalcy, tens of thousands of real estate agents are reevaluating their roles, marking a significant departure from the surge witnessed during the pandemic.

Realtors, often the frontline observers of market dynamics, are strategically adjusting to the changing real estate climate. With fewer opportunities to capitalize on the housing boom, the profession is experiencing a shift that extends beyond mere numbers.

By the Numbers:

Over the past six months, more than 60,000 real estate agents have left the sector, according to insights from the National Association of Realtors, meticulously analyzed by Reventure Consulting. The count, which stood at approximately 1.537 million in April, has seen a decline from the peak of 1.6 million in October.

The Bigger Picture:

The allure of home-selling professions soared as the pandemic unfurled, driven by escalating prices and increased sales. The Realtor count rose from 1.372 million in March 2020 to 1.531 million in March 2022.

“Historically, surges in home prices attract a flood of Realtors into the market,” observes Reventure Consulting CEO Nick Gerli. “Many see it as a lucrative opportunity to make a quick buck during the housing boom.”

However, the Reality Check:

Sales of existing single-family homes plummeted by 42% from their January 2021 peak to 3.85 million in April 2023. Average annualized Realtor commissions, which hit $84,355 in January 2021, have fallen to $56,632 by April 2023, according to Reventure’s estimates.

Median prices also saw a noteworthy dip of 4.1% ($17,603) from April 2022 to April 2023, marking the most substantial drop in dollar terms and the largest decline since January 2012 in percentage terms, as reported by Redfin.

The rise in 30-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rates, briefly surpassing 7% in late 2022 and remaining above 6% in 2023, has priced some potential buyers out of the market. Gerli comments, “Realtors can’t make as much money anymore; we’re witnessing the initial stages of a Realtor exodus.”

Why Realtors Are Joining LiveGood in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, LiveGood emerges as the go-to choice for realtors seeking a rewarding work-from-home option in 2024. As the housing market undergoes a shift, LiveGood’s innovative $10 Membership Club business model provides a seamless and lucrative avenue for real estate professionals to diversify their income streams.

Why LiveGood Stands Out:

  • No Autoships – No Business Volume Requirements: LiveGood liberates you from the constraints of autoships and business volume requirements, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your success.
  • No Expensive Buy-Ins: Bid farewell to hefty buy-ins. LiveGood ensures accessibility by eliminating expensive entry barriers, making it an inclusive opportunity for all.
  • Make Money without Recruiting: LiveGood challenges the norm by offering realtors the chance to make money without the need for extensive recruiting efforts. Your success is not tied to building a team.
  • Massive Duplication – 30,000 Team Members in 10 Months: Join a thriving community with over 30,000 team members in just 10 months. Experience the power of duplication that propels your success forward.
  • 850,000 Members in 11 Months: LiveGood’s rapid growth is evident with an impressive 850,000 members joining in just 11 months. The numbers speak volumes about the platform’s appeal and effectiveness.
  • Pay with Crypto or Debit or Credit Card: LiveGood embraces the future of finance, allowing you to pay with the currency of your choice – be it crypto, debit, or credit cards.
  • Websites and Autoresponder Already Done for You: Say goodbye to the hassles of website creation and autoresponders. LiveGood provides ready-made solutions, streamlining your path to success.
  • In 215 Countries: LiveGood’s global reach extends to 215 countries, offering a vast market for your potential success.
  • UP TO 80% Off Products: Enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 80% on a variety of products, enhancing the value you receive as a LiveGood member.
  • No Expensive Buy-In – $49.95 First Month – Then $9.95 Following Months: LiveGood ensures affordability with a modest $49.95 first-month buy-in, followed by a wallet-friendly $9.95 in subsequent months.
  • 6 Ways to Get Paid Weekly & Monthly: Diversify your income streams with LiveGood’s six dynamic ways to get paid, providing you with both weekly and monthly financial rewards.

LiveGood doesn’t just adapt to the changing times; it pioneers a new era of flexibility and prosperity for realtors in 2024.

Elevate your work-from-home experience and financial potential with LiveGood – where opportunity meets innovation!

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